Fabric Planter DIY

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial)It may be a “duh” statement, but since we are super into plants, we are also really into planters. One type of planter that we haven’t tried yet is a fabric planter, so I thought it would be a fun challenge to figure out how to make one. I lined the bottom of my planters with plastic and used a waterproofing spray on the fabric so it’s a little more water-friendly when giving the plants a drink, but you could also skip those steps and throw the planters in the wash as needed. Ready to make one?

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
-fabric scissors
-2 twill fabrics patterns
-plastic liner (6 mm thick)
extra large eyelet kit 
waterproofing spray (optional)

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Lay your two fabrics on top of each other and cut out a rectangle of fabric that is 18″ tall and 30″ wide. Place the fabrics so that the right side of each fabric is facing each other. Pin the fabric in place across the top width of the fabric.

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Use a sewing machine to sew across the top width of your fabric with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Once sewn, flip your fabric over so the patterns face right side out, and iron your top seam flat.

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) On the right edge of your fabric, use your iron to press a 1/2″ hem on the front and back fabric panels.

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Fold your right edge with the pressed hem towards the middle of your fabric, and fold the left side of the fabric towards the middle as well until the sides meet. Tuck the first 1/2″ of the unpressed left side of the fabric in between the ironed hem on your right side. Pin in place.

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Sew down your fabric to attach the sides together. You should now have an open cylinder shape with your inside fabric facing outward at this point.

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Layer your plastic liner with your bottom fabric, and cut a circle that is 10 1/4″ wide (your circle diameter is really 9 1/4″ with an additional 1/2″ seam allowance all the way around).

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Line up the two circles layers (with the liner side facing out) and pin the circle all the way around the bottom of your cylinder.

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Use your sewing machine to sew all the way around the bottom circle with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Once done, turn your fabric bag right side out.

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Fold the top part of your fabric over to make the planter as tall as you like for your plant. Use the eyelets and a pen to trace where you want to install your eyelets (I placed mine in the middle of the fold about 3″ apart). Use scissors to cut an “X” on that spot, and use a hammer to install each eyelet following the eyelet kit directions. Repeat the process on the other side.

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Thread rope through the eyelets, and make a knot on the inside of the planter (before cutting the rope, wrap the spot with masking or electrical tape so the rope doesn’t unravel). Spray the outside and inside of your planter with waterproofing spray for extra protection (if you want to), and you’re done!

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) For more protection from water, you can place one of those plastic trays or cork circles at the bottom of the planter before adding the plant (either way, keep the plant in the plastic container you buy it in). If you do this step, make sure you measure the tray or cork before making your planter so it will fit inside your measurements.

You can change the dimensions of this planter as needed to fit your plant. You can also make it taller or shorter so you have a bigger or smaller fold—whatever you like! Have fun! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with Stella from The Signature Collection.

  • These look amazing! Would love to make at least one. Thanks for sharing!

  • Okay, so this is probably my favorite project ever! I put plants in a giant sea shell last week… but, thinking I love this much better!! Xo! Thanks for all of your inspiration. http://weddingblog.potterybarn.com/diy-scalloped-shell-centerpiece/

  • Nice idea of covering some plane vases. It´s easy to sew, can choose patterns you love, and, what´s quite important too, this bags protect wooden floor. Thx a lot for sharing the idea.

  • This is such a lovely idea!

    However I have one silly question (I’m kinda new to using a sewing machine) – just before it got sewn into a cylinder, you said ‘Sew down your fabric to attach the sides together’, how do I sew it using a sewing machine? Thanks muchly. x

  • Laura, I have said it before, but I have to say it again: You are a gem! These are great. Such a well done and clean project, can’t wait to try.

  • Love this. My great aunt has a lot of plants and she would love this. I have to show he this DIY. Thanks for sharing!

  • These are so neat, I’m afraid I’d just want to use the bad instead of planting things in them. LOL

  • So very cute. I think I’ll go outta the box and make them for my great Nieces for their toys! They have so many “little” toys this will be perfect!

