Elsie’s Nashville BnB Master Bedroom Tour

I am so excited to share the next room in our Nashville house bnb with you today! It’s the master bedroom, which is located on the second floor of the home along with the master bathroom.

This post is sponsored by Wayfair and is the last post in a three-part series (see part one here and part two here). I have loved and shopped at Wayfair for years. Like a lot of brands we work with, I was a fan before we ever worked with them. Today, I’m excited to share some things we picked out for this bedroom. Wayfair has amazing options for bedrooms. AND, Wayfair is going to be giving away a two-night stay at this house next year when it is available to rent! So excited for one of you to get to stay in this house in the near future!

Before we dig in, here’s our walk down memory lane.

When we purchased the house, the room was painted two shades of purple. We knew that simply painting it white would help it feel a lot more airy. We also wanted to remove the carpet, but we had no idea what we’d find beneath it.

When we removed the carpet, we found original wood. It was in poor condition, but it could be salvaged. So we decided to have it refinished.

It’s a unique shape (those upstairs sloped ceilings) and it’s a long, but narrow room. So we had to be a little creative with our choices. Wayfair actually has a ‘view in room’ feature on their app, which allows you to actually see their products in your own space before buying them. It can be really helpful in design situations like this with tricky spaces! We also decided to remove the “closet” (you can see it here to the right). Because of the sloped ceiling, it wasn’t a true closet (it was a cabinet with shelves in it) that didn’t seem to serve much purpose.

I a really proud of where the room is at today! It’s come a long way. I am so excited to host guests in our new master bedroom.

OK … let’s take a tour!

Here’s the view as you enter from the stairs. The bathroom is to your right.

Right next to the bathroom, we added this horseshoe coat rack for towels or things that need to be hung (it’s actually a set of two, so I’ll use the other one downstairs!).

Since this space is a short-term rental space, we decided to forego the traditional dresser option and added this cute little console table instead. It’s a spot for some fresh flowers and this cute little ceramic cactus sculpture. The fig tree is faux (this is the larger sized one and the quality is amazing). I got the print from my pal Jenny’s Print Shop.

I LOVE this bed. As soon as we decided to design this house with less mid-century influence, I knew exactly what bed I wanted. We chose a queen size. The coverlet is so pretty (I wish you could see it in person … I’ll have to make an IG video for you sometime—it’s amazing!) For sheets, we chose this gingham set (no white sheets allowed in guest spaces … haha … they are too hard to maintain).

The woven area rug we chose is pretty special because it’s a small(ish) print that reads as black and white close up, but gray from a distance.

This star light fixture mighttttt be my favorite part of the room. It’s so gorgeous. I hope you enjoyed this tour! I still have some aspirations of adding shelves and a window seat. However, it wasn’t possible before these photos, since the floors were completed only a few days before—haha. I will update you further in a month or two.

We’re currently at the stage where the house still looks a little crazy (renovation zone crazy, I mean), but it’s getting pretty close. Our goal is to complete all rooms by the end of November before our trip to China (so our family can come visit us to meet Nova and stay at the house). Wish us luck!

Sources: Coat Rack/Wayfair, Console Table/Wayfair, Cactus Sculpture/Wayfair, Faux Fig Tree/Wayfair, Art Print/Jenny’s Print Shop, Bed Frame/Wayfair, Curtain Rods/Wayfair, Coverlet and Sheets/Wayfair, Rug/Wayfair, Side Tables (similar)/Wayfair, Pouf/Wayfair, Star Light Fixture/Wayfair.

Thank you so much for reading and for following along! This has been an incredibly inspiring process for me. xx. Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer.
  • Hello! We stayed at this home in October and had the best 2 nights sleep ever! Can you share a link to the mattress? We’d love to purchase!

  • I would also love to hear a source for the ceiling fan since it can be so hard to find nice ones. I came here after reading the Real Simple article hoping to find the source for that fan lol! The whole room looks stunning- and congratulations (belatedly) on bringing your darling daughter home! ❤️❤️ It’s the birthday of your family!

  • Beautiful room! When will you start renting out your bnb? I’m thinking about it in Woodbine.

  • I love that faux fiddle leaf fig tree, but it doesn’t appear to be the same one you linked to.

  • What an absolutely refreashing room! Can you tell me about your trim color? I’m considering Marshmallow for a white on white look, but I’m getting stuck on trim color! So many whites! Beautiful job!

  • Wayfair has some excellent garment racks you could use until the closet is built! https://www.wayfair.com/storage-organization/pdp/yamazaki-home-tower-2047w-garment-rack-yzus1189.html

    I prefer to have a place to unpack my suitcase, even if I’m just there for a night. Being able to hang up clothes on a full hanger makes all the difference.

  • Lovely! Sorry if you mentioned this already, but where is the ceiling fan from?

  • I like gingham, but wouldn’t white sheets be easier? They can be bleached? I always assumed that’s why hotels etc used white.

  • Just out of curiosity – why did you choose a queen size bed and not king when there’s so much space in the room? Wouldn’t king sized bed make for more comfortable sleep for your guests?

