Elsie’s Holiday Home Tour!

Hello hello! Welcome to my holiday home tour! This year we leveled up quite a bit and did our best to make our home magical for Nova’s second first Christmas (since she doesn’t remember last year, it’s like her first Christmas all over again— lol). I have always LOVED holiday decor, but I think in the past I put too much pressure on choosing a theme or matching all the colors. This year, I just went for it and mixed everything that gave me a warm and fuzzy, nostalgic feeling together!

Wreath/JOANN, Garland/The Home Depot, Howdy Door Mat/Amazon.

My inspiration? This little cutie! She’s VERY into hot chocolate.

First up, the living room! I love hanging garlands from the beams throughout the year, but finding the perfect holiday garlands was challenging because originally I wanted something gold with a bunch of stars. But I opened up my heart to more red and green this year and I’m so glad I did! I love the vibe.

Berry garland/JOANN.

SEE! So magical!

There’s our little advent calendar, which is currently going strong! The only thing I will probably revise next year is to exclude candy from the prizes because EVERY day Nova already gets so much candy (literally everywhere we go people are trying to give her candy … haha) and so I end up taking the candy out and hiding it! I know tiny toys are really no better (if they are crappy stuff you don’t plan to keep), but this year I put a lot of miniature animals and things in her calendar (meant for her dollhouse) and those have been my favorite things, along with fun activities!

Diffusing holiday scent essential oils every day!

These gold star stickers are EVERYWHERE in our home.

Here’s our dining room! We’re about to host a big holiday party and I LOVE decking out this room. Like most families, our dining room table is full of mail and random junk 95% of our lives, so it feels good to make it all magical!

Gold Star Stickers/Amazon, Bottle brush trees/I buy these literally everywhere—craft stores, TargetEtsy, Wayfair, Amazon, etc.

And one more dining room shot! This banner DIY is here.

I love this simple tree for our wall.

These wooden trees are from Target a few years back— I think the first year we lived in this home? And disco balls of all sizes are an all-season decoration for us (here’s a link to one).

Twinkle, twinkle …these lights are fun. I am planning to clip all our holiday polaroids to them, just haven’t got around to it yet!

So cozy!

We’re definitely listening to Kacey’s Christmas record on repeat this year. It’s perfect for little ones (but not annoying like some Christmas music—haha, sorry).

Three stockings this year … not sure if we’ll have three or four by this time next year, which is SO WEIRD but also a feeling I know so many people can relate to with adoption. Related or not … life is a mystery!

I love this little chalkboard and updating it each season!

Here’s our holiday portrait. I still haven’t ordered cards yet, but I will. Better late than never. Honestly, this time of year I think you might as well embrace the crazy. We’re all behind on something!

(Work Hard poster is from Schoolhouse Electric)

So proud of this beautiful girl. This past year, we’ve been through so much together and it feels good to celebrate one year together during the holidays, just like we will every year from now on.

It’s a very llama holiday this year since Nova’s favorite books are the Llama Llama series. Llama drama rules our world!

Llama + alpaca cookie cutters/Amazon.

Happy holidays from our cozy home to yours!!!!

We’ve got lots of fun holiday content in our archives if you are looking for crafts and recipes for the season! Sending love and more love! xx – Elsie

P.S. Check out more holiday and home decor on our wishlist and shopping pages!

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Reading about your 3 stockings a year later and so excited you were able to make it four this year!! 🙂 Amazing how things change in such a short time! Congratulations on your happy family Elsie!!!

  • I keep coming back to your home because it is so magical and cozy. It’s my go-to inspiration for xmas next year!

    I was wondering where the oil diffuser pictured is from? I love that it’s so compact and would be perfect in a small apt living room.

    Thank you!

  • Elsie, your house is incredible! Just so beautiful, and the way you decorate it is perfection. It looks amazing. I bet the holidays were very special for Nova and she’ll have wonderful memories as she grows.

    The little animals & dollhouse toys in the advent calendar are perfect. I made sure we didn’t buy any “junky” toys for the sake of a calendar or stocking this year, and found a little something for the dollhouse or play kitchen that will actually get used was perfect. Good idea! Another favourite of mine are the smaller Ostheimer animals. We love these so much, and they get used daily in small world play.

    I love your stockings. They go so well with your fire place. Can you share where they are from? Thanks!

