Elsie’s 2022 Project List

Is there anything better than making a project list for the new year? I love to make a project list for my home at the beginning of each year.

It always ends up changing and evolving in some way by the end of the year (and I never get every item done!), but at the end of the year I am usually surprised how much we completed.

You can see last year’s goals here and last year’s end-of-year recap here. In this post, I’ll share my project list for 2022 and what I decided not to do this year, as well.

Here’s my mood board so you can get an idea of the general vibe and family of colors I want to stay within.

My biggest priorities are that rooms feel super cozy and that they are versatile for my love of holiday decor, themed parties for my kids, and swapping accent colors by mood or season.

Entryway. If you follow us on IG you have seen that I’m already pretty far into this renovation. After much head-scratching, we decided to close in the second story above our entryway.

By adding that new ceiling/floor, we gained an entryway that is much easier to decorate and a little bonus room above the entryway (more on that below).

Currently, we’re adding some moldings to this room and planning to do a wallpapered ceiling. Oh, and we chose herringbone wood for just the entryway when we replaced the tile in November.

Living Room. When you enter the home, this room is just to your left. We are adding built-ins, painting it a moody color (it’s not a dark color, but it feels moody to me in comparison to what I usually choose).

We were originally planning to keep the fireplace, but it was damaged during the tile demo and couldn’t be salvaged. We ended up designing a new fireplace that I love even more. It has a seat and feels really great for the scale of the space.

So, all is well that ends well. I can’t wait to show you this completed space!

Dining Room. This room is being renovated right now. We added a wall with an arched opening so it’s less open (but still plenty open).

I decided to do bookshelves surrounding the dining table and add a faux fireplace. There will be a window seat below the window.

This one is a little more difficult to imagine, but in my brain it is AMAZING and I can’t wait for you to see it.

I was inspired by a restaurant we ate at once that had bookcases everywhere with books and little tea light candles. I think it will be so cozy and fun to decorate.

Powder Bathroom. Augh, finally! This has been out of commission for months since we did the wood floors.

It was surprisingly really difficult for me to design. I still haven’t picked the wallpaper and the paint color, but I’ve picked everything else. It’s going to be cute and blend with the rest of the rooms really well.

Art Room. I have to give Collin credit that he did so much nice work to this room before he left. He built out the shelves to touch the ceiling and they are both more beautiful and more functional now.

Currently, it’s been stuffed to the brim with furniture since we’ve been renovating the other rooms. I haven’t had access to it for months and I really miss it.

It has some drywall holes that need patching (here’s a hack to patch a drywall hole) and needs some minor decor, but it’s close to being completed.

Movie Room. We recently finished this room! Here’s my movie room tour + home theater ideas.

Last year, I decided to buy a pottery wheel and kiln. I was planning to put them in our garage and my husband really wanted me to use this little attached shed instead.

I was hesitant because it didn’t have a water line and or as easy access to our house.

I spent so much time and money in 2021 getting this room ready. Aside from purchasing a kiln and wheel, we had to get a sink added (and they had to make the water tap a freezeproof outdoor one).

I had to get a new roof put on the shed because it was leaking, and I had to get new doors put on because the doors previously had no windows and it was not weatherproofed.

All of that is finally done and now I am just waiting on an appointment to get the kiln and vent installed. We’re so close! By the way, I’m really glad Jeremy talked me out of the garage now.

Landing and Hidden Room. At the top of our stairs, there is a little landing area that leads into our bedroom (as well as the hallway to the other rooms).

Then, where you see the rail here is where the new floor was added above the entryway. So now we have this little extra room that connects to this landing. It’s a small room, basically a large closet size.

I purchased a vintage armoire from Etsy and it will become the door into the hidden room. We decided to make it a kids library inside.

One of my biggest parenting goals for the next 10 years is to encourage my kids to become readers, and I think this will be a good step in that direction.

Main Bedroom. Our bedroom is really big and weird. When we first moved in, it freaked me out because it made all our furniture look shrunken. We had scale issues for sure. It took me a long time to get ideas for the best layout, too since it’s closer to a square shape than a rectangle.

We don’t have enough room for a full living room setup (sofas, chairs, coffee table), but it also clearly needs more furniture than just the bed and dresser. I would say it was probably the most challenging room in our 1990s puzzle.

I’m excited to show you what I have planned, but I’m also still crossing my fingers that we can make it feel how we want it to feel. I’m the most nervous about this room.

Other plans: A few more rooms we have our our list this year either as a “hell yes” or a “maybe” are: Jeremy’s office (it’s almost done, but needs an annoying drywall patch job that would disrupt his work), main bathroom (if our contractor can meet our budget we will probably go for it this spring!) and our home gym (currently functional but needs work to feel complete).

The other thing I am contemplating is adding a playhouse to our backyard. We really loved our last one and if we’re going to do it I don’t want to wait too long since kids grow fast. On the fence with that one.

