Emma’s Bachelorette Party

Emma's bachelorette party!We had so much fun celebrating Emma's bachelorette party! Our pal, Sarah, was kind enough to snap a few photos of the evening with my camera. (Thank you, Sarah!!)

Pink champagne invites!We made pink champagne invites for all of the guests. So much fun! 

11The evening started out with a flight of six cocktails, each with a special toast from a bridesmaid or friend and a story about Emma. The cocktails were all named after memories we have with Emma. Every twenty or thirty minutes one of us would give a toast, and, as you might guess, the toasts got progressively more emotional and more hilarious as the evening went on. It happens.

33We did the special piñata after the first toast. It was super fun and none of the plastic liquor bottles broke… win! Later in the evening, the piñata even made a special appearance dancing with us on the porch. Ha! 

55Next there were mason jar cocktails (Whiskey Ginger and Lavender Gin Fizz!), shrimp tacos and more special toasts! 

777This watermelon and basil cocktail was one of our favorites. I'll share the recipe soon!

10101010The golden girl cocktail was pretty amazing because for the rest of the night everyone had edible glitter all over their faces… pretty funny! 

14There were giggles and there was an hour (maybe more) of crazy dancing on the back porch. We had the best night, remembered most of what happened the next day, and got to show Emma how much we adore her… which is really what mattered most! 

15It was fun sharing peeks of our party with you. It was a great to celebrate with the bride-to-be! xo. Elsie

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