Emma + Trey Engagement Photos: Part 1

Trey george engagement photosTrey-emma-engaged session 1Trey george and emma chapman engagedEngagement photo ideasEngagement photos by arrow and appleTrey georgeEmma and trey engagement photosEmma chapman engagement photosEngagement photos of emma and treyArrow and apple engagement sessionTrey-emma-engagedThis past week Trey and I took our engagement photos! We were lucky enough to have time to try three different ideas with our photographer, Sarah. This is session one. As you can tell, these are not your average portraits. For this session we wanted to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. I really wanted to have portraits that capture the emotions of this season of our life together. I absolutely LOVE how this first session turned out. We are so happy to share a few of our photos from this shoot with you, and can't wait to share more engagement photos in the coming weeks. xo. Emma

*Photos by: Arrow and Apple

  • I absolutely love this engagement session! It’s so intimate and playful. Really cute!

  • Sweet….I love the couple who posed for then. They are two of my favorite people.

  • I Emma I saw your second engagement session… but damn I love so much the first one !!! Awesome: pure, white, fresh… perfect. ^_^
    XOXO, Lilou from France

  • These are beautiful, and so unique! I love it. You are a great looking couple 😀

  • Congrats on the engagement and such beautiful pictures! I think the third one down is my absolute favorite. -jb.


  • These images are so relaxed, and simple. It’s like looking into your lives as you wake up every morning. Just so sweet & lovely.

  • these are perfect, but i don’t expect anything less from sarah. legit crying. the most beautiful.

  • These are so beautiful; what a wonderful idea.


  • These are beautiful! I love the lighting and the intimacy. <3 Congrats! You guys make a lovely couple.

  • I think these are fantastic! Snuggling is such a great way to express PDA without being too sexy I believe. Great idea and I love the simplicity Can’t wait for the others!

  • That so lovely! I love the photos! They shere do love and romantic! Like it, just perfect photoshoot!


  • oh they are so beautiful!
    they turned out so amazing!
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  • So cute !! love those pics…


  • Honestly, the cutest engagement pictures i have ever seen. Which is saying something because I peruse wedding stuff of Pinterest quite often.

  • these are beautiful (specially the second to last) and such a wonderful idea for portraits.

  • Amazing photographs you have shared with us of this loving couple. Excellent photography, both person are looking great. Nice to see this great work. Many thanks for sharing.

  • They are very cute…lovely photography by sarah…


  • These photos are absolutely gorgeous. What a pure, genuine display of your love. Lovely engagement photos! Treasure them forever. & congratulations to you both!!
    My husband & I were married back in August. So take it from a newlywed, enjoy your engagement. Enjoy every moment!! =)

    — Christine

  • Unexpected photographs but nonetheless stunning. It’s quite easy to see your love resonate through these images. Best of luck!

  • These are so romantic and intimate, but not so much so that you can’t show the internet. How special to have photos like this. That Sarah Rhodes sure is talented. Thank you for sharing!

  • How lovely! What a cool idea, engagement pictures in bed. So sweet and personal.

  • oh gosh, these are really beautiful! So ethereal and soft. Sarah, props for capturing such sweet moments! Can’t wait to see more!! btw I was so thrilled to get my save the date in the mail this week!! xo

  • Super cute! I don’t think my parents would like to see engagement pics of us in bed, though… hahaha!!

  • I love how this first session turned out too. The pictures show really what you planed and wanted for this shoot “create a cozy and intimate atmosphere”. I am anxious to see the other two sessions. <3

  • These are beautiful!


  • This is adorable, great pictures, really intimate!


  • Congratulations, Emma. These are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the others!

  • Oh my! These pictures are GREAT! You look great! As Rachel says to Phoeby on the episode when Monica and Chadler get engaged “I’m so happy for them and not jealous at all! Ok, I’m might be 1% jealous”. So, I’m really happy for you-even though I don’t know you- and I’m really happy that you seem to be happy and in love 🙂 Looking forward to the next “episodes”!

  • Oh Emma, these are so beautiful. Its great to see your happiness, and I cant wait to see the rest 🙂
    Rosie x


  • Wow, these are the kind of photos I WISH I had of my boyfriend and I! 🙂 Beautiful!


