Emma’s Ring (Book) Pillow

Emma's book ring pillowOne of our goals for the wedding was for it to feel very us. It's a pretty common goal and I loved trying to find ways to make traditional wedding things feel more authentic and special. I really wanted to incorporate a book or two into the wedding or reception decor somehow. Here's why: Trey and I met in a philosophy class during college (we were both philosophy majors). In that particular class we read five novels, and then the class centered around discussions of the books. Since this is how we met I really wanted at least one of these books to make it's way into the wedding.Emma's wedding ring pillowI thought about buying lots of used copies of the books and working them into the centerpeices at the reception. But it didn't turn out to be super cost effective, and I wasn't sure that this was the look I wanted anyway. In the end I decided to hollow out a large copy of one of the titles (A Brave New World) and use it as the ring pillow in our ceremony. I love how this simple project turned out. 🙂How to hollow out a bookFirst I decided how large of an area I needed to hollow out. Since the book would be used to hold our wedding rings the space didn't need to be too large, and I decided to center it so that the title didn't get cut. We used an exacto knife to cut through all the layers of pages, about 2/3 through the book. Alternative ideas for ring pillowsOnce we created enough space we filled the area with faux moss with ribbons we attached to the underside. We secured the rings in place with the ribbons. Ryland the ring bearerYou're probably wondering, did Ryland (our awesome ring bearer pictured above) really carry the rings on the wedding day. No, not during the ceremony. Our wedding was held on a dock, over water. And rings are expensive. No kid should have to endure that kind of pressure. 🙂

Also, for the fellow book lovers out there, yes, it was sad to cut up such a fantastic piece of literature. But it was for a good cause. And I have another copy (love that book). Actually, now I think about it, Trey also still has his copy from the actual class. Is three copies overkill? Probably, but we still have them all displayed on a bookshelf in our living room. I think we will always have our ring "pillow" displayed on a shelf or mantle in the years to come. Thanks for letting me share. xo. Emma

Wedding photos by: Arrow & Apple

  • Ring pillow is just the perfect thing that can be decorated to look amazing and quite catchy.

  • Hi Emma, thanks so much for replying!
    I thought that was a different tradition…in Italy you can’t choose the ring you want: We just wear simple wedding bands…I think yours is much more cute though 🙂

  • Giorgia- We both picked rings we wanted. It’s basically as simple as that. 🙂 Emma

  • Nice idea! I noticed that your wedding rings are different: don’t bride and groom wear the same wedding band in USA? I’d really like to know something more about it!

  • We need a little of inspiration regarding our wedding day, particularly regarding the matter of having plans that will make it paramount. I think wedding ring pillow is obsolete. Utilizing an elective to the conventional ring bearer pillow is a fun approach to make an essential souvenir, particularly in the event that you transform it into a DIY project, this wedding ring book is super cute and lovely with a personalize touch.

  • I have been thinking about a book themed wedding forever! What a great idea! now I just need to find the man. 😛


  • wow.. that’s a wonderful idea! i love it! so simple and go green! ;)http://lovesimplegreen.blogspot.com/

  • Such a creative idea! You girls never cease to amaze me!!


  • this is such a clever, unique, and beautiful idea while being symbolic too! be impressed with yourself for thinking of it. ryland really does look totally cute holding the ring book pillow in the photo. so who really carried it, or how did that work? if you already told or showed us i forgot.

  • Love this idea. It’s always nice to stray away from tradition!


  • Gosh you guys are incredibly creative!!!! This is so cool!!!


  • You gals never run out of good ideas, do you? This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing your creativity with the world!!

  • I remember reading on a blog (Design*Sponge maybe) about a man who proposed to his wife with a book. The book appeared to be an illustrated story about a sunken ship. When the woman got to the page about the divers finding a treasure there was an antique ring hiding in a cutout section of the book.

  • so my first thought was oh my that book! but then i realized that it was genius! what a great way to incorporate your interests into the ceremony!

  • What a great idea. It makes it so much more special with your favorite book involved…

  • Such an amazing book, content aside the title suggests so much for both your futurea together. Such an amazing concept and very well done!

  • Beautiful shots… Book could keep more than one secret… love it !


  • Thanks, Emma, for the suggestion. Actually I’m very curious about the book. It seems to be one of the best novels of the last century.


  • Reminds me of a cut-out I did with a book a while ago, but growing real garden cress inside in de shape of a moustache so you can grow your own moustache: http://magicaldaydream.blogspot.nl/2013/08/how-to-grow-moustache-out-of-book.html

  • Wow! This is such an amazing idea! So cute, and I love how special books are to you! xxx


  • You always keep surprising me with your creativity! So much talent in here , love reading your blog !

    D www.thestyletographer.com

  • This is beautiful. Emma, I can’t believe all the little touches you had in your wedding, that must’ve taken some hectic planning! Love it so much, this is such a sweet sentiment.

  • What a cute idea! It reminds me of Kinsey’s cute tutorial for the secret jewelry book. I love it. Such a cgreat idea to make it your ring holder with the faux moss. 🙂

  • awesome to see that! I’m an English teacher and teaching Brave New World to my seniors right now 🙂


  • Great idea! I don’t see a problem with cutting up a book to do something special with it. (The guestbook at our wedding was Shel Silverstein’s The Missing Piece and people just wrote on the pages.) You’ll cherish or the memory of it forever, which is a good life for a book.

  • I love that book! And I love this project! It’s so lovely to see book themed decor being worked into weddings.

    xo, Michelle

  • What a *FUN* and unique idea!!! Seriously love it! And definitely smarter than using the books as centrepieces (imagine how many books you’d end up with?!)

    Thanks for sharing!!


  • This is such a sweet idea! I’m amazed at how personal and creative your wedding was (although I shouldn’t be, given your blog). Your ring bearer’s expression is too cute in the last photo.


  • My husband, too, proposed by placing my ring in a cutout of a book! It was his journal 🙂 Love this!

  • I did a similar thing since I was named after gone with the wind


  • That’s such a lovely idea. It’s little details like these that make a wedding feel so special and personal. x

  • Lovely! Good thing you’ve got a couple more copies! 😉
    And I’m glad you didn’t give that little guy those ring to carry. I was getting nervous just reading your description! Ha! Love it. 🙂


  • It is a bit of a shame to cut up a beautiful book, but I do see how it was a nice touch for the wedding. Great idea!

  • That is such a unique idea and a great way to incorporate something super meaningful!

  • That’s my second favorite book of all time (after The Bell Jar), so good use of a title, and also? My husband proposed by cutting out a part of a book and having my ring inside. 😉
    Sarah M

  • There is no such thing as having too many copies of a good book, especially Brave New World. Now I need to find my copy and read it again, though… Been a while.

  • hmmm… I’m working books into my theme as well… This is a cute idea! I’m going to have to think about doing this too!

  • I have 8 copies of this book, proudly on display in my hall. Still trying to find more…! X

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