  • Hi Rasa! You could burn the ends with a lighter, but I just taped around the rope where I wanted to cut and cut in the middle of the tape. It should keep it together pretty well.

    Laura 🙂

  • These are gorgeous!! Amazing job!


  • Thanks for the great tutorial. You did not mention how you finished off the cording ends so they would not unravel. Can you share? Thanks.

  • Very nice idea and a great tutorial. I would, however, like to see how you finished off the cording ends so they would not unravel. Can you please share?

  • Wow! Amazing idea! Sometimes we spend months searching for a perfect planter which matches our home style while we can easily make it according to our courtains, sofa or any other fabric we have at home.
    Have a nice day!

    Tall girls ideas’ in http://antesAltaquesinsilla.blogspot.com

  • This is a pretty cool idea. You’re projects are very creative and awesome. Keep it up.

  • What a great idea – especially if you have a really large plant.

  • I have a couple of these I’ve made, and all I’ve done is put an old dinner plate under the plastic pot inside the fabric, just the way I would do it if the fabric cover wasn’t there. I’m sure one of those plastic plant trays would work great too, I’m just impatient and lazy! I didn’t do any additional waterproofing and I haven’t had any trouble, because I make sure not to overwater my plants to the extent that it would flood over the dinner plate/plastic tray inside.

    Glad you made a tutorial, these are seriously the easiest and cheapest planters I’ve ever encountered!

  • I have a plant in my room that I really want to spice up, this is a perfect DIY! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂


  • These are so sweet! What a fun way to incorporate pattern!


  • Wow! this turned out fantastic! I really enjoy the texture and comfort that it adds to the space.


  • I love the fabrics you chose! Fabric containers of all sorts are some of my favorites!

  • This looks beautiful…such a fun addition to any space…


  • love these! they could also make a boring clothes hamper basket less out of place! If it ever comes to be, I’d like to keep mr.mike’s in the bedroom so something like this would be great! much more cool looking than wicker.

  • Great tutorial. I have a plant I love but a pot I hate and I’m too scared to transplant it! Definitely trying this. I too have the perfect oil cloth.

  • I cannot believe you actually made that! Love you for your creativity, not to mention the level of quality of those planters. Neat idea, impressed it’s a full DIY. I wish I was talented at all with sewing, but id have to go to the store to pull something like this off.

  • I love this project and will definitely be trying it..on a side note, can you tell me the nail polish that you’re wearing? It is such a pretty color! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  • These are SO cute! I actually get kind of sick of looking at typical plant holders, so I love these!

  • Dying over the polka dot planter. Thanks for sharing!


  • This is sooooo beautiful! I love how it looks and I will definitely try to make it myself someday and added to my apartment! Very inspirational post! 🙂

  • How adorable. The polka-dots are especially cute.

    I hope you have a beautiful day!


    the bbb blogger

  • Super cute! Those handles would make moving plants so much easier

  • Wow i love it and i need it ! I move a lot, i don’t have many things but i have a little precious tree who is definitivelly always on his way with me ! 🙂 it will be very useful to have this fabric planter !

  • amazing idea as always, thank you for share..

    hug and kisses

  • That’s so cool! Thanks for sharing!

    Love from Germany,



  • This looks great! Perfect way to get rid of boring pots/plastic containers.

  • awww! first I thought it was the kivet pattern by marimekko! looks beautiful!

  • What type of plant is the tall one with the two big stalks? I love its tropical look!

  • What a wonderful project again! It looks really good! I can’t wait to give this a try!

  • These are so cute! Instead of a fabric liner, do you think you could use an oil cloth fabric? I’ve got a few yards I’m trying to work through right now.

    • I would use it on the outside and a canvas or lighter weight inner fabric. Could you paint on the oil cloth or has it it’s own pattern? Have fun anyway. I am looking for something I can waterproof and stiffen the fabric after I paint a pattern on it.
      Any ideas? I really don’t want to use a spray!

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