  • oh these are beautiful! laying in bed is definitely one of the most intimate moments together. such a great idea!

  • Such gorgeous photos!! Not typical at all!! Love is incredible, so beautiful! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  • So glad that Sarah is the one who shot your engagement photos – she has such a way of capturing a couple’s spirit in a beautiful way. Looking forward to seeing the rest!

    You should take a look at my blog if you have a chance! I’ve done a lot of thrifting lately, I’m obsessed with girly dresses, floral crowns, and anything with a heart on it. Plus I have a giveaway on now!


  • These are beautiful! Love that they are not the typical arraignments:) Congratulations on starting a new chapter of your lives together.

  • I love the one where ya’ll are playing with each others hands! Precious

  • Que bella noticia!
    Que bellas fotos!
    Que bella pareja!
    Mil felicitaciones!!!

  • wonderfull photo’s engagement.. i really love it! so sweet and full of dream for a happiness. love the concept! 🙂

  • These pictures are just adorable!
    You seem really really happy and in love with each other 🙂 what a wonderful start for the whole wedding-adventure.
    Have a lovely Sunday!
    Hugs from Cici

  • These are absolutely beautiful!!!! I’ve never seen an engagement shoot quite like this one – it’s lovely! xo

  • These photos are absolutely amazing! I love that the photograph captured the cozy atmosphere so well.

  • Those are awesome but they make me a little bit uncomfortable! But trust me – it’s not you, it’s me. I never realised it but I guess that for me that might be a little too intimate! They are beautiful photos though, truly, and I think as they are first and foremost for you they will be the perfect memento of this special occasion! x

  • I really love the idea of this engagement shoot, I have never seen one like it! It looks so natural, not to mention sweet and loving 🙂

  • wow. they’re adorable!)

  • photos 2, 3, 5, 7 & 9 are my favourite! i loved them so so much i just had to say something! haha These photographs are so adorable and intimate. Your love and affection for each other is so clear 🙂 much much love xo

  • thes pictures are breathtaking! beautiful <3

    Best of luck to you guys! 🙂

  • Great photos!
    I do not know if In Spain people does those engagement photos… i did not

  • These photos are so intimate, honest and spectacular.
    Thank you for letting us in on these simple yet amazing moments. This is by far the most beautiful engagement session I have seen.
    Congratulations to the both of you and to Sarah for capturing your love so darn beautifully!

  • Yay for Arrow and Apple! I love, love, LOVE Sarah’s work. 🙂

  • Such sweet pictures and what a gorgeous couple! Congratulations guys!

  • These are extremely beautiful, I especially love that you took them in bed, you both look so comfortable and relaxed! xx


  • So so cute! It was a wonderful idea to get pictures of you two snuggling 🙂 Those are such sweet moments.

  • Emma these are SO beautiful, wow! one of the most stunning engagement sessions I’ve ever seen.

  • Love these so much! Congratulations!

  • Love these! Especially the upside down one, such beautiful photos. I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for the next session 🙂

  • Oh, this pics are so cute… this month is my 5th marriage anniversary and this session is such a great inspiration… I should try to get some pics like this to celebrate and keep a memory of how we look at this time of our married life.


  • The second one! I love it, although it would offend my overly religious family ha

  • these are so sweet, I’ve never seen this for an engagement shoot cut it’s so perfect! My bf and I’s would involve food haha

  • Emma, you are so beautiful. Your smile lights up the whole room

  • These photos are the kind of photos that makes your fingers and toes curl because of the overwhelming cuteness! I’m so happy for them.


  • Eeeeee! These are gorgeous Emma! <33

    Stephanie May*


  • These are STUNNING! Such great photography because it beautifully captures your love for one another. 🙂

    Sending love from Texas,

    Crystal’s Beauty Corner

  • These are so beautiful! You’re right, they’re not like average engagement photos. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  • these are such cute photos! such a great idea for a fun but super romantic shoot!


  • what a sweet and honest glimpse into the small special moments between you two—i love these and love this idea. the second and third in particular, just so wonderful.

  • Absolutely lovely! Congrats to you on your engagement!!! I’m totally going to try this idea with some of my clients!

