Emma’s Bachelorette Party

Emma's bachelorette party!We had so much fun celebrating Emma's bachelorette party! Our pal, Sarah, was kind enough to snap a few photos of the evening with my camera. (Thank you, Sarah!!)

Pink champagne invites!We made pink champagne invites for all of the guests. So much fun! 

11The evening started out with a flight of six cocktails, each with a special toast from a bridesmaid or friend and a story about Emma. The cocktails were all named after memories we have with Emma. Every twenty or thirty minutes one of us would give a toast, and, as you might guess, the toasts got progressively more emotional and more hilarious as the evening went on. It happens.

33We did the special piñata after the first toast. It was super fun and none of the plastic liquor bottles broke… win! Later in the evening, the piñata even made a special appearance dancing with us on the porch. Ha! 

55Next there were mason jar cocktails (Whiskey Ginger and Lavender Gin Fizz!), shrimp tacos and more special toasts! 

777This watermelon and basil cocktail was one of our favorites. I'll share the recipe soon!

10101010The golden girl cocktail was pretty amazing because for the rest of the night everyone had edible glitter all over their faces… pretty funny! 

14There were giggles and there was an hour (maybe more) of crazy dancing on the back porch. We had the best night, remembered most of what happened the next day, and got to show Emma how much we adore her… which is really what mattered most! 

15It was fun sharing peeks of our party with you. It was a great to celebrate with the bride-to-be! xo. Elsie

  • This looks like the most incredible party! I hope to help plan my sister’s bachelorette party someday, you have give me so many great ideas!! Thank you!

  • You both look incredibly stunning here, that red dress suits you so well Elsie! I’d love to attend a party thrown by you guys, you’re the perfect hostesses!

  • This is such a beautiful party! I’m so so so going to make that Golden Girl cocktail with the edible glitter. Adorable!


  • Emma looks stunning here!

    Love Appie | jusde-pomme.blogspot.com

  • Thanks for sharing, this is so inspiring. I think Emma diserve this beautiful event and those wonderful cocktails. Looks like a lot of fun!

    olive xox

  • Everything looks amazing, for my next “blender” party I definitely will add a piñata to the theme, the rings are cute, I really like the flowers & lights, and mason jar cocktails. Thank you for sharing.

  • What more could a girl ask for. I looks great!


  • That looks like a wonderful party! Great job on everything!


  • Looks like a great fun day & night ! I’m definitely waiting for that watermelon/basil cocktail recipe…

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • What a beautiful setting and bride to be! cONGRATS EMMA!!!
    Your yard is looking fab…U all must have had great fun!!


  • You girls are the best! You are so lucky to have each other and we are so lucky to get these peeks into your lives 🙂 This is one of the most fun bachelorette parties I’ve ever seen, and you’ve done such an amazing job with all the DIYs! I love the pinata and signature cocktails! Everything looks and sounds just perfect! You are so incredibly creative!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  • I love the idea of pre making mason jar cocktails – saves the host so much time during the party!


  • I love the idea of pre making mason jar cocktails – saves the host so much time during the party!

  • Wonderful photographs! Such a great post!


  • Looks like such a good night 🙂 Really looking forward to the cocktail recipes posts! Rosie x


  • This is one amazing bachelorette party. How fancy and fun.

    I’m so glad my best friend isn’t married yet, because I totally want to do up her bachelorette like this.

  • 5th picture from the bottom – did/does the gal with Emma have a blog? She looks so familiar!

    Looks amazing! Can’t wait to try out the cocktail recipes!

  • What an absolutely lovely party – thanks so much for sharing!! I am envious of the adorable colored trays 🙂

  • Super fun! Love the pinata idea and edible glitter faces 😉

    xo Ashley

  • Ohhh, it looks like you guys had a blast! Such a pretty party.

    Congrats, Emma!

  • Loving this bachelorette! So fun and the ring pops were so cute!!

  • looks like the perfect party… emma is radiant!

  • I love the cocktail ideas and multiple toasts. You girls must have had a blast!!


  • Looks like nothing short of amazing! love it all and congrats Emma!!



  • What a special idea! Every detail looks so personalized – love it!

  • Everything looks and sounds so lovely! Seems like you had an incredible evening! xxx


  • Not sure if I missed it.. but I really want to know about the edible glitter! It’s so much more glittery than some that I’ve seen. Anyway, what a gorgeous bachelorette party. I’d probably pass out with that much booze, but all the different cocktails sound so good and it’s such a cute idea.

  • looks like a lot of fun 🙂
    i hope you had a nice party 🙂

    Love jelaegbe.blogspot.de

  • What an amazing idea! I love the 6 cocktails..each with a toast/story to go along. I’d love to do this for a friend one day. Ps- I’ve secretly been hoping Emma would go back to platinum. It looks gorgeous!!!

  • Looks like you all had fun. Love your dress Elsie.


  • Oh wow! That looks like the perfect party. I love the floral lights. They are just gorgeous.

