Favorite Podcasts

Favorite podcastsShortly after I started working from home (alone all day!), I started to get quite obsessed with podcasts. I can’t listen to anything while I write: emails, book content, blog content, etc. Same thing with reading. I’ve had lots of coworkers over the years who are the exact opposite. Maybe you are too? They want to listen to music or anything all day while they work. For me, I can only listen to something while I cook, photograph, edit photos, wash dishes, etc. And about 1/3 of my time during the week is devoted to work that falls into these categories. So, I listen to podcasts or music depending on how much I want to listen in or just be surrounded by inspiring music.

Oh, and I also listen to podcasts or music while I work out. Which is usually for about 30 minutes, three times a week, or at least that’s my goal as of late. I’d like to up this goal in the future, but for now that’s about where I’m at.

Anyway, maybe your podcast obsessed too? Or maybe you’d like to be, but you don’t know what to listen to? Well, here are a few of the podcasts I’m currently enjoying. I’ve divided them up into categories as I tend to listen to a wide/weird range of things. 🙂

Educational / Business related

These are podcasts that I listen to, to learn. I usually like to be doing a task that allows me to jot down a few notes while I listen if possible.

Smart Passive Income – I love Pat Flynn and the brand he’s created through his site and podcasts. He’s got a super friendly approach, but his podcast is also SUPER full of information. This is most useful for online entrepreneurs and business owners, but he’s covered all sorts of subjects over the years so there’s lots to choose from.

Elise Gets Crafty – I guess I’m a bit biased as I am friends with Elise and she has also been kind enough to invite me on her show before. But that said, this podcast is geared toward lots of different kinds of business owners and creative people who work in a similar industry that I’m in (blogging, online entrepreneur, crafty products, etc.). So I learn lots of little tidbits and often hear friends or people I’m somewhat familiar with on the show.

Jess Lively – Similar to Elise’s podcast, Jess has built an excellent show geared around online creative business owners and other entrepreneurs. Her brand is also, um, how do I describe it? Friendly and approachable everyday inspiration maybe? I find her to be very encouraging I guess is what I’m trying to say. 🙂

Financial Mentor – I forget where I first learned about Todd Tresidder, but I’ve been a fan for a while. His website and podcast are all about financial planning. Some topics are way over my head, but I love that Todd always does his best to break things down and try to make financial topics easier to understand. I’ve been interested in money management since high school when I read my first Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman books that I checked out from the public library. I’m always interested in learning more as personal finances are something we all have to deal with no matter what our income level, debt history is, etc. We’re all on a financial journey even if the topic seems totally intimidating or boring, so it’s important to try to continue to educate ourselves unless you’re an expert (which I am NOT).


These are podcasts that I listen to when I want to be inspired. Most of them do offer some information as well, but for the most part, these are what I listen to when I need a podcast pep talk. 🙂

Magic Lessons – I started listening to Liz’s podcast back when I was painting our house, just before we moved in. I downloaded her book, Big Magic, shortly after and really enjoyed that as well. This is a great podcast for anyone who loves creative activities and needs some inspiration to keep making!

Happier with Gretchen Rubin – Loved the book The Happiness Project and Gretchen’s goal to always improving and making her life better. She’s got an analytical approach that makes SO much sense to me and how my brain works. I mentioned that an episode of her podcast helped me crack the code on how to finally stop biting my nails, which I’m still sticking to so far! So yeah, maybe this podcast is life changing? I guess that’s somewhat accurate for me to say. 🙂

Girlboss Radio – Sophia Amoruso is one rad lady, and I love what she’s created with the #Girlboss book, and now I guess it’s kind of turning into its own brand. In each episode, she interviews someone cool, that’s pretty much it. Simple concept, but the result is often pretty inspiring.


