Try This: Fabric Lined Dresser Drawers

Try this: Fabric lined dresser drawersIn our current home we made the choice to go with mostly neutral walls and furniture. I like to think of that choice as a free pass to add as many colorful details as we want. Today- dresser drawers! Originally I thought about lining the inside of our drawers with vintage wallpaper, but I never found the perfect pattern. In the meantime I fell madly in love with this fabric shop and was looking for a way to incorporate the gorgeous patterns they sell into our space. I ordered a sample pack. And when they arrived, I was surprised by how thin they were—perfect for lining our drawers? Maybe, just maybe. (spoiler: it totally worked out!)

Here’s how we did it:Try this: Fabric lined dresser drawers Supplies: Four different fabrics (or one for each drawer), Tacky Glue, fabric scissors, small paintbrush, and Mod Podge. We found these beautiful fabrics at Sweet Llama Supplies on Etsy. 1. Remove drawers from dresser. Measure the side of your drawers and cut your fabric to the correct size. 2. Cover your drawer surface with Tacky Glue and make sure the glue goes all the way to the edge. 3. Lay your fabric surface on the glue and make any additional trims needed.

How to seal the edges4. Dip the small paintbrush in the Mod Podge and paint the edges of the fabric to seal the edges and prevent fraying. If yours is prone to fraying, you may want to repeat this step once more. 5. Allow the glue and Mod Podge to cure completely and enjoy your new drawers!

A few tips: If your drawers are already tight and hard to open this DIY probably isn’t a good fit for that furniture piece. We chose a thin woven fabric that is probably twice the weight of a standard cotton. Basically- you want something that is heavier than cotton, but not as heavy as upholstery fabric. The busy pattern helps to hide any glue spots. 🙂

Try this: Fabric lined dresser drawers Try this: Fabric lined dresser drawers Try this: Fabric lined dresser drawers I’m so  happy with the final result. In case you are curious, the fabric does not effect the function of the dresser at all. It’s still just as easy to open and close drawers, just a little bit prettier. I’m happy we took the risk!

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Project Assistant: Laura Gummerman. 

  • So creative! Where did you get this dresser? I have the same one from a garage sale and I’m trying to find another!! TIA

  • I like the unexpected pop of colour and texture thing.

  • I absolutely love this!! I also wanted to do something like this for my drawers, and now I have the confidence to do so!! Thanks Elise!!

  • So so cute! Love this! I think I will try it with the insides of my bookshelf! :]

  • This is something real fascinating and creative, great idea to add some fun-loving colors to your dresser drawers with the fabric pieces available at home.
    Well find some more similar pretty ideas of doing something creative at

  • What amazing fabric! I love patterns of all kinds, and have a terrible habit of leaving my drawers open, so this might give me an excuse to do so 😛

  • What a clever and slightly secret detail!


  • all these simple yet amazing ideas constantly remind me of how less creative I am 🙂 nonetheless I am glad I discovered the beautiful mess sisters and they’ve got my love their daily dose of creative awesomeness

  • I would love to get an update after a year or so about how well this and other DIY projects hold up. Does the fabric start to fray? Does the glue weaken and the edges start to come off? Is it possible to remove? I’m so curious!

  • What a wonderfully unique and creative idea! I love finding subtle ways to incorporate color and excitement!

  • Have been loving these (I saw them over on Pinterest). Can’t believe they look so easy to make! Thanks ladies 🙂

    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  • Amazing idea!!! please tell me where you bought your fabric its gorgeous! please i must know!

  • What a super fun DIY! I’m all about the Southwestern aesthetic! Too bad we go rid of all of our drawers and now only having hanging and baskets! 🙂

  • I’d never thought of decorating the sides of the drawers, I love the fabric you choose, it’s a big surprise when you open them up!
    All my drawers are on runners though, rather than sitting on shelves so I don’t think fabric would work. I could paint them though…

  • Thats a very clever idea. Would really brighten up your day seeing the pop of colour. 🙂

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  • So cute! Such a good idea! I think I’d have trouble closing them! 😉

  • This looks so awesome! It’s a nice twist on the usual painting the drawers, which I recently tried (on the inside) and loves! I’ll have to keep this in mind the next time I update a dresser.

  • I love the way this turned out! You girls are so good at adding beauty in the most unthought of places. I love seeing what you will come up with next!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • Definitely doing this to liven up my dorm drawers! Looks lovely!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Love this idea. It totally takes the dresser to the next level. Love it!

  • Not all dressers are created equal.
    This won’t work on dressers with the sliders on the sides instead of the bottoms unless you cut your fabric to fit around the tracks.

  • Oh wow, this is so brilliant! You have the BEST IDEAS.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • looks pretty amazing, the fabrics reminds me the indian or aboriginal looms
    like Guatemala, México, EL Salvador, etc.

    xo Ruzu

  • I really like it. I didnt see it before.. But it is so nice detail. I need to do something like that too.

  • oh i love that you did the sides, genius! i’ve been looking for a way to spruce up my son’s dresser for a year!

  • That is so neat. Way to go. You guys come up with such cool ideas, like little idea factories! But more importantly, you act on your ideas and actually do the stuff you’ve thought of. I have several notebook pages filled with ideas that I just don’t get around to doing. Must change my ways, inspired by you!

  • Those fabric swatches would definitely have made a really pretty quilt! I feel like they’re kind of wasted on a dresser where you’ll only see them occasionally, for just a second. On the other hand, that makes it kind of something just for you!

  • Not really a fan of this look. Just please don’t paint or cover the outside with anything, it looks like such a beautiful piece!

  • That is so very, very beautiful. I am and always have been in love with everything colorful and really like those drawers-
    it looks a bit hard to do that though…if you don’t do it properly you won’t be able to open the drawers, right?

    Love from Germany,


  • Hi there!
    The drawers should not be hard to open if you follow the tips I share in the post! 🙂 Mine work exactly the same as they did before!

  • Love this! From the title I thought it was just going to be fabric inside the drawers, but this is much cooler!

  • Such an original idea! I’ve been wanting to give a few of my furniture a nice little makeover. This idea is very creative and original! Just what I’m looking for 🙂

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