  • I laughed at the “remembered most of what happened the next day.” Been there! lol Looks like it was a blast. You did an excellent job…if this blog thing ever fall through you would make an excellent Bachelorette Party Planner!;)

  • Such beautiful party with so many beautiful people 😀 It’s sounds like it was tons of fun! :d
    Sofia G

  • Everything looks so cute! Job well done! You two are like the best DIY/event planners! The photos are lovely too…


  • What a beautiful looking bachelorette. Emma is truly blessed to have such amazing friends!

  • that looked so fun! i absolutely loved your decor and how all of the small touches to the event came together. so lovely and so happy for her!

  • You had quite a few amazing ideas. I really want to throw a bachelorette party now haha

  • Aaaaww, everything looks so beautiful <3 It looks like you had a great evening 🙂

  • How lovely! looks like it was a lot of fun!


  • Looks like you had an amazing time and put a lot of effort into making this night special for Emma!

  • I love the flowers and your drinks look delicious

    Seaside Beauty

  • these photos are beautiful, emma is glowing and I love her blonde hair! so exciting!!
    xo, aiyanajane || www.citystylecountrysmile.com

  • I love all the creative handmade elements you bing to your projects but I can’t help noticing a big emphasis on alcohol – it sounds like you girls drink soooo much! Can’t we celebrate in style without getting wasted? xxxxx

  • congrats emma!
    adore the whole layout of the party too.

    – Janine

  • Ohhh, looks phantastic. I am looking forward to the watermelone cocktail recipe.. Sounds yummi.

  • looks like you had a great time!! 🙂 Lots of fun cocktail ideas too!

  • Minus all the alcohol, seems a little rated G. I know it may not be in your taste, but really, no Magic Mike appearances? 😉

  • Love the set up! Looks like a fun night 🙂 You girls are always so stylish!

  • Such a classy and cute event! I giggled while reading this whole post. Toasts are always better with a little bit of mixys;) My roommates enjoyed our night of “validating the shit out of each other” which turned out pretty similar.
    Leah Faye
    e plus l

  • Looks like you had so much fun!!! LOVE the hanging flowers and the pinata!


  • This is totally inspiring! I’ve never been one to DIY but everything you’ve done here looks super easy and fun to create! Thanks for sharing!! PS your friend Sarah is one heck of a photog 🙂

    Dana Ivy

  • Everything (including all you ladies) looks so lovely. I’m sure you all had a wonderful time, and shared many wonderful memories. Congratulations Emma – may you + Trey enjoy a lifetime of love + happiness.

    Alex from www.polkadottedpixels.com

  • This is all so sweet 🙂 What great memories must’ve been made! So what makes the glitter edible!?!

  • I want you all to be my best friends! haha You guys are amazing. Beautiful photos and so inspiring! I can’t wait to make some of those cocktails!!

  • Seems like a lovely evening! I love how classy and sweet this is! Definitely my ideal Bachelorette party!
    Juliette Laura


  • So much better than a party out! Everything looks perfect!

  • I really love the format for this party! “Flights!” What a great idea!

  • Been waiting for some photos for a few days now!!! Love all the little details, especially the mason jars cocktails! Love Emma’s dress too 🙂

    Turquoise Flamingo

  • Looks like such a fun party – those bubbly invitations are a wonderful idea – this sounds like my kinda party!


  • It sounds like the most perfect bachelorette party! Absolutely wonderful, the decorations, food and drinks, photographs, just everything.


  • Aw, love all the decor and the drinks! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  • This looks like the best kind of bachelorette party. Casual, boozy and meaningful fun.


  • Oh, the gin fizz sounds delicious! And, I think there should always be more edible glitter. Looks like a lovely time, and what great memories. Congrats to Emma!


  • Looks like such a lovely party! Lovely photos.


  • Wonderful decorations! So creative!

    Carina xx

  • looks like the ideal party!

    Lemonade Lifestyle


  • Looks like it was a fun evening! I love the ideas of all the cocktails – very original!

  • You did an amazing job Elsie & the rest of you gals! Wonderful photos and you all looked adorable 🙂 By the way that ginger & lavender whiskeys sounds amazing!!

    Lulu xx


  • I didn’t know you could buy Jarritos!! They are THE soda in Mexico.

  • Looks like such a fun time! She must have have a great day!!!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  • What a beautiful setting and bride to be!
    Your yard is looking great Elsie!

  • Looks like it was so much fun! Love the cute decorations. You girls are so beautiful!

  • This, like all of the other shared stuff leading up to Emma & Trey’s wedding, looks beautiful and SO fun!

  • Looks so very beautiful!
    Hope you all had a blast
    (Those cocktails look& sound amazing!)
    Cheray x

  • You can truly see the love and friendship between you! Please share what dresses you two are wearing, Elsie’s red dress and Emma’s white dress are to die for!

  • Looks so nice! I love the color of that peachy looking drink! She sure got to start off the wedding with a bang! xx

    Allie @ callmesassafras.wordpress.com

  • Can you please please do a tutorial on the flowers for the lights? Or was it a kit? I am in L-O-V-E! Congrats again to Emma!

  • Wow, I hope my bachelorette party will be as cool as Emma’s party! Everything looks amazing!

    Oh and that watermelon and basil cocktail looks really cute. I’m curious about the taste and the recipe!

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