I’m not saying I haven’t “learned” anything from these podcasts, but I’m calling this category entertainment because that is the main reason I listen to these. These are usually what I turn to on days I feel like my brain can’t process anymore information, or just because I want to. 🙂

Criminal – I started listening to this because I had seen it recommended for Serial lovers. Which I most definitely am. If you never listened to the first or second season of Serial, I would recommend that too, but it’s fairly well known. So I didn’t figure it needed to be on this list. After the first season of Serial, I also listened to Undisclosed. Anyway, that’s a whole different topic and I’ve got to stop myself before I start going off about that, Making a Murderer, and even the new O.J. Simpson series. We can talk all that when we meet for coffee. 🙂 Criminal is a series of short, usually around 15-30 minute episodes that center around some kind of, well, criminal activity. Some episodes are quite graphic and heavy, while others border on comical. If you’re interested in true-crime stories, you’ll probably like this podcast.

WTF with Marc Maron – Honestly, this one is so famous it probably goes without saying, but I really love it. So I’m saying it anyway. 🙂 I usually only listen to this with Trey, so mostly on road trips, as he’s a fan of Marc too. Maron is SUCH a great interviewer. You’ve got to give it a listen if you haven’t already. He even had the president on his show once.

Limetown – Loved the first season of this, but I have’t kept up with it since. I was just looking at their site to link it here, and I’m not sure they’ve released or are still doing a second season. Does anyone know? Leave it in the comments if you do. But I’d still recommend listening to the first season, as it’s really fun in a sort of creepy, X-Files kind of way.

That’s about it for me. I’d LOOOOOVE it if you all have other recommendations if you’d leave them in the comments so I can check them out. I’m always looking for new podcasts to enjoy! xx. Emma

  • Love this!
    Podcasts are my favourite hobby <3
    I love the Smart Passive income Podcast!

    Now I'm looking for more that are especially hosted by women, they are so inspiring.

    My favourite podcasts at the moment are
    ShareDiversity Podcast

    Muslim woman lead podcasts on productivity, self-development, & entrepreneurship and health & fitness

    also love
    and https://soundcloud.com/amaliahvoices

    both Women-lead Muslim-hosted Podcasts that spark inspiration

  • I just started listening to 2 Dope Queens, which features Jessica Williams from the Daily Show. So fun!

  • Thanks for the shoutout, ladies! Loving the rest of the recommendations, too. 🙂

    Jessica from SPI

  • I am a huge fan of the podcast 99 Percent Invisible. It’s a podcast centered around design and architecture. Would highly recommend! http://99percentinvisible.org/

  • If you enjoy stand up comedy, I recommend 2 Dope Queens. It’s hilarious.

  • I’m like you — I can’t listen to too much while I’m working or writing, although while I exercise or clean, that’s when a good podcast is just the thing. And because we travel so much (full-time musicians, here) good podcasts can take us through big road trips.

    I love Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me: current events quiz comedy with celebrity guests…can be a tad corny sometimes but it’s good fun.

    RadioLab!!!!! I can’t begin to say how amazing this is — real life stories from every imaginable angle and point on the globe. For when you want to challenge your perspective a bit. Worth digging through their episode archives.

    These comedians have great shows — they like to go deep in an entertaining way and challenge status quo thinking (both have well-known guests from all disciplines and walks of life):

    Duncan Trusell Family Hour (he can be hilariously ridiculous)
    Joe Rogan Podcast (interesting guy, former Fear Factor host)

    Oh! And I almost forgot:

    On Being with Krista Tippett. Fantastic podcast with interviews with well-known creatives and personalities. Two of my favorites are her interviews with poet Mary Oliver and musician Abigail Washburn. SO FRICKIN’ GOOD.

    Great post!

  • Thanks for sharing! I love podcasts so much and often use them as a sort of bribe for myself to clean the house and exercise (ugh chores). Some of the favourites you’ve listed are on my listening rotation too.

    As well as science-y and more educational style podcasts, lately I’ve been really getting into podcasts that share good, personal stories. Funny, sweet, soulful, sad and everything in between. Even though podcasts could just be chalked up to mostly entertainment – they honestly make me a more open and empathetic person.

    – Death, Sex and Money (deeply personal interviews and fascinating windows to other people’s lives)
    – Radio Diaries (wonderful personal and historical accounts)
    – The Mortified Podcast (people reading out their teenage diaries – I have cried laughing at some of these)
    – Dear Sugar Radio (kind of an agony aunt situation with the most empathetic, kind and insightful hosts)
    – Modern Love (NY Times columns read by artists and actors)
    – Fugitive Waves

  • You should listen to Dear Handmade Life! They are funny and real and mix cocktails at the beginning of every episode!

