Elsie’s Kitchen: Progress Report (Part 2)

Elsie's kitchen progressHello, friends! I’m getting dangerously close to having TWO finished rooms to share with you soon. I can’t believe we’re finally to this point. HUGE milestone.

I thought I’d share one more progress report on the kitchen. It’s at that awkward stage where it could pass as finished even though it’s really, really not yet. We still haven’t installed the hardware. There’s a big gap between the stove and the wall that we have to get filled by the countertop place. There are a few issues with the grout that need correcting. A rug that needs to be found. And a BIG DIY project planned that still needs to happen.

But I’m not here to talk about my to-do list. Let’s talk about the progress!

Elsie's kitchen progress Here’s a view of both sides of the open shelves. Side 1.

Elsie's kitchen progress Side two.

Since these shelves are a huge part of the storage we have in our kitchen, I’ve been working on solutions for using the space in the most functional way. But I obviously want it to be pretty too. So it’s taking some time. I snapped these photos after my first late night styling session. Every day since then, I’ve moved things around more and more. And I’m slowly adding more useful/functional storage options. (I’ll share more on that soon!)

Elsie's kitchen progress Elsie's kitchen progress Elsie's kitchen progress Elsie's kitchen progress Elsie's kitchen progress I’m having SO much fun working on this. It’s turning out to be a space that we love to be in, which is what matters the most.

Elsie's kitchen progress OK! One last photo of this in-between phase. I love seeing it take shape. I am hoping we can wrap up details and share a full tour with you in either December or January. Send us all the good/productive vibes!

If you want to see more of the process, see the BEFORE here and the first progress report here. xx! Thanks for following along! Elsie

Sources: Brass light fixture (in center)/Lucent Lightshop, Small light (above sink)/Cedar & Moss, Countertops/Stone World, Gold flatware (in jars)/flea market find. I’ll do a more exhaustive list in my next post, but if you want to know any other specific source, ask me in the comments!

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

  • Did you old refrigerator from your previous house in Springfield not make the journey with you to Nashville? I loved that thing! It was so cool!

  • Beautiful kitchen Elsie! Any chance I can ask where you got the gold flatware?! Thank you!

  • It looks fantastic! I love the brightness of the white and open shelves. I would love to cook there! ♡♡

    xoxoBella | http://xoxobella.com

  • gorgeous! where did you get that fab beehive cake dome?
    and what happened to your old refrigerator, the vintage looking one?

  • Major kitchen envy right now! I’m dying for new cabinets, similar to yours, but I’m stuck with mine for a little while longer. Such a beautiful and inspiring place to create 🙂 Great job!

  • Your kitchen looks so awesome, great job! Are those elephant salt & pepper shakers? Love them! Was that a lucky flea market find also?

  • Are your open shelves diy? I love that they aren’t as chunky as some you can buy. I’m going to do some in my new (old outdated) kitchen. Any tips on mounting would be awesome (bolts or brackets hidden beneath tile??).

    Lovely progress!

  • The open shelves are amazing! Love the clean, sleek look!


  • I would be interested in how you fill your new houses with music. I don’t see any speakers, but I think you all like music?

  • The light fixture steals the show!! Love the entire kitchen. Can’t wait to see it finished-finished.

  • I must say, this looks amazing. Everything fits together perfectly, I would love to cook in such a kitchen!

  • I love all the white. Very clean-looking. Wish I had 1/4 of that space! 🙂


  • Great transformation! I love the white and marble theme. It really works how you did it, and you can add color on countertop or shelving items which works great too! I am remodeling my kitchen now also but I might to a medium gray countertop and mostly the rest white, but marble quartz was definitely my 2nd close choice. @BeautifulMess, do you mind telling us approximately how much the whole kitchen cost to redo? Love your blog!

  • You should consider using Flor tiles for the kitchen! It’s nylon synthetics so you can wash them If you have a gross spill. I work there and think it could be an awesome fit 🙂 just a thought! Also, beautiful space!

  • Swoon! This source is so dreamy: airy, bright, and the feminine touches remind me of cotton candy. Can’t wait to see the finished design.

  • elsie.. as an idea you might not have considered for the gap between the wall and the back of the stove (that could be considerably less costly than using a counter company)… my husband and i built a large custom island and included a drop in professional range – and despite many measurements, it fit, but with a gap in the back. i called a metal fabricator who made a piece in one day that matched the whole set up and you would never know wasn’t part of the stove! fast, easy and less than $50.. i can send you pictures if you have any interest at all and want to better see what i’m talking about! love the details and layout of your nashville home! congrats!

  • Wow! Gorgeous! What a difference already. It’s hard to believe it’s the same room.

  • The lights are gorgeous and i love how bright it all looks!! Interior posts will always be y favorite:)x

  • Love everything about it. I had my kitchen renovated a few years ago and I knew I wanted white shakers cabinets and a light airy space. I don’t have a backsplash yet so your journey has been great for me. I love the open shelves and hmm…….. So happy I get to share in your journey of creating a new home. Thank you and enjoy. I know I am.

  • It´s beautiful! There is so much light in this kitchen: it´s marvelous! Would you mind redoing mine too? =)


  • Lovely space as always! I was wondering if you feel there’s a little too much white in there. Did you consider painting the trim of your open shelves to some fun color, or simply classic black?
    Admirer and looong time follower from Pakistan here!

  • Stunning kitchen even you think it’s not quite finished! Also fantastic choice of cookbooks 😉

  • It’s well planned and done. Your kitchen is airy and full of light, so appealing to cook in it. Your everyday objects are put in value and accessible, it’s really lovely! You’re doing an amazing job in your house and it’s fascinating to follow the whole process. Wishing you a nice weekend.


  • This really made me want to move out. It’s so beautyful. Both classy and elegant (and cute) at once! Very well done, I love it!

    love, Sophie

  • I’ve been following your process and very excited for you guys! We were just quoted $100 thousand for a modest kitchen remodel in Seattle, and my dreams were crushed. My fingers are crossed that we can find a more reasonable offer. You’re lucky that you know how to DIY.

  • The kitchen looks amazing!!! I love the tiled wall.

    Also, Elsie’s lip color is beautiful!!! — Please share what it is! <3

  • Gorgeous!!!! Where are the cabinets from? Is it where I think, could it be?

  • Yes, that’s why. I guess it’s just a habit?

    And, yep, I always make sure they are completely dry before putting them away.

    xx- Elsie

  • Wonderful!! I love being part of this process. ♥‿♥ I like that you inserted your casual photo in this post Elsie! Yay, cool. Sending productive positive vibes all the way! – IVA


  • I suspect she’s trying to keep dust from settling in her cups. If the cups are dry before being placed on the shelf, I don’t think she’d have any moisture issues.

  • Your open shelves look soooo beautiful, Elsie! I know that if anyone can make the dishware and whatnot look matchy-matchy, it’s you 🙂


  • Gorgeous, I love seeing how you style the shelves. I also love the pic of yourself in there, very pretty! It’s a great idea doing progress reports, it makes me feel like part of the process x

  • It’s truly STUNNING, Elsie. I look forward to upcoming pictures of other finished rooms. 🙂

  • Looking gorgeous! May I ask why you turn your cups upside down? I would worry it would trap moisture and warp the paint!

  • Can you come remodel my kitchen 🙂
    You guys have probably already done this, but I’d love to see a list of your favourite cookbooks.

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