Episode #15: What It’s Really Like Working With Family

This episode is pretty honest and raw. It’s also kind of sweet. It really is both, and we felt it was an accurate depiction of the highs and lows of working with family. We hope you enjoy it!

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Show notes:

In this episode, we interview our husbands Jeremy and Trey, in addition to talking about our working relationship as sisters.

-Here’s a link to Emma’s changing dreams blog post from 2014—this is the one where she talks about her choice to close a chapter on her acting dream.

-Since we mention about our apps quite a bit in this episode, here’s a link to each of them: A Color Story, A Design Kit, Filmm and Template. We also had two more apps, A Beautiful Mess and Party!Party! that have been retired.

-We also mention Jeremy’s e-courses. He co-wrote Launch A Podcast and he also wrote Video Basics. If you’re interested in taking one of these courses, take 25% off any of them using the code podcast.

And if you new to our podcast, see our full archive our show notes here. 🙂

  • I loved this behind the scenes look at what it’s actually like to work with family. You girls are so brave to share! Thanks for giving us this sneak peak at the reality of your business-it is endlessly fascinating! Elsie mentioned certain ideas that she’s turned down for the blog–very curious to see some of those if you’d be willing to share and explain why you passed on them 🙂

  • Hi! Has anyone else reported in an iPhone the latest episode not showing up for them? I only see up to episode 14 and I’ve refreshed and even restarted my phone. Weird!

    • Weird. What kind of iPhone do you have? I have an XR and it shows up for me. So… I don’t know. Maybe try looking on iTunes, Stitcher or any of the other options where the episode is hosted. Like you can google it too and find an option than other our site (in case it’s something to do with our website and your phone… but again, I have no idea really)

  • Loved the episode and getting a peak into what it can really be like to work with family. Super interesting.

    Emma, I’d love to hear how the cruise went in an upcoming episode! I’ve been debating on going on one so it’d be cool to hear your take.

  • Can I just say THANK YOU for making your podcast available on Monday mornings??? Does anyone else love this? It makes the commute so much more enjoyable. I’ve loved your blog forever and the podcast just makes you both feel even MORE like real people to me.

  • I seriously love the podcast. It’s the one podcast that actually improves my mood. (I’m looking at you, weekly news podcasts). I’m sure you’re not hurting for podcasts suggestions, but especially after having Jeremy and Trey on, as well as some of the conversations you’ve had in the past, I’d love to hear an episode on marriage. Obviously it’s different for everyone, but I’d love to hear an ABM episode on it.

  • i was SO excited for this episode! our spouses are such an important part of us and it was fun getting to know yours a tiny bit more (i say tiny because i really hope they’ll be back on in the future!). i feel like it’s been really hard to get a feel for the hubbies. jeremy came off as a total sweetheart and trey is so knowledgeable! so fun discovering these things. i think you could make a really great part 2 for this series with a more structured Q & A and answering listeners questions about this specific topic. also with more funny stories please!!

  • I loved this episode because I also work with my husband but don’t know anyone else who does and was interested to hear someone else’s perspective on it. Honestly, it sounds like you guys have the working with your spouse thing pretty much figured out! I just kept wondering what enneagram numbers your husbands are! I binged the podcast, so now I’m caught up and am pretty sad I have to wait each week to listen again.

  • Omg the part where Emma tells Elsie that she is so inspired and excited by her and that she trusts her to the max is so so sweet! I feel the exact same way about my sister!!!! You guys are the best – thank you for sharing!

  • I really really enjoyed this episode! It gave good insight as to what it’s like to work with a sibling which may not be easy sometimes. And I really enjoyed hearing from your husbands! Especially Jeremy, who always seems a bit more quiet and serious and hearing him come to life in a very honest way. Please bring the husbands back, maybe for an episode on marriage? I’d love to hear your thoughts and advice 🙂

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