  • Fantastic list! I LOVE Limetown – I can’t wait to see what they will do with the next season!

    If you want another suggestion for a fictional podcast, I have been tuning into The Penumbra Podcast. A very new addition to the podcast world, but they do radio-show style stories that bend genres all over the conceived and fictional universe. Check it out if you have the chance! The episodes are short, about a half hour max.

  • Welcome to Nightvale is the best.
    I also love Serial and I’m prone to The Archers

  • I love this post!! Thank you for putting these recommendations together, I can’t wait to check them out:)

  • Radiolab and The Moth Podcast are two of my faves! The Moth features recordings of people tell true stories at events, and they range from super comical to very deep. I highly recommend these!

  • i saw welcome to night vale mentioned already, but i’d like to second it- it’s got a great weird vibe, some really hilarious moments, a neat plot, and a lot of character diversity.

    also: hardcore history by dan carlin. it can be kind of “dude”-y, but he goes very in-depth and also repeats himself just enough that you can space out for about five minutes and still know what’s going on. however this also means that each episode is really long. he just came off a six-part series about world war one and now he’s in the middle of one about the achaemenid persian empire. (my personal recommendations from the ones i’ve heard are the ww1 series and the standalone “prophets of doom”, which is about an anabaptist uprising in the german city of munster in 1534.)

    i don’t even own a television is also good, in the vein of how did this get made. two guys and occasional guests review bad books, ranging from “night of the crabs” to “snow crash” to “wild animus” to a self-help book nominally by 50 cent. they became popular with their episode on “ready player one”, which is honestly a fantastic episode and a good starting point.

  • I love some of these on the list! I’m going to have to check out GirlBoss and LimeTown. A couple of other recommendations I have include Freakonomics Radio and The Good Life Project.

  • This post was so perfectly timed for me. I’ve gotten really into podcasts recently and have been looking for some new ones!

  • Yeah, I’ve listened to them before. They’re really interesting! I’d say give em a shot!

  • I really like My Brother, My Brother and Me (MBMBAM). It’s 3 brothers who answer advice questions people send in or they get from Yahoo Answers. The advice is often fake and pretty much always hilarious. I think they’re a good podcast to listen to if you need a laugh.

  • One of my favorite’s is the Mystery Show, it’s Starlee Kime (from This American Life) and while some of the “mysteries” are a little disappointing, she always has these amazingly positive, genuine human interactions on the show that have actually made me cry. It’s great!

  • One of my favorite podcast of all time is “Grownups read things they wrote as kids”. Super funny! Adults read their childhood and teenage diaries, poetry, letters…

  • Thanks for the recommendations! Some of my favs right now are This American Life, Story Corps, Radio Lab, Marraige is Funny, and The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey 🙂

  • Oh my good, it’s too good! Whenever she references Scary Movie 3 nonchalantly like it was an Oscar winner I crack up! Such a good podcast!

  • You should totally listen to Anna Faris is Unqualified, its unbelievably funny! While its based on her giving relationship advice to callers despite being ‘unqualified’, she also has celebrity guests who just appear very down to earth and fun on the show who she also interviews.

    I love Jess Lively, I usually listen to her when I do things like cooking soup for the week’s lunches, ironing or in my downtime colouring with a glass of wine! I got super obsessed with Serial too, I devoured it like it was a TV show.

    Oh one other thing! I had eye surgery and during my recovering any reading, film watching or screen time was a definite no no. So to stop myself just sleeping 24/7, I listened to lots of comedy podcasts and things like This American Life and 99% Invisible. A good way to be entertained without having to focus on a screen 🙂

  • Hey Emma!

    Thank you for those recommendations! I love that you covered this subject
    cause I’m always looking for new cool stuff.
    Definetely gonna check those out!

