Elsie’s Spring Refresh with Wayfair

Elsie's Spring Room RefreshToday we’re teaming up with Wayfair to show you how I refreshed a few rooms in our home for spring! To me, refreshing is two things—upgrading and decorating for the season. This refresh is a little of both. Also, you can find all the refresh items from Wayfair at this link as a part of their special sales event!

Every season I like to do a big clean up and clean out. It’s a time to let go of things that are broken, worn out or no longer my style. After that it’s fun to replace those things with quality items, make a few DIYs and add some seasonal touches to our spaces.

Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Seasonal blooms are one of my favorite ways to add color to our spaces. My passion for the changing seasons comes out in all shapes and forms, but decor is one of the big ones! I love to collect interesting vases, glassware and pottery in neutral colors for my flower obsession.

Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Elsie's Spring Room Refresh When I last shared this room, I had stolen a bench from another space. I sometimes do that when I’m taking photos because I want to avoid buying “filler” items for our home. I think it’s so much better to wait for the right pieces if you can. Shopping patiently has done wonders for this house.

Anyway… so when I saw this bench, I knew it was perfect! And the baskets are great too for storing our insanely huge collection of throw blankets (our dogs love their blankets and we love our dogs—haha).

Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Speaking of patient shopping, a lot of you commented in this post that you noticed we needed more lighting in this room. We did, but finding the perfect floor lamp didn’t come quickly for me. However, now that we have one, the room feels so much more complete. Plus it’s brass and marble—my favorites! (These items are on our sale page at Wayfair, linked here!)

Elsie's Spring Room Refresh I’ve been working on a rainbow bookcase for several months now. It’s one of the most fun collection projects I’ve ever worked on. I quickly learned that when working with rainbow books, piecing in neutrals like this awesome quartz bookend, baskets and white dishes helps the overall look to feel more cohesive and expensive. (ps—how great is that pink painting my four year old niece just made for me??)

Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Elsie's Spring Room Refresh This little desk area sits right next to our kitchen. I left it bare and chairless for so long that a lot of people didn’t even realize it is a cute built-in desk. But recently I got it all fixed up, and now it’s the cutest little spot to sit down and write letters to my number one pen pal (my grandmother, Norma).

Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Cheese on the weekends is one of our favorite indulgences. We have pretty well mastered the homemade cheese board for two, after almost six years of marriage! Jeremy has never been a big dessert guy, so cheese and wine kind of IS our favorite dessert. Once in a while we add a bar of dark chocolate as well.

For the ultimate cheese plate (in our humble opinion), try a soft goat cheese (either honey flavored or plain with honey on the side), a good white cheddar and a brie or double cream. Sometimes we get all fancy and get two kinds of crackers. Haha! We are REALLY into cheese.

Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Our breakfast nook is one of our very frequently used spaces. We eat there, and some days I even work at that table. One of our chairs recently broke, so we shuffled the remaining chairs throughout the house and refreshed with this cute matching set. For someone who is so obsessed with color, I have to admit that my favorite spaces are sometimes neutral.

Elsie's Spring Room Refresh Elsie's Spri ng Room Refresh Jeremy’s studio is so close to being complete. It’s been living in that 90% complete zone, which is where I tend to get stuck (and get lazy). That said, this refresh got us motivated to finally really truly finish this space!! I am so excited with how it is turning out, and I am so glad he gets to work in a space that feels thoughtful and inspiring. He’s having his most productive year ever, so I get to take credit for that… right??

Elsie's Spring Room Refresh And last but not least, every space in the Larson house gets a bar cart. It’s a rule we just don’t break. Haha!

This isn’t for work time though, it’s actually for the frequent meetings he has in his space (what’s not pictured is a fridge full of Lacroix). This bar cart is stocked with just a few essential spirits and some bitters. Keep it simple, right?

I secretly love industrial style furniture even though it doesn’t match my house. So it’s perfect to have Jeremy’s studio where I can change things up and go in a few different directions!

I hope you enjoyed this little room by room refresh, all linked items can be shopped here, including the bar cart, sheepskin rug and planter! I am excited to finish sharing our room tours this year, but it’s fun to share these types of mini updates along the way! xx -Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Amber Ulmer. 
    • Hi Brittany! The table is from Amazon and the chairs are from Lulu & Georgia.

  • Please tell us where you found the pictures above your sofa! A few readers asked about it earlier and i’m dying to know.

  • Are these Japanese paintings? They are quite unique…

  • I love this room and the gorgeous decor items. In particular, the prints and the cheeseboard. Where are these items from?

  • Hey! I love those campaign style frames in the breakfast nook gallery wall. Just curious if you used the same method to create them as your campaign dresser DIY. I would love to recreate that for my bedroom, it looks great!

  • Where is the bench from? I love it! Quite a while ago you guys had a DIY slat wood bench, I bet I could modify it with the legs from the bench pictured!

    Thanks for being amazingly helpful ?

  • Great space!
    I particular love the art above the brown sofa – did you buy it like this with the two wooden clasps and if yes, where?
    Thanks Elsie!

  • Wow! Cool post!
    I loved the art on the living room, could you please tell the name of the artist?
    Thank you!

    • just another reader here : ) I think the artist is Lola Donoghue..?http://loladonoghue.com/shop-prints/

  • Hi! I couldn’t seem to find where you got those baskets from I’m not sure if I am just missing it so I figured I would ask! Thanks!

  • I love the pillows you have on that brown couch. Even though they’re all white, they have an unexpected pattern that’s just enough to catch the eye.

