Keely’s Laundry Room Makeover (and Favorite Cleaning Necessities!)

Updating a laundry room might not be the first thing you think about when you think of making your home cleaner, but for us, having a routine and optimized space for everything has been a huge help in working toward that goal. Today, in partnership with The Home Depot, I’m excited to share our updated laundry space as well as some things that have helped make our home happier and cleaner!

Here is what our laundry room looked like before. It wasn’t bad by any means, but it did lack some functionality and personality. The contractor shelves around the perimeter made the space feel very small, so we opted to build some custom shelves (shoutout to my husband Michael, who built and installed the cabinets and shelves) to make things more accessible. We also designated another space as a “linen closet,” so that’s where all the blankets went, if you were wondering!

You can see that we also did a tile backsplash for some extra eye candy. This was our first time tiling alone—in the past, we’ve had help from my parents, so it was a great learning experience, and we’re glad we have a new skill now! We also built a countertop out of birch plywood as a “folding station” and installed it over the top of the Samsung washer and dryer. Speaking of the washer and dryer, I am IN LOVE with this set—it has so many bells and whistles, and makes doing laundry so fun!

The Samsung Smart Dial Washing Machine learns and suggests your favorite laundry cycles based on your day-to-day use, which is so awesome when you’re essentially washing the same items over and over again. So, you can have the perfect cycle for your delicates, bedding, regular wash, and so on. The washer has an extra large 5.0 cubic foot capacity and features CleanGuard antimicrobial technology to prevent odors inside the drum and for added protection on high touch surfaces. Even though we’ve left the door to the washer open on other front-loads we’ve owned to air them out—that musty smell is just so hard to tame, but I can tell a big difference with this washer. 

Another thing we’ve incorporated into our routine that we are absolutely loving is the Samsung Jet 70 Cordless Stick Vacuum, which is amazing at keeping pet hair and dander under control. The 5-layer HEPA filtration system traps 99.9% of microdust for cleaner air in your home, which is great for a house full of people with allergies! I love that you can adjust the settings so quickly and easily on the panel at the top of the vacuum. Our bathroom floors are white and show EVERYTHING, and the low setting on the Jet 70 is perfect for whisking away every stray hair and speck of dust before it’s time to mop them. I also love how this vacuum handles rugs—it doesn’t suck the corners and ends under like most vacuums do.

The Cleaning Station for the Jet 70 is totally new-to-me technology. My jaw was on the floor the first time I used it! A lot of the time with stick vacuums, you have to empty out the canister into the trash can and face the wrath of the dust and particles. But the Cleaning Station boasts a digital inverter motor which is energy-efficient to remove all debris from the canister into a vacuum bag immediately upon setting it on the station. While we didn’t mount our charging station on the wall, it has full capabilities for mounting and is a 2-in-1 for charging and holding the vacuum, which is so nice!

Sources: Baskets / Flower Market Print / Glass Jar / Faux Fiddle Leaf / Hooks / Dryer Balls / Tile / Paint Color

Our home definitely feels happier, more functional, and yes, CLEANER! Our previous washer and dryer also found an amazing new home with a family that was in need of a set, which made this project even sweeter. If you have any questions about our makeover or any of the Samsung appliances in the post, please leave your questions down below! xo Keely

Credits // Author: Keely Rust. Photography: Amber Kelly.
  • Love love love this! The layout change made such big difference, and the color is so updated and pretty.

  • The makeover looks great. I too want to put a counter over my washer and dryer but my husband worries it will block or make it difficult to get to the water valve. How did you handle that?

    • The way we built ours, you can kind of pull it forward so you can access the water valve. It also just sits on brackets so you could take it out if you needed to. I won’t lie, it’s not ‘easy’ to get to the water valve but it’s possible. 🙂 To us it was worth the extra hassle to have the counter.

  • I love this because usually the laundry room makeovers are like, a massive huge room that I do not have haha – it’s nice to see the small-space version (and what a big impact it has!). Also, super sweet of you to donate your old washer/dryer – as someone who lived in the city and had to use a laundromat for a long time, having my own washer and dryer now is a godsend.

  • This project is great, and the post about it was even better! So well done and enjoyable:) that vacuum cleaning station is amazing! And thank you for not being wasteful with your old set. Amazing job Keely!

    • Hi! Here’s the link — it’s a very high-quality rug but it does shed a lot in the first year or so, depending on how high traffic the area is.

    • I was actually going to do light blue but sadly the tile was OOS 🙁 And pink is a neutral in our world, haha.

  • Wow! Looks so cute, laundry room goals!

    Where is your dress from? You look great and I want that dress! 🙂

    • Thank you Jill! It’s from the Alexa x Target collection from back in the spring, sorry! You may be able to find it on Poshmark, though! 🙂

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