    I could recommend Filler Podcast which I listen to on Soundcloud.
    Really like them, they’re two guys situated in London and are interviewing
    a bunch of young people who work in creative industries. They talked to
    Film makers, writers, editiors for magazines and such, as well as songwriters
    and people on YouTube. Might be worth a look for you 🙂

    Thanks again for this post!

  • 99% Inivisible by Roman Mars has to be my favourite 🙂

  • I am podcast obsessed as well! And I totally get what you are saying about only being able to listen during certain tasks. I tried listening while grocery shopping once, and it didn’t work. Can’t use my brain and listen at the same time 🙂

    I listen to several of the ones you listed (Elise Gets Crafty, Jess Lively, Happier, Magic Lessons). Here are some others on my weekly must- listen list:

    – A Few Things with Claire and Erica
    – Unemployable with Brian Clark (has great guests like Jess Lively, just a little less female focused)
    – Question of the Day
    – Quiet
    – Tim Ferriss Show

  • I can’t believe no one has mentioned 99 percent invisible??
    It is the absolute BEST for short podcasts – between like 5 and 20 mins. It’s design based but goes so much further than that. It’s random and AWESOME.

    Reply All – kind of about the internet but actually about so much more than that.

    The Allusionist – about language/linguistics. SO rad!

    Women of the Hour with Lena Dunham. I kind of like Lena Dunham before listening to the podcast. Now I pretty much love her. Such a good ‘girl power’ listen.

    Stuff You Should know has taught me SO much!! Being non-American I had no idea how lobbying worked (well, I had a vague idea from House of Cards) and now I have a pretty decent understanding of it.
    If lobbying is boring to you, they have ALL types of things – from how racial profiling works, to how hula hoops work, to how body language works, how reverse psychology works, how Grimm’s Fairytales work, How Circus Families work.

    Saving the BEST for last – The Mystery Show.
    Sort of like a modern day Nancy Drew, hosted by Starlee Kine. There are only a few episodes and we’ve been waiting for a new one for basically EVER but if you listen to nothing else on this (seemingly long) list, please listen to The Mystery Show. And if you listen to one episode, let it be Belt Buckle.

    I think I got overzealous with the recommendations here. Bit of a podcast junkie. Excited to explore the ones you’ve mentioned and those mentioned in the comments!!

  • Being Boss, Sorta Awesome, The Lively Show, Onward Creatives and Start Up are my favorites right now – I never ever miss an episode!

  • I’ve been addicted to “How Did This Get Made” and literally cannot stop laughing/listening. Only listen if you have kleenex handy for tears of laughter. Also I work for “Spilled Milk Podcast” so I can’t not plug them!

  • I have two go to podcasts for pretty similar reasons. They both make me feel empowered in different ways.
    Call Your Girlfriend, which is named after one of my favorite songs, is about two bff’s that live far away. They have guests on or just talk about issues – including periods. It really feels like you are just hanging with really awesome friends.
    The other podcast I love is ManRepeller’s Oh Boy. It is hosted but a guy who interviews powerful woman in many different areas. I find this podcast insanely inspiring! I get so pumped up about being a girl after listening to this.

  • Check out the Mortified podcast! They’re super short (usually 15-20 minutes or so) and really funny – people at live shows reading their childhood diaries/memories for strangers.

    I also second Startup!

  • There are so many great podcasts out there!

    Some great podcasts I listen to are: The Crimson Wave, Call Your Girlfriend, 2 Dope Queens, Ctrl Alt Delete

    They’re all created by women and feature lots of great women guests. I def recommend.

    Welcome to Night Vale is also really great, and they’ve also released an awesome book.

  • My commute recently got LONG so I’ve gotten VERY into podcasts. Some favorites:

    – Reply All: a show about the internet. History, how it affects people’s lives, etc.
    – Mystery Show: the host solves people’s everyday mysteries that can’t be solved via Google and it’s so great
    – You Must Remember This: obscure Hollywood history
    – How To Be Amazing With Michael Ian Black: he interviews fantastic people and finds out how they got to be where they are today
    – Throwing Shade: A woman and a gay man talk about the issues related to women and gays in the news each week, with plenty of sass, hilarity, but also education. I <3 them.