    ~jaclyn michelle

  • love. love. love them! you guys make an adorable couple 🙂 best of luck with the future 😛

  • Love that first black and white one. So sweet. Engagement pictures are so fun and so natural!

  • These are literally BEAUTIFUL. So touching, I am so happy for the two of you!

    Juliette Laura

  • How beautiful and romantic. Much more intimate than normal – I’m positive you will always be happy with these.

  • Ooo, that pics are really so nice and romantic… Sooo nice..


  • Such beautiful photos! Truly precious!


  • These are delightful. I work as a photographer doing engagement shoots and weddings and too often all the couple want is something perfect, something made up. I love the fact that these are real and intimate!

  • sooo happy for you! thanks for sharing this lovely photos with us! adore your blog.

  • wow… beautiful! lovely couple 🙂


  • you’re such a sweet couple and look perfect together . wish you all the best .!

  • These def breaks away from the usual style but I absolutely love em!! Can’t wait to see the other two sessions!


  • Beautiful intimate photos, the 3rd one is simply stunning! What a beautiful way to mark your engagement

    Becky x


  • What sweet photos. It’s so nice that they you have something a little different than the average engagement photo.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  • Emma, these are gorgeous!

    As a photographer, I adore clients who are willing to do something different and take a risk. And these are so amazing. The 2nd one where you’re touching fingertips? It brings tears to my eyes. Maybe because that’s something my guy and I do all the time … but it just feels like such an emotional, loving, genuine moment to me.

    So beautiful – both the images and you as a couple! I can’t wait to see your other sessions!

  • Congratulations! The photos are beautiful, and you are both so lucky!


  • OMG! amazing engagement photos.
    this is truly magical and beautiful!

  • These are all so gorgeous and am I the only one who thinks Trey looks a little like Adam Levine? Hahah it’s a good thing Trey! Congrats you guys!
    Drey – Highdollarhippie.blogspot.com

  • totally in love with these pictures! Can’t wait to see the rest:)
    much love, rachel xx


  • These are absolutely stunning. Sarah is so incredibly talented. I can’t wait to see some of the shoot from the other sessions.

  • Oh, those are so adorable! Love the intimate cosy feeling in them!

    xx Kaisa


  • Lovely pictures, I love the light, the white all over, the curtains. You shine happiness 🙂

  • So beautiful, intimate, and original! Congratulations y’all 🙂


  • So romantic and lovely, can’t wait to see the other ideas you all came up with

  • Great lighting!

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  • The one where you are grinning is my FAVORITE. I love that these are playful, but still really beautiful and romantic. I’ve seen so many _dry_ engagement photos that don’t really capture the couple!

  • Beautiful! You are the cutest couple <3

    Lulu xx


  • I loooove #3-5 [not that they aren’t ALL gorgeous!]. You guys look so perfect together. Congrats!


  • Perfection ! So beautiful !

    XX Luba

    Denim jacket + yellow skirt + peep toe in my post today

  • These are some of the most beautiful and refreshing engagement photos I’ve seen! A lot of things are so over done, and this looks so intimate, natural, and real!

  • These photos are the sweetest. You two look so great together! Congratulations again. 🙂

  • These photos are so beautiful and it’s lovely to see just how happy you too are! Congrats, Emma and Trey <3

  • the pictures are so sweet! congrats for your engagement, i wish you loads of happiness 🙂

  • Oh my word Emma! I love this. It’s so sweet and honest! What a great engagement photo idea! I can’t wait for sessions two and three!
    xo Deanna | http://curlyadventures.blogspot.com

  • How LOVELY! Such personal moments you don’t often get to capture on film (or digital).

    Maria xx

  • These are not only truly beautiful but the love between you guys is almost visible

  • Wow, what a beautiful relationship you have.
    Picture 3 pretty much sums up Love to me.
    Absolutely lovely, I don’t know how you can top this…..but I can’t wait for the next sessions.
    x x x

  • These are extraordinarily cute. Indescribably so! I wish you so much happiness.

  • wow! these are just awesome. I really love the whole mood and how they turned out. Can’t wait to see the other ones.

  • The fifth one down is my favorite. So precious. Congratulations!

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