What’s not our list: I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but we decided not to do our big kitchen renovation this year. The reason why is because if we wanted to finish it by the end of the summer, we need to start now to be on schedule.

Since we just renovated through the holidays I am not in the right headspace to plan my dream kitchen this season and I don’t want to have any regrets. So, we decided to hold off until 2023 for that project.

If all goes well, we will wrap up our renovations and I will spend next fall and Christmas enjoying our new spaces, using my functional ’90s kitchen to make Christmas cookies and planning our dream kitchen.

As of right now, I think January of 2023 would be a good time to start demo. It’s a huge project that will put us without a kitchen and laundry room for months, and I’m just not feeling that for 2022.

Plus, when I looked at our list of what all we have going this year, it felt like we already have more than enough renovations for the blog, so no harm in spacing out more for the future. I don’t want to stuff my schedule too much or rush through this since it’s truly a dream project.

I’m really excited to share this year’s renovations with you! Which room are you the most excited to see? xx- Elsie

P.S. Click here to read more about my open floor plan.

  • I’m so glad you said main bed/bath instead of primary. I’m all for putting the word “master” as far behind us as possible but when people call it primary (which every design source seems to be doing) it grates me to no end for reasons I cannot pinpoint. I think main is so much more natural, and shorter, and I can just never see myself calling any bedroom a “primary” one. Main bedroom all the way!

  • Can’t wait to see the completed rooms! I love hearing about your vision. Please make sure to add some ventilation / air filtration in your ceramics space. The clay and glaze dust can cause lung issues with lots of exposure if you don’t have proper ventilation. So excited for you!!

  • I love all the ways you are making your house cozier. Window seats are so magical! (Stealing your phrase that you use in your podcast!) A few tips for encouraging kids to identify readers from an elementary educator/parent…
    -have a family member gift magazine subscriptions to each child—-I highly recommend the cricket family of magazines (Marigold would be Ladybug & Nova would be Spider). Kids absolutely love getting mail, with their name on it, but it’s a little book. We also use these for traveling-lightweight & if you lose them it’s nbd.
    -don’t be too snobby about what books they read. Make sure you have good quality literature around, but if you walk by a free library or they’re thrifting with you & they pick up the junky knock off Princess book-no judgment!
    -library! Get it on the calendar! Make it part of your routine. And let the kids pick out some of their own books (and you pick out quality books you know you’d like to read to them). Again you will end up with some treacle, BUT the beauty of the library is they go back!
    -keep books where you hang out —- While it is magical to have a special kids library & I support it (!!), I think you may also want the books where the kids are so that they turn to them when you’re cooking dinner, when you’ve just finished breakfast on a lazy weekend morning, etc

  • So very excited about all of this!

    When you shared this house’s original decor plans and color scheme, I loved how you shared the seasonal color palates – did you do that with the new color scheme? If not, I’d love to see it! It was such a great way for me to think about year round living and designing!

  • Very excited to see how this takes shape! It’s going to inject so much charm and coziness into your 90’s house (which tend to just feel a little less inspiring than period homes). Maybe in your bedroom instead of a whole living room set up you could incorporate an old fashioned chaise lounge.

  • I’m excited to see these come to life! I’m most stoked for the dining room and bookshelves. Our little house has four book-lovers in it, and as much as we try to utilize the library and audiobooks, we still own more books than we can easily store and showcase. I’m ready for the librarycore trend in 2022 and can’t wait to see what you dream up!

    • Ah! I hope you can add some bookshelves too then! I love knowing I can buy as many weird books at the used bookstore as I want :)) Best feeling!

  • So excited to see everything! You always do 💯 but can’t wait to see your main bedroom! Hope everything goes well! 😊

  • I’m shocked the kitchen remodel didn’t make the list but I think it’s also a great plan!! It’s a huge undertaking and definitely don’t want to rush it. I can’t wait to see all of these spaces be transformed!!! ❤️

    • Thanks so much! I feel like this time next year will be here in a snap. It’s really just a six month extension and I’m not ready to make all the choices yet! XX

  • I can already see this in my head and I don’t even have all the details. This will be EPIC and I love this pivot you’ve made!

  • Wow! Lots of projects planned! Looking forward to watching them unfold. Very curious to see how you arrange your big bedroom. Most excited for the Narnia library!

  • It’s an interesting design pivot from the last house and even from some of your other content so I’m enjoying watching it unfold. I’m most interested in the Narnia library, just because as a kid that would have been golden for me. All 3 of my kids do well in school because I read to them ALL the TIME when they were little and made sure we took frequent trips to the library as they got older so we could explore different books without needing to commit to owning them. The boys liked the soothing sound of my voice as much as what I was reading. They now know how written language should look and sound so all the writing in high-school and college is easy for them. My HS senior had me edit a 24 page group paper and he said “mom, you can tell this kid never read any books”. He was sad about it.

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