Elsie’s Living Room Tour (Before + After)

Elsie Larson's Living Room TourElsie Larson's Living Room Tour Grab a coffee because today I’m sharing MY LIVING ROOM TOUR! Some blog posts take 45 minutes to write and some take a year. This is one of the big ones… so please buckle up for a lot of photos. Welcome to my tour, friends!

Let’s start out with the before and after photos! I love before/after photos, don’t you?! There’s something so satisfying about seeing what a year and a half (and some white paint and plants) can do.

Elsie Larson's living room before + after! This is the view when you are standing in the entryway looking into the living room. As you can see, we got to keep the piano (we negotiated it into the sale of our home, and Jeremy plays it daily!), and we still love the white beams, but everything else is different. We decided to get rid of all drapes in this room. We may consider adding new ones in the future, but for now I am really enjoying the extra light that pours in. Since this huge window looks out into our backyard, privacy is not an issue.

Still pinching myself that we found a home with such incredible windows and natural light.

Elsie Larson's living room before + after! (to the left) This view really inspires me. The door to the right is the sunroom and the left is the dining room. We added a little side table and a HUGE mirror and then in the back of the room, our bar cart.

Elsie Larson's living room before + after! (to the right) In this view you can see all of my favorite things! The sofas (I’ll talk more about them below), the 8 foot cactus, palm plant and the coffee table OF MY DREAMS. I love this simple, cozy spot in our home.

Elsie Larson's living room before + after!(and the view facing the entryway, if your back is to the big window) When we moved in, I initially wanted to fill that back wall with floor to ceiling bookshelves. And while I still love that idea, I realize now that we already have two giant bookshelves in our home, so I’ve just kind of been waiting for the right idea for that wall. For now it’s a good home for our bar cart and a fun rattan chair I scored at a local vintage shop.

See the rest of the before photos here.

Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour Here’s the view looking into the living room from the entryway. I’m really happy this is the first room you see from the entryway when you walk in the front door! (here’s a link to those cute wall planters)

Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour Elsie's living roomElsie Larson's Living Room Tour Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour I love that Jeremy plays the piano so often. He’s really into classical music and likes to always be practicing the pieces he performed in college. It’s kind of a cool party trick, I’m not going to lie. And my grandma LOVES it.

Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour On the coffee table I’ve been working on a little mineral collection. I tend to keep the accent colors light and neutral in this room because of the bold turquoise floor. I feel like when you make a crazy design choice like that, it’s good to keep the rest of the room real chill.

Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour Alright, let’s talk about this sofa! This is the Sven Charme Tan Sofa from Article. Since I posted about them for the first time last February, I have received countless private messages and emails from readers asking me about the quality of this sofa. I’ll tell you here what I told all those people (and this probably goes without saying, but I am not being paid to say any of this).

I love these sofas. I picked them because my friend Katie has one and said it’s the perfect sofa for kids. We don’t have kids yet, but it’s something I’m starting to consider with major purchases or decor commitments (like the cowhide rug below this—easiest white rug EVER to clean!). It also appealed to me that these sofas come already looking a little bit worn. If they were too perfect, that would scare me with our dogs (we let the dogs come up on all our furniture). The other thing about these sofas I love is they are big and comfy. You can totally take a nap on this sofa! They’re a good happy medium between structured and mid-century and comfy cozy. So anyway—I completely love them.

Our live edge coffee table is from Anthropologie. I spent way way way too long trying to find the perfect one for this room, and I am hopelessly in love with this thing.

Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour The two things that I always want my rooms to be full of are texture and plants. Since I stuck with a lot of white for this design, those are the elements that really make it come to life and feel both fresh and cozy.

Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour The quilted cowhide rug I got on a super sale from Anthropologie. I like cowhides because they are durable and easy to clean. These can last for a lot longer than other white and light colored rugs.

Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour Big mirrors can be miracle workers. They make a room feel bigger and more open. Mirrors are a little bit like rugs, if you get one that’s too small, it can look really off and it’s always better to err on the bigger side if you can. You can find this mirror here.

Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour The past few weeks I moved all my plants in from the outdoors. That really tall Peruvian cactus was in my sunroom all summer.

Our color washed floors was one of the riskiest design moves in this house. They’re only in this one room, and I’m beyond happy to report that a year later they are holding up perfectly (seriously perfectly, and I do NOT use the word perfect lightly), and I still LOVE THEM.

Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour That door molding. This is original to our home (built in 1972 I believe), and it’s one of the things that made me fall in love when we first viewed it. This molding is on almost every door in the house. I love them!

Elsie Larson's Living Room Tour Thanks for coming over for a tour! It really means the world to me that you guys have followed along throughout our renovation so far. Your encouragement has motivated me endlessly!

