Emma’s Laundry Room Makeover

I am beyond excited to share our laundry room makeover today! This has turned out to be one of my favorite room transformations in my house to date. In partnership with Elkay, I selected two of their stainless steel sinks – the Sturdibilt Stainless Steel Sink for the laundry room and the Stainless Steel Wall Hung Service Sink for the small half bathroom connected to the room. I absolutely love the quality and durability of my new Elkay sinks! I love that their sinks are so versatile and can be used in many different rooms in a home. Design-wise, they were a bold choice that I think turned out so great in our space. Let me show you what we were working with before.

We really didn’t update anything about the laundry room since we moved into our house over four years ago. I did swap out the cabinet pull knobs or the shiny bronze ones you see in the “before” photo, but that’s it! There was large, beige tile on the floor and a sink/vanity that felt very mismatched. I also found that I got in a habit of piling things up on the vanity top, making this space look even more cluttered. We also do projects from time to time and have had contractors work in our home, and the previous sink had just gotten a bit stained and roughed up.

I think it took us so long to finally do something with this space in part because it does feel like a laundry area should be lower priority than, say, a kitchen or master bedroom. But our laundry room is connected to our garage, so we walk through this space every single day, in addition to using it when doing laundry or when I clean out my paint brushes and things. Now that it’s done I wish we had made this a priority sooner!

The space is very simple—I wanted it to feel clean and functional but still have design elements that my husband and I both love and that also go with the overall design of the rest of our home. We have a bit of a black, white, and green theme going in our house, so that was part of the inspiration. We added a closet bar for hang drying clothes (something I didn’t have before but wished I did). And I really cannot say how much I LOVE our new Elkay Sturdibilt Stainless Steel Sink. It has been much more durable and functional for our needs (hello stainless steel), but I also love the look in this space. It has a full-length backsplash and a wide apron to help eliminate spillover or grime.

As I mentioned, there is also a small half bathroom connected to our laundry room. It also just felt very beige and hodge-podgy to me (I realize that’s not a word but you get it, right?). Here’s a before and after:

The space is very tight, so removing the old vanity (we never used any of the drawers or storage anyway) with this Elkay Stainless Steel Wall Hung Service Sink made this small room feel so much more open without losing any of the functionality we actually used it for (washing hands).

These rooms are both fairly small, so we tried to show you as many angles as possible. I am just so happy with how this makeover turned out! If you love a good laundry room makeover, check out Keely’s beautiful laundry area transformation! Thanks for letting me share. xo. Emma

Room Details: laundry sink and bathroom sink / Elkaygreen penny tileglobe lightsvanity lightcircle mirror, and the soaps on rope. Also, here is my star sweater in case you are curious.

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

  • A couple of basic measurements sure would be helpful. Even just the length and width of the laundry room space. Also, if your garage is secure, an outswing door would give you so much more breathing room.

  • Your makeover looks very nice, but I have three comments/reservations.
    1. It might be quite fashionable to show the water and drainage pipes under the sinks to have an industrial look. I personally dislike seeing those pipes, as all I see is clutter. And as they are, they add to the cleaning of the room in a difficult position. The stainless steel sink is perfect, especially as it is so easily cleaned when used for washing paint brushes etc.
    2. The floor tiles look lovely. But, I am all about cleaning. So much more grout to get grubby. Probably ok if you have a steam cleaner. For me, the larger the tile the better. I have used 600mm x 300mm in small rooms or 600mm x 600mm in larger rooms.
    3. If, rather than top loading appliances, you had front loading washer and dryer, the space above the appliances would allow a bench from the sink to the wall. Just love bench space for folding the washing!
    This is rather a belated comment coming all the way from Australia. I hope all is well with you and that you are staying safe. Cheers!

  • Hi Emma- thanks for sharing! Do you have another dedicated space where you hang clothes that cannot be dried? How do you handle line dry only clothes in your renovated laundry room? Thanks!

  • I love the look of this space! Did you install the tiles yourselves or hire contractors for the job?

  • Normally I like all the before afters, but this time I was honestly not quite sold on it. Somehow I felt the earlier look was perfectly fine and this new one did not blow me over. The sink is probably an acquired taste – I didn’t think it looked great in the space and more so in the bathroom!

  • Your room makeovers are amazing! Love the new look of your laundry room! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Am laughing out loud because I see you REPLACED the brass/bonze knobs with dark ones. I am way older than all of you, so am always chuckling when a blogger adds brass/bronze these days – is this FINALLY the beginning of the end of this brass trend – as opposed to that of the 80’s/90’s – ????

  • My 1930s house doesn’t have a utility sink, and I’ve been considering swapping the sink in our second bathroom for a utility sink. Thank you for the design inspiration.

  • beautiful reno! i love how industrial it is, especially the bathroom sink. so i clicked the link to pin it for a future job and saw that it was $1300 on sale for a sink. yikes. does the company have a little bit lower budget option?

    • They have some great drop in sink options at lower prices. Hope that helps!

  • We are looking for a new laundry sink to accomodate a baby (we don’t have a bathtub and need a big enough sink to get started) and love these. Unfortunately these are INCREDIBLY expensive, sheesh. So sad.

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