Elsie’s Holiday Home Tour 2019

Happy holidays, everyone!!! I always give in and decorate for Christmas just a little bit earlier than everyone (in the world— lol), but it makes me so happy I can’t stop. Christmas is by FAR my favorite time to be at home. We leave our trees illuminated 24/7 and I love the way the rooms are always glowing—it just stops me in my tracks and makes me feel like we’re living in some sort of Hallmark movie (haha—but with better writing). HOLIDAY MAGIC is where it’s at.

First of all, let me say I had the cutest little helper on the day we did these photos. She was out of school for Thanksgiving break and she loves to help me anytime we decorate rooms. 🙂 I’m so proud!

These bottle brush trees are one of my ongoing collections. You can’t really have too many, so I buy a few more every year!

I love these flocked trees, this glittery set, and these pink ones.

This is SUCH a good Santa year for us. Nova is so obsessed with her elf and curious about Santa … but still too sweet and innocent to really think of anything she actually wants. So she mainly just writes them love letters—the best!

I have to say, Joanna Gaines really won my heart with this letters to Santa box. It’s my favorite addition to our holiday decor this year … and trust me, it’s going to get very full. Haha.

My heart is so full! Also here’s a dog spotting since people always message me about whether we still have dogs (yes, we still have and love Dolly and Suki!).

Our ornament collection is a mishmash of sentimental ornaments and homemade. When we were newlyweds, we started buying one special ornament each year. This year, we added a few from China and a few from Magic Kingdom.

Four stockings this year!!! My heart is exploding. I was surprised West Elm was still carrying the stocking we got Nova two years ago, so we added one for Marigold too.

This little area above our play kitchen has randomly become a spot we decorate seasonally. I found my letter board at Target.

The Elf on the Shelf is such a special tradition!Here’s a link to my advent calendar (one of my favorite DIYs of all time). And here’s our exterior!

If you have a small home, check out these tips for decorating a small space! If you have any other questions about sources, or really anything, let me know in the comments!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS from my home to yours! xx- Elsie

Credits // Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • I absolutely love the colors you use. So beautiful and yet still so festive!

    K A T E L A T E L Y //

  • Did you know that tree ornaments traditionally represent the four elements?
    Anything with crystals stands for water, little birds stand for air, then there were traditionally apples which stand for earth (they are now ball-shaped ornaments), and the lights obviously stand for fire ????

  • It’s all very lovely. It reminds me of my childhood as white and blush trees were all the rage in the 90s (although we decorated them with black ornaments). I’ve always been a bit of a Grinch when it comes to Christmas (many years of unhappy memories at Christmas time will do that to you) but I’m slowly warming up to it again since my husband is a huge fan and obviously, the magic that our kids bring to it. I do still have a rule, no decorating inside, turning on the lights outside or playing Christmas music until the 1st of December (I still have very limited patience when it comes to the music). But it’s full on right now at our place. Our 6 year old likes to help too. We have an artificial tree so the branches need separating when we first put it up which takes a while to look nice so I was going at it when he asked if he could help and I was like “yeah buddy, of course”. Told him what to do and he did one branch and just left me there to do the rest (which I knew would happen) and then later on when my mom was over he went right up to her and told her he spread out the branches all by himself 😀

  • Tell me about your new rug, please. Where is it from? Do you just bring it out for the holidays?

  • Adorable! Can you put a link for the bead rope you used for the calendar? I really want to try one! It’s adorable ????

  • Love your style, as usual. Where did you find the trees by the sunroom doors? So cute!

  • This is so beautiful. How fun that you have such a great helper. Can you share more about the berry garland?

  • I’m with you – I’m such a fan of christmas and would quite happily leave the decorations up all year if I could haha! Your room looks beautiful and so festive! and your DIY advent calendar is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

    Georgia Rose | http://www.justgeorgiarose.com

  • Elsie, looking at pics of your home always calms my mind. It’s like a visual bath or something for my eyes, ha ha!

    Anyway… love the holiday touches! Also the living room floor made me do a double take before realizing that it was the teal floor room. First time seeing it redone, looks great!

  • How do you stick the paper snowflakes to the windows? I struggle with this every year! I use a combination of sugar and water to get them stuck initially but then tend to fall down over days or week. I like re-using them from year to year. Any tips?

  • It’s so pretty, I’d slow down and try to see inside… drive-by snooper style 😉
    It’s beautiful Els!

  • I love the garland on the ceiling! Such a great touch!


  • I love how sophisticated your Christmas decor is! Gorgeous! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • The house looks so lovely! Where did you get the berry garland you have hanging from the ceiling/around the window- did you make it?

    • Hi! It’s from JOANN but Elsie got it last year. If we can find a similar one we’ll add a link!

  • I love holiday tours! Your home looks so cozy!! I’m sure you’ve mentioned in a different post, but what are the stars above the play kitchen made of? And where are they from? Happy holidays!!

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