Elsie's living room Oh yes, and I wouldn’t leave you hanging. Here’s a FULL list of sources for all the furniture and decor in my living room.

Furniture: Sofas/Article, Coffee Table/Anthropologie, Rug/Anthropologie (I got it on clearance, but here’s a similar option), Rattan Chair/vintage, Bench behind sofa/Gus Modern.

Decor: Mirror/CB2, Pink Buildings Print/UO, Plant stands/Modernica, West Elm and DIY, Wall Planters in Entryway/West Elm, Bar Cart (painted it white), Pillows/Anthropologie (similar), Throw/West Elm (similar).

If I forgot something, please let me know! Love you guys! xx -Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Collin DuPree and Elsie Larson. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Holy smokes those turquoise floors are incredible! And the piano is beautiful in there. Couch looks super cozy too. Also, that coffee table is great too. SO basically I love everything about this room 😉

  • Hi!!!!
    You are always my favorite blogger and designer! Congrats on your adoption – SO, SO exciting!!
    I love the Article Sven sofa SO much and have always been hesitant to purchase because of kids and dogs, etc.
    How do you clean it? I know it’s leather but is there a special way? They look SO great in your space.

  • Hey, Elsie!

    I was wondering where you get your plants. I LOVE the one behind you while sitting on the couch with the BIG, sprawling out leaves – you even have a solo pic of it in the post. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a plant just like that. Do you know what that type of plant is called?

  • Your floors are unbelievably awesome and make the room. I’m not sure I’d ever be brave enough myself but they are utterly gorgeous and totally inspired.

  • Price compare this one to similar sofas. It’s a pretty good deal!
    xxoo- Elsie

  • Hi Andrea,
    So far I found these from Etsy, Moorea Seal and Target.
    xx- Elsie

  • Totally! I’ve been thinking about adding a floor lamp. But there are lights above the beams (they’re kind of weird though, we don’t use them hardly every). xx- Elsie

  • I think it’s from Wayfair (I can’t find it now) it was wood originally, but I didn’t love the finish so I painted it white.
    xx- Elsie

  • Yeah, I understand. Every region is so different!!
    It’s one of the things I like a lot about Tennessee (and Missouri where I am from).
    xx- Elsie

  • The table is from Wayfair (I think?) it was brown but when it arrived it was way different than the photos, but I still liked the shape so I painted it white.

    The marble tray is from Target.
    xx- Elsie

  • I struggled a lot too in my last house! I’ll write a post about this SOON!
    xx- Elsie

  • I water all our plants every Sunday and then I move them to a different room if they look sad.
    xx- Elsie

  • Cool! I can work on a plant guide. I don’t know anything about cats, though. Laura says her cats aren’t interested in plants. I guess she’s one of the lucky ones. 🙂
    xx- Elsie

  • Yep! This room does have weird florescent lights above the beams (like they shine out from the top of the beams, but you can’t see them) I don’t like the mood so we never use them. I’ve been thinking about adding a floor lamp, though! And I’m about to put twinkle lights on the big cactus for the holidays so that will be fun!
    xx- Elsie

  • I saw one arm of the couch and knew! I’ve honestly been coveting that sofa for a year. My only problem is I’m horrendously cheap, so I have trouble justifying the price, even though it’s 99% what I want (I’m not so into MCM, but for that couch I can make an exception).

  • I would ALSO love to know this! Specifically when jt comes to toxicity for cats. Since Laura has a kitty too, maybe she’d be a good co-writer for this post with you Elsie?


  • I have loved following your home tours since you bought the place and moved in – so fabulous!

    Off topic question – what cut is your wedding ring? Looks like a marquis perhaps?


  • Oh wauw! The room looked quite dark before but it looks so bright right now. Totally in love with the color of the floor, always like such bold statements on places you won’ really expect them. And that couch is really amazing, the color suits everything so perfectly and the texture of the leather only gets better and better over time.

  • What do you do for artificial lighting? I scoured your photos and don’t see any lights! I am always struggling with selecting the right kind of lighting for a room – especially this time of year when it’s dark by 4PM.

  • Forever obsessing over your house. It’s so beautiful and unique and FUN. Seriously inspired.

  • It’s absolutely stunning! I never tire of the those gorgeous teal stained wood floors – my absolute favorite floors. Ever. In the whole world. I need those in my life.

  • My favorite tour has been your entry. You use the word “cozy” in every room tour (or any other time you mention your home) and that’s not the feeling I get when I see your photos. You have a unique style, but it’s not one I would describe as cozy. That’s what is so great about home design; we all interpret things differently.

  • I JUST orderd this couch too and I’m so glad to hear you love it and it’s comfortable!! Can’t wait!!