    Thanks for adding a few new ones to my list! 🙂

  • “Stuff you should know” such a great podcast. Listened to it all summer to get me through work!!

  • I love this post I am always looking for new podcasts to listen to. Lime town I really hope there’s a season 2 its awesome so is the message. If you like that the black tapes podcast is good and breakdown if you like serial! Can’t wait to listen to some of the ones on your list.

  • Mystery Show is one of my favorites, it’s a woman who investigates small time mysteries that are really silly such as how tall is Jake Gyllenhal.
    Also, Myths and Legends is awesome. It weaves through myths and legends of different cultures which feels educationa and entertaining 🙂

  • Hooray for podcasts!!

    Jess Lively’s show is a big fan of mine (plus she’s a client – much love to Jess). She actually inspired me to finally start my own podcast, Behind the Boss Mask!

  • I just discovered podcasts a few weeks ago! They are great! My favorites are Invisilibia, Stuff you should know, The Paleo Women Podcast, The Foodist, and This American Life. I honestly couldn’t get into Serial—weird, I know!

  • Mortified and Mystery Show. Both super great and slightly awkward 🙂

  • Anyone here into Sawbones? havent tried it yet but heard it was funny and enlightening (it’s about some of the crazy remedies people used to use for ailments and illnesses- think medical history with a humorous twist.)

  • Great recommendations! I’m the same way. Can’t listen while writing, but other times I love to.


  • My favorite is Design Matters. It’s been running for 11 years! It is loosely centered around visual/graphic design, but Debbie Millman interviews so many different types of incredible people.

  • If you like Girlboss Radio you should check out Cavern of Secrets. I’m also a fan of Slumber Party with Allie and Georgia when I’m in the mood for something kind of silly. It literally feels like you’re hanging out with some girlfriends at a sleepover. But my all time favourite is Totally Married and Totally Mommy with Elizabeth Laime. I don’t even have kids but I love the banter/hilarious stories/life chats.

  • Thank you! Always great to had about podcasts I don’t know yet. I am a bit like you, working from home and like some entertainment when I am doing my sewing 🙂

    I really like Seamwork Radio. Its created by Sarai who runs Colette patterns, one of the largest indie sewing pattern companies. She does interview people who sew but it is all about their personal journey and not necessary about sewing.

  • I love “Sampler” from Gimlet and “Modern Love the Podcast” from WBUR! Also “Song Exploder” for something really quick.

  • I’ve been looking for some new podcasts lately so this is great! I’ve been listening to This American Life for years and it never disappoints 🙂

  • The only podcasts that hold my attention are craft/scrapbooking related. The Scrap Gals, Paper clipping round table, Live Inspired, Adventures in Arting are a few of my favs.

  • I am a sucker for girl talk and my newest obsession is the Lady Gang podcast! http://www.podcastone.com/ladygang-podcast They have had some really fun celebrity guests as well 🙂

  • Yes I love Modern Love and Embedded!

    I also second RadioLab and Love and Radio that other people have commented.

    Also a good comedy podcast is 2 Dope Queens!

  • Another Round and 2 Dope Queens are my absolute favs hands down. Both are hosted by smart and hilarious women of color.

  • I’m a news and culture junkie and, in France, podcasts have saved me from despair over not getting NPR on the radio. This American Life, Planet Money, 99% Invisible, Fresh Air, On Point, TED Radio Hour….also Garance Dore’s Pardon My French.

  • I love Jess Lively and Magic Lessons!

    Have you listened to the Millennial podcast? That combined with Magic Lessons inspired me to quit my job and pursue my blog full-time! I actually wrote a post about all my favorite podcasts last week!

  • My Brother, My Brother and Me
    99% Invisible
    Modern Love- NYT column turned podcast with celebs reading true stories of love and loss
    The Moth
    This American Life- of course!

