Fabric Fun

Fabric FunHi friends! We're teaming up with our friends over at Pentel again to bring you this fun little little video sharing two simple wearable DIYs that you can make with their Fabric Fun pastels. They have the look and feel of an oil pastel, but after you iron your design it becomes washable and permanent! Such a simple process. You just draw your design, place a blank sheet of regular printer paper over the design (really just any normal blank paper), and iron the design in place. All done!

Here are my two projects…This sweatshirt was made with fabric fun pastels. Just draw & iron!  A simple heart sweater! 

This scarf was made with fabric fun pastels. Just draw & iron!And a geometric scarf! 

To see more and learn to make these projects watch the video:I've been making lists of all the handmade gifts I want to create for friends and family. Gotta start early! xo. Elsie

Credits // Author: Elsie Larson Phototography: Elsie Larson, Emma Chapman, Jeremy Larson. Videography and Music: Jeremy Larson. 

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