  • Loved the cherry garlands so I took a trip to a nearby Joann’s just for the remaining three they had. Since it’s three days to Christmas, the traffic was crazy….but I love them and can’t wait to decorate with them. Glad I saw your pin today.

  • What is really want to know is: how did you get the garland to stick to your bricks??? I can’t figure out how to hang my lights without using a glue gun. Doesn’t end well.

  • Everything is so beautiful. I love how you’ve covered every detail with holiday happiness. My favorite poster you have is the “Work hard and be nice to people” haha. I need to find that!

  • I’m very inspired. Thanks as always for sharing. Could you share more about how you stuck the lights to the wall? Thanks!

  • Love everything!!! I really love your advent diy and have it on my “future craft” list when I have littles of my own. I also really appreciate that you are so conscientious about “useful” advent gifts. Since you and little gal love crafts so much it would be cute to have a different craft element or instruction in each stocking and each day attach or implement that day’s element/instruction. At the end of the month I imagine A super memorable and personalized piece of art or decoration. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us and happy holidays!!

  • I kept trying to double tap all the pictures on the website!????????‍♀️????‍♀️ I love it all, you have impeccable style.

  • Your home is utterly gorgeous!
    I love the pink front door so much!
    Debs @ https://tiger-mint.com

  • Beautiful ! Here is an idea for your advent calendar next year : i wasn’t very confortable with candy or crappy toys either, so this year i hid fun little ornaments that my son adds to our tree every day. He loves it !

  • This is next level gorgeous. Well done Elsie. I’m so incredibly inspired. From the dreamy decor to the llama ???? cookies.

  • I’m from sweden, and I don’t know if you knew, but there is actually a famous artists home that is called “The Larsson house” here.
    Carl and Karin Larsson lived in around the late 1800’s and were a super modern family. They were both artists and their children were allowed and included everywhere in the house, which was not common in those days. The decor has inspired swedish interior design ever since and Karins craftworks are absolutely stunnning, among other things, she made her husband a weave with a rose that took her two years to complete that she called the “The rose of love” which I think is so sweet.
    The Larssons house is such a lovely and happy place, filled with love, color and fun details. Today it’s a museum that I try to visit every year. They also have an english website if you want to take a look, it just reminds me of your home in so many ways!
    and here are some of Karins textile crafts
    Happy holidays from Sweden!

    • Hi! That is so cool! Sweden is definitely on our list to visit. My husband is from Swedish descent and was raised in a small town (in the US) that observed Swedish festivals- pretty cute. xx!

  • I love your family portrait this year, it is perfect & captures you guys so beautifully! Merry Christmas!

  • For our daughter I used to make jigsaw puzzles from photographs taken over the year. There are several companies which make jigsaws from photographs. Than I allocated the pieces in the calender (each day more or less the same amount, depending on how many pieces you have) so at the end she had a complete Puzzle.

  • Hi Elsie,

    Lovely home!! (pretty clever on flipping your rainbow book collection to show the white pages to go with your cream decor!)…

    I got a 3 year old toddler and I am wondering how do you keep Nova from messing or breaking your record player? I want to put mine out on display too, but my kid just gets into it!

  • What a lovely family and Nova looks like a beautiful angel. Happy holidays!

  • What a festive & cozy home you’ve created for the season! I’d love to know where those darling green yard trees are from in the 7th photo from the top. Thank you & Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

  • Adorable photos of the three of you.

    1. Where is your big tree from?
    2. Where are the tall skinny trees w/lights from? The ones out front, and you have a few in the house.

    Thx 🙂

  • This is so wonderful! I am adopting my husband’s four little children from Africa in 2019, and I can not wait to make Christmas memories with them! So magical! Thank you for sharing!

  • Your home is so cozy and magical as always! I’m doing to know where that fireplace cover is from. Please share!

    • Hi Kelsey!
      I got it from Horchow. My friend also found one (for cheaper) on a site called Jalama. xx

  • man, this is such a great look. i love all the white and the textures and the plants. nova looks so big! happy christmas.

  • Elsie this tour is magical! I loooove all the tree variations you have going on.


  • Elsie, your home looks gorgeous! I love how whimsical the decor is!! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Your house is absolutely magical! You could fill the advent calendars with printable activities, or split up a block set, etc., for next year 🙂

  • Everything looks just beautiful! Nova is one lucky girl!!

    BTW – Where are those skinny tress from? (your front steps and living room). They are perfect!!

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