Emma’s House Progress

House progressI had so much fun sharing my empty home tour with you guys yesterday. So, I wanted to share a quick update on what’s changed since shooting that video, which we shot about three weeks ago. You might be thinking, “Whoa, you’re not moved in yet?!?” I’ve been thinking the same thing. 🙂 Well, sort of. We decided to wait to move in until a few updates were completed. I’ll share more on that in a second.

First, the photo above pretty much sums up my life from the past few weeks (outside of work and a friend’s wedding we went to one weekend). I’ve spent about 40 hours painting over half our house. We’re waiting on a few other things too, so I decided to try and get all the painting in the living areas, my office and the kitchen done before we move in. We aren’t painting any of the bedrooms, bathrooms, or the mudroom/laundry room yet. I probably will in the next few years, but those rooms are easier to tackle one at a time without feeling like our whole world is getting painted. So I’m not worrying about them yet. I’m a slow decorator. I like to take my time and this also helps to spread out the expense. Speaking of expense, we saved over $2000 painting the house ourselves. Wahoo! Painting is seriously one of the best ways to save money in any renovation project, but it definitely takes time and you have to enjoy painting a little. I listened to both seasons of Start Up while painting the first two weeks and loved it. Then I ran out of episodes and I started to hate painting. Lesson learned: I need to listen to more podcasts or download an audio book.

Emma's house progressPainting cabinetsWhat else has been going on while I’ve been painting? Well, we’re getting new kitchen counter tops. I got lots of samples and a few quotes and I’m excited to show you what I picked once they are installed! Sadly, they won’t be done until after our trip to Europe next month, so we won’t be moving in until then. But we already removed the old counter tops so we could paint. I’m having a painter (Tomy—he’s awesome) paint the kitchen cabinets. You can see he’s already working on the doors and has started sanding/prepping to paint.

Donate your old counter tops to HFHHere’s our old counter tops. Shortly after I snapped this photo they were donated to the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Backyard fenceAnd here’s the main reason we haven’t moved in yet—we wanted to wait until our fence and dog door were complete. Our dogs are pretty spoiled and are used to a fenced in yard and dog door so they can go in and out pretty much all day long whenever they please. Our house had a chain link fence along the back of the property but no fence along the sides. So we’re getting that added this week.

Random updates, but just wanted to share! Hope you all are having an awesome weekend. I am finishing up painting, so I’ll be ready to rejoin society this coming week. 🙂 xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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