  • Wow, your space is looking so beautiful and inspiring. I would love to see some distance shots of your rainbow wall. I would love to do something similar. I also love all of the wicker baskets and the like. Its a very peaceful and creative space.

    Also, where did you get your cheeseboard!?!?! Its amazing!

  • These floral arrangements are SO GOOD! Can we expect more floral arranging tips/DIYs on the blog?? 🙂

    • I would LOVE to do that! What kind of things are you thinking?? Just DIY tips for arranging?
      xx- Elsie

  • How are you sourcing the rainbow books? Are you just like..buying random books based solely on their exterior color? That seems kind of silly to me. If you’re going to have a bookcase full of books, shouldn’t they be books you actually like and care about? I guess if your house is just “for show” it doesn’t matter…

    • Hey Amanda,
      I’ve gotten this question a lot. I am buying almost all of the books used, when I go to the used bookstore I go to all the sections that are interesting to me- so you’ll see I have lots of cookbooks (which my husband has already been using random cookbooks I bought used), rocks and minerals, gardening and crafts.

      I’m not opposed to buying SOME books just because they are good colors (especially if they are only .25 cents or whatever…) but we are mostly filling it with books we will use on topics that we care about.

      This is also why I decided to put all the kiddo books down low. 🙂

  • I have the floor lamp just like that from Target, but it has three lights. I went through hell to get it. Apparently it was recalled AS I was buying it so they wouldn’t let me check out. I managed to still buy it online, and just waited an hour in the store until I could pick it up. That’s how much I love it, recall be damned! And I put it together 9 months pregnant — no easy feat! (Still never found out why it was recalled, and I don’t really care. Pretty sure my toddler can’t topple it because of the marble base.)

  • My boyfriend and I have a similar cheese plate ritual that we do on Friday’s. I know that you do sponsored posts with Aldi from time to time, so I would recommend trying out their cheeses. The Aldi on American Rd. (We live in Nashville too) has an awesome supply! Their spicy hard salami bites and prosciutto are a nice addition.

  • A handful of vibrant flowers or a fresh, green plant really work wonders in transforming literally any room! And Spring is such a great time of year to buy beautiful, bright, seasonal blossoms!


  • I am loving those plant corners! Unfortunately, we have a kitten whom just adores digging our plants up. I’ve lost count of the amount of succulents and leafy plants he’s eaten!


  • Hi Elsie–

    Where can I find that little brass oil can/ atomizer? I love it!

  • Cute room refresh! …but I’m not a fan of the links for this sponsored post. Just scrolled through everything listed looking for that bench and couldn’t track it down. I would appreciate links to the specific products next time if possible. Just some friendly feedback, I know you guys don’t always get to decide stuff like that for sponsored posts 🙂

  • That lamp looks perfect for what I want in our living room! However, when I follow the link, the lamp shown isn’t the same one – the shade and the base are different. Is this still available?


  • You’ve got THE knack for creating uplifting spaces. All around beautiful:)

  • I would love to know how long does it take you to water all the plants in your house!! I used to have just one planter and it died… Now I committed to artificial (but cute) plants. I truly admire you!! xoxo

    • Hi Valeria,
      I water my plants every Sunday (I do the upstairs plants and Jeremy does his studio). It takes me maybe 30 minutes or so, but I love doing it. 🙂
      xx- Elsie

  • Great finds! I am in love with those baskets that you are using to store your blankets. I too have a blankets problem and I am always trying to find ways to display them decoratively or keep them tucked away, yet close by.

  • I love your refresh! ALl these pieces are perfect!


  • LOVE the freshness you bring to a room, and appreciate how hard it can be to make it all look effortless. You do that so beautifully!

    I was laughing, though, at the thought of how different your “refresh” will be next Spring (and definitely the many after that) when you’ll be decorating around the precious little girl who will be heading for every vase, bench, frame, cactus and electrical cord in sight! Can’t wait to see the baby gates around the bar carts…lol

    • Haha! I know, right?!
      One step at a time, I guess…. 🙂 We already bought the baby gate!
      xx- Elsie

    • I was thinking the same thing! I used to have plants and flowers everywhere, but now with a 1 year old running around, my house looks waaaaaay different and I kinda feel like I’ve lost my style. Looking forward to seeing posts about how you decorate with little ones running around because I certainly need inspiration in that department!

  • It’s a bit odd to me that most everything you link to isn’t the actual product in your home. On top of that, linking to the same link 30 times (instead of the actual product) really through me off. I understand you all need to do sponsored posts, but not a huge fan of this one. Sorry!

    • Let me know if there’s a product I can help you find!
      xx- Elsie

  • Hello Elsie! really love how the small things change the mood of the room! May I ask for the last photo, where did you get the white planter with wood stand for the snake plant?

    • Hi Helene,
      That planter is from West Elm.
      Thanks so much for the kind words! xx

  • Hi! I loooove your blog and have read it for several years! Great work!! I just wanted to let you know I borrowed one of your photos for a blogpost, here: http://www.emiliawesterstrom.se/2017/04/11/monthly-makers-inspiration-djur/ Ofc I wrote your blogname, photographer and direct link to your original post. Thank you for inspiration <3

  • Love the bamboo pieces everywhere. REALLY love it. I wish I wasn’t so set in my ways. I’d like to change things up more than I do, but it’s so hard to “let go”.

  • I really like the bench you suggested! It looks minimal but modern!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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