  • In the last year, I have listened to over 3,000 podcast episodes while I commute to work, sleep, design at work, work out, etc. Here’s a good list of what I subscribe to!

    stuff you should know
    bon apetit
    this american life
    99% invisible
    death sex & money
    reply all
    start up
    beautiful stories from anonymous people
    radio diaries
    garance dore
    modern love
    planet money
    hidden brain
    science vs
    mystery show
    the intern
    stories that matter
    my big idea

  • I enjoy The History Chicks which profile a famous woman through history in each episode, Craftsanity with Jennifer Ackerman-Heywood, and What Should I Read Next with Anne Bogel.

    I now want to listen to some of the new suggestions. I too can’t listen to spoken word when I write but can when I work out, cook and clean, and commute to work. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • WHOHOOOO!!! thanks for a huge list to add to my already growing addiction!

    I love listening while I am scrapping, cleaning, or currently, stripping wallpaper from our camper! perfect brain food while my hands are busy doing mindless tasks.

    Currently on my list are Serial, Live Inspired-scrapbook related, The Slow Home Podcast-slow living related, The Scrap Gals Podcast-scrapbook related again, ELISE GETS CRAFTY!!, The Popcast w/Knox & Jamie-current events related, The Simple Show- slow living related, What Should I Read Next-all about books, Modern Love-mini love stories, Pocket Talk-scrapbook pocket page related, & The Paperclipping Roundtable-Scrapbook related.

  • there’s also stitcher but like Erin B I use iTunes to keep my podcasts in order.

  • Recently I’ve been listening to Serial and am completely engrossed so far! Thank you for sharing some fab sounding podcasts. I’m definitely going to download a whole bunch of these, especially Criminal, Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Girlboss Radio! 🙂

  • Great suggestions! I can really recommend the podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You. Learned so much from those lovely ladies.

  • OH HOW MUCH I LOVED YOUR POST! I am a newbie to all this podcast craze, but got hit by it so hard that I am now recommending my favourite podcasts to anyone who cares to listen.. and always seek for other people’s recommendations as I am afraid to deplete my resources.
    I have four favourites at the moment:
    Note To Self – about technology, how it affects our lives and how to make sense of this overload of information
    Gastropod – stories about food through the lens of science and history
    Planet Money / Freakonomics – appeals to my nerdy side as I feel I learn so much about economics

    Enjoy! I will be definitely checking out some of your recommendations 🙂

  • I am also completely addicted to podcasts! Happier is definitely one of my absolute favorites. I’m adding Magic Lessons to my subscription feed now!

    Some of my favorites are:
    Creative Pep Talk – quick little monologues about creativity from a freelance illustrator (mostly his focus is on illustration, but I feel that the lessons can be applied for all creatives)
    Explain Things To Me – interviews with various professionals about their jobs/daily life. It’s very interesting & entertaining.
    No Such Thing As A Fish – weird trivia & fun facts
    Good Job Brain – Trivia podcast! Fun if you like weird facts.


  • My main recommendation right now is “The Black Tapes”. My husband & I found it last month & binge-listened over a couple of days. It’s creepy & sooo entertaining. We desperately wait for each new episode now that we’re caught up.

    Real crime recommendations for those that like Criminal/Serial: Detective, Junction & Breakdown

    Interview recommendations for people that enjoy learning about important and/or famous people behind the scenes: Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin (I really didn’t think I’d like this because he annoys me but I actually really enjoy how he conducts his conversations with his guests) & Off Camera with Sam Jones

    Entertaining/Random: The Joe Rogan Experience (what got me into podcasts — warning: it’s vulgar & there is no filter but I laugh so hard & you can learn so much from some of them) & Your Mom’s House (same as my Joe Rogan comment)

  • If you like Limetown, you should check out the Black Tapes and Tanis. They’re addicting and creepy!


  • I just started to get into podcasts (at about the same time I got into blogging) – I use them to learn about and get inspired about blogging/online businesses, and also to help generate content ideas!

    My favorites for business are SPI – I actually just listened to the Jess Lively episode and definitely need to check hers out.

    For content/inspiration I like the Chalene Show, Invisibilia, and Ted Radio Hour. Now I want to add Magic Lessons and Happier with Gretchen Rubin to the list! Thanks for sharing these!