  • Great room! I love the faux fig tree- that’s a great find for my sunroom, which gets too cold in the winter for live plants.

  • This room is so gorgeous and peaceful! That bed is SO COZY. The only thing that gives me pause is the lack of storage/surface area. I know it’s going to be for short term stays. But it might be nice to have a bench or a luggage rack or something. The side tables are small, and I don’t believe there is a ton of counter space in the bathroom. I’m thinking about where I would put my book/journal/glasses at night and my toiletries/make up. People always being so much junk when traveling. The white table is nice, but the knick knacks on top take up all the space (brilliant idea not to do drawers btw, that’s just an invitation for someone to forget something). I see your note about wanting to add a window seat and shelves, so maybe you’ve already solved this problem. I just thought I’d give my two cents because I always like some feedback on my projects, but this space and this house are so lovely, your guests are going to be blown away!

    • Bad case of commenting before reading the other comments, did not mean to harp on the issue 😛

  • It’s crazy what a little bit of paint and new flooring can do! Obsessed with that rug!

  • Loving the knit throw at the end of the bed! So cozy! Did I miss a source for that? Wayfair? Or is it homemade?

  • I absolutely love this! There’s so many cute finds here and definitely a few I am going to have to add to my wish list!

  • Just bought a VERY similar bed from Wayfair! This post is going to motivate me to put it together this weekend, and serve as some new inspo for a rug!

    • I LOVE this bed. Love the rug too actually- haha! This whole style has been so fun to design…. xx

  • How cozy this space has become, and it seems so much brighter than before! Awesome work!

    • Thank you! That purple was doing it no favors for sure. Rooms with slanted ceilings look so good in white!

  • One great example of how AMAZING a coat of white paint and tearing up the carpet can make a room look. I also love the bed situation and am extremely disappointed I cannot get that coverlet in Australia.

    Thanks for this dose of inspiration.

  • So wait, where are people meant to put their clothes? There’s literally nowhere to hang or store anything. Personally, even if I’m only in a space for a couple of days, I like to be able to completely unpack my suitcase and have everything up etc.

    • I’m planning to add something, but for now there are the hooks (on the horse shoes and also some in the bathroom you can’t see) Adding a closet is on our list, but it’s a larger, more expensive project that will have to wait a bit. 🙂 xx!

  • It’s looking incredible! This place will be gorgeous and always booked. I just know it!


  • Your bedroom reminds me so much of my grandma’s room I stayed in as a child! Minus your cool light fixtures haha! So beautiful! Am still over the moon about your Nova!! Can’t wait til she’s home ahhhh!?✨?

    • What a sweet memory!! I still have dreams about my grandparent’s homes (from my childhood) all the time.

      Thank you for the kind words about Nova…. so so so so excited! xx

  • The details in this room are AMAZING. From that light fixture to the knit blanket thrown on the bed.

  • oooh love that rug! I will be putting that on my wishlist.
    One suggestion I have is to add a simple clothing rack with hangers. I recently stayed in a beautifully styled airbnb in Texas but there was no where to put a my suitcase or hang my clothes up for the week. All my clothes just ended up in a pile on chair. Just a thought, but you do you girl, looks like a lovely place!

    • Great suggestion! We are planning to build a full size closet (in the attic space that is closed off with a door) but this is a great idea for now!


  • I love the simple black curtain rods and white curtains! Do you have sources for those? Thank you!

  • SLAY GIRLS!! I really really love it. Check out my blog too!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love
    Instagram @alionawithlove
    YouTube @alionawithlove

  • Hi Elsie!

    How did you decide on which mattress to purchase given that people have such different preferences AND mattresses can be so expensive?

  • Did I miss the source for the gold/mustard pillows? They are exactly what I need for my room!

  • Wow, the white paint makes such a big difference! Beautiful. Love the horseshoes too! Since there’s no closet or dresser, maybe you might consider adding one of those little folding luggage racks – so nice to not have to bend over and rummage through your suitcase on the floor.

  • Looks great! Did you paint the ceiling and walls the same color? I have a bedroom in my house that has some sloped ceilings, kind of similar to this room. I want to paint the walls a white color (thinking Sherwin-William’s Marshmallow) but I’m not sure if I should paint the ceilings an untinted white or paint both the ceiling and walls in marshmallow. Would be curious to hear your thoughts and what you chose to do. Thanks!

    • We painted the whole thing Marshmallow. I think it’s less awkward to do the whole thing one color (even if it’s a bold color)… but that’s just my opinion!


      • I see that you mentioned you painted the walls Marshmallow, but what brand of paint did you use? This is the perfect shade!

        • Hi Krystal! It’s a universal color, so most brands have it. Elsie used Valspar though. 🙂

  • We just bought that bed for my 5 year old daughter in white (twin). It’s her “Sleeping Beauty princess bed”. It’s fun to see it in a different space, but now it reminds me of a sleeping princess. Go figure. 🙂

  • I can already see this BnB being super popular. It’s incredible.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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