  • WOW I’m in love!this room is absolutely gorgeous!!! Everything flows perfectly together. I love the floor with the crisp white walls and all of the neutral accents (especially the mineral rocks on the coffee table!
    Thank you for sharing!!
    XX -Kaylee

  • Really neat. I do like the floors a lot. You can definitely tell that it’s a house with out kids in it – everything looks nice and is beyond just function! Will be interested to see how that changes in the distant future 😉

  • The photos are gorgeous! Can I move in?
    – Charmaine

  • The photos are gorgeous! Can I move in?
    – Charmaine

  • I think my eyes have permanently become two big hearts after seeing this!!! Thank you for your never-ending boldness and inspiration 🙂

  • I would LOVE to have a grand piano in my living room. The strings are supposed to be tighter than uprights though- so they’re harder to play….

    Looks beautiful though!

  • We are curretnly rennovating our home and it’s taking forever. Im totally in love with your living room, big thank you for your how to on the blue floor. I pinned an imaged about 5 years ago of a blue floor in a kitchen and I fell in love, but had no idea where to start to achieve something like that. Now that we have our very own place I’m going to do a blue floor in my dinning room! Hopefully it works :/

  • The room is so much brighter and happier, and that floor is just gorgeous. This is some amazing work you have done there!

  • Wow Elsie! you put so much efford and time in this living room and it is fully visible. I think that the slow decoration you applied now makes so much sense. Everything seems so cohisive and chill, this is a living room that I would live in, a real one (not a amagazine one).
    Plus the combination of the tan sofas and the tropical plants <3

    Thank you for all this inspiration!

    hey from

  • It looks great. And to be honest, I’m a little jealous. The houses in Holland are a lot smaller and therefore a lot of the choices that look so great in your posts would be really cramped in my house. I love my house though and it is a moderate house considering dutch standards. But comparison to yours, so little.

  • Looks really fabulous! I love the new look of your living room. Combination of white paint all over the room and shade of blue-green floor is perfect. Also looks so homey with that comfy couch. Wonderful!

  • Love your feedback on the couches! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with our couches in our new home. Both are good condition, leather couches, but the shape is not quite to my taste. I much prefer the style of yours, but was nervous that style would be a tighter leather. Perhaps not as cozy as the couches we currently have.

    Glad to know it can withstand pups! That’s very helpful 🙂

  • What is that plant, fourth from the bottom? I love it so much! So beautiful!

  • You have done a gorgeous job. I love that floor! I sent the link to my husband for ‘inspiration’.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Hi! Your floors are amazing! Wondering where the tray on your coffee table is from? Looks like Target but in case I’m wrong. Thanks!

  • Wow that is a huge change! It looks so bright and inviting now! I love the coffee table and sofas together. Plus the plants just polish everything off! Incredible job guys!
    xx Jenelle

  • Beautiful room, thanks for sharing! Such good vibes. I hope you hang out on those comfy couches and listen to that piano (which I am super jealous of!)

  • That is such a gorgeously designed living room. I adore the circular mirror and I NEVER would have thought a green floor would work in a living room, but it does. You lovely ladies make me braver in my style choices every day! Thanks 🙂


  • What a unique rug! From the photos it looked like small tiles and I was confused ?.

  • I love how much airy and welcoming it looks. From such a dark space to light and vibrant room, well done =o)


  • Hi! Love it. Where is the white table from (where the circle mirror is) and the marble tray?


  • This room turned out really beautiful. Would love to see a post on how you keep up with watering all of those plants. I have about 7 hours plants and struggle with a watering schedule : )

  • This might be a silly question, but with so many plants – how do you keep them alive?

  • Absolutely stunning!!! Your house is my dream house. Love it all!!!!!!


  • Those. Crazy. Floors. I love them! Never would I ever have thought that I’d love teal hardwood floors, but here we are. Beautiful work!

  • Looks amazing!! I’ve been so excited to see how you would deign this large space. Love those couches!


  • I’ve been waiting for this post and have loved every sneak peak leading up to the big reveal. Love this room, it makes me feel calm and cozy just looking at it:)

    I am curious to know the names of some of the plants in the room, I’ve been looking for house plants to add to our home but have to be cautious of their toxicity to my cat. I would love to hear more about how you pick your plants, what kinds they are, etc.


  • Your room is beautiful! But, I know you are famous for fabulous light fixtures. I didn’t notice any lamps or overhead lighting in your room. I love accent lighting, so those are the first things I look for.

  • i feel like youd be great at interior decorating.
    im going to play the lotto and when i win im hiring you because all of the heart eye emojis!!!!

    love this!

  • Thanks for the tour! My favourite thing is the floor, it is so gorgeous. I love it!

  • Such a beautiful space. I would never have gone for that floor in theory but in reality it looks sooooo good and really brings a brightness to the room without everything being white

    – Natalie

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