Elsie’s Basement Living Room Tour

Hello hello! Today, I’m here to share our basement living room. I had so much fun dreaming up this record display as well as painting the fireplace by hand. Little projects like this are what truly makes the moving process fulfilling for me. There are so many elements that are both stressful and overwhelming, but these little weekend projects make it fun and satisfying.

Tennessee is super rocky, so homes with true basements are pretty rare. But homes with walkout basements, like this, are pretty common. Our home is built on a hill, which makes for beautiful views of the trees pushing all the way up to our decks. I’ll show you some outside pics at the end.

Anyway! This room makes me smile! You can see our white piano, which was a Facebook Marketplace purchase. This little living space is opposite Jeremy’s recording studio, which is just on the other side of this fireplace and guitar wall.

You can also see here that we swapped out for three matching Lucent Lightshop flush mounts across the room. You can see our stairway peeking through this door.

For this record display, I originally purchased these white shelf mounts from Etsy. But they took a REALLY long time to ship, so I ended up ordering these acrylic versions at the last minute. Both are great—just factor in extra time (like a full month) if you want to order the Etsy ones.

If you or your partner has guitars, I highly recommend mounting them on a wall as decor. This is probably the third or forth time we’ve repeated this exact same look, but it’s so cute and it’s functional too!

Here’s the fireplace that I painted myself with Rumabio masonry paint (in the color “Richmond White” which I discovered via Young House Love). It was pretty satisfying and I listened to so many episodes of The Office Ladies podcast as I painted.

The green sofa is actually “borrowed” from Jeremy’s studio for these photos. But it’s so pretty! It’s from Article and it’s very comfy as well. The rug is from Jonathan Adler and I love it because it reminds me of Westworld (“The maze isn’t for you”). The media console is from West Elm.

The best part of our basement by a mile is the walkout deck, which is covered because it’s located under our upper deck. It’s great to have a shaded spot.

Sources: Green Sofa/Article, Rug/Jonathan Adler, Media Console/West Elm, Lights/Lucent Lightshop flush mounts, Turntable/U-Turn Audio, Speakers/Audioengine.

Thanks so much for reading! xx. Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photography: Amber Kelly. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • How does the fabric on this sofa compare to Article’s velvet? I think I saw you had their discontinued matrix sofa in pink. I have a long haired cat and a boyfriend who eats a lot on the sofa… I immediately stain clean, but there’s only so much you can do sometimes lol

    • I really like this fabric. With pets who shed a lot I would probably go with leather or velvet though!

  • Did y’all have a TV or a projector in this house? I remember there was a screen with a projector in your previous house. I’m just wondering because I’ve seen three living rooms so far and no TV.

    • Haha- yeah totally. We didn’t end up hanging a tv ever. We were using our frame tv on the stand while in that home (so it never had a photo moment) but don’t worry- we were still watching tv. :))

  • I would love to know what color paint you used on your walls! Just bought a fixer upper, and I’m trying to decide which shade of white I want to use 🙂

  • The record display is GOALS! Totally scheming where I can make room for one in our house. Actually, the whole basement living room is GOALS.

    xo Vicky


  • are you still living in this house? It’s reads weird that everything is in the past tense if you already moved.

    • No, Elsie just moved last week. But, since she didn’t yet have a chance to share all the spaces here on the blog she thought she would while getting started on things in her new home which eventually she’ll share too.

  • Kudos! Are the throw pillows vintage? I imagine they could be DIYed as well. Love the macrame look!

  • LOVE the record wall. My husband collects tons of records and this is such a fun way to display them. Also that green couch is SO GOOD!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  • It looks great! I do love that rug, and that white baby grand was a GREAT find! I’m really amazed at how quickly you guys made over this house. Hope your family is settling into the new house nicely!

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