  • To echo the excellent recommendation of “How Did This Get Made”, I have to chime in with “The Worst Idea of All Time.” These two guys from New Zealand watch the same movie literally every week for a year, and review it again in each episode. It’s absurd and hilarious and amazing they don’t go insane through this completely voluntary and seemingly suffering-inducing and demoralizing challenge.

    Season 1 was on the smash ensemble comedy “Grown Ups 2”, and Season 2 was “Sex in the City 2”.

  • Last podcast on the left is my current favorite. It consists of 3 comedians discussing true crime stories. Very entertaining.

  • I’m currently obsessed with Chris Gethard’s new podcast, Beautiful Stories from Anonymous people, and “The Black Tapes”, which is scifi, but kind of along the same lines as Limetown. I highly recommend both!

  • so exciting! I had assumed they totally dropped off… its been so long with a cliffhanger!

  • I’ve seen it was already mentioned, but I second This American Life and RadioLab. Also – I highly recommend 99% Invisible – they’re only 20-30 minutes long, but really interesting!

    I loooove podcasts! Thanks for the list!

  • You mentioned that one of Gretchen Rubin’s podcasts helped you stop biting your nails. Would you share which one? I have suffered from this yucky habit for years!

  • Favorites in no certain order:
    *Radiolab — the most random true stories about science, politics, history, etc. told in fascinating way…I can see how people were *gripped* with what was going on around the radio so many years ago…I feel the same here

    *On Being with Krista Tippett — culture, faith, science, spirituality, art, life mixed together with the best radio voice EVER

    *Spilled Milk — 30 minutes of HILARIOUS banter between 2 foodies, Molly Wisenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton…I love to cook while listening to this one and laugh out loud!!

  • If you like Criminal/Serial/Undisclosed, you should try My Favorite Murder. It’s about true crime, but it’s also comedy. The two girls, Karen and Georgia, are hilarious. It reminds me of sitting around and talking with girlfriends.

  • Yes, the Popcast! I’ve been binge-listening for the past three weeks and I LOVE Jamie and Knox!

  • I third Lore! It’s one of my favorites 🙂 Plus, it is usually a story that you know one way or another, but you just may not know where it originated! The host is awesome too.

  • You have to check out How Did This Get Made! It has a couple of comedians who watch terrible movies and talk about them. They usually have hilarious guest hosts too like Adam Scott, Abbi Jacobson, and Nick Kroll!

  • Do you have an iPhone? There’s the podcast app that comes with the phone where you can download podcasts from the iTunes Store. The podcasts are free and you can set your settings to have new episodes download when they are posted. Hope this helps 😉

  • I love listening to podcasts while I run–I’m currently obsessed with The No Sleep Podcast (hit or miss horror stories), Love + Radio, 2 Dope Queens, and Radiolab.

  • Yes, I listened to the first two seasons. Love it but it would probably say it’s more entertainment/inspirations for business owners which is great. 🙂


  • Thanks for the recommendations! Mortified is also good! And Smart Creative Women by Monica Lee (a fashion illustrator). These were great tips! I love to listen to podcasts while watercolor painting, but also cannot type words while listening to someone else say words, so need it to be quieter while in actually writing.


  • I love Mystery Show on Gimlet Media. It’s equal parts charming, life-affirming show and gripping, mystery. A difficult combo to pull off! I have a boring job so I listen to podcasts alllll day. I love Savage Lovecast, the sex positive podcast that takes on the mundane, the political, and the strange sides of relationships. It’s not a podcast, but Conan O’Brien has hour long interviews on YouTube called Serious Jibber Jabber. It’s mostly historians and authors and it is wonderful! Happy listening!

  • I’ve been listening to “Pardon My French” by Garance Dore. It’s the perfect commute podcast because it’s light-hearted and feels like you’re sitting down with friends for coffee and girl talk.

    Along the same lines of Girl Boss, I also enjoy “Being Boss” by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon.

    Also love Magic Lessons, Happier, Serial and Criminal!

  • Modern Love – NY Times column with reading by celebrities and updates from the essayists themselves. They are not your average love stories!

    Death Sex and Money – Not really what you would expect from the title, but SO good. About the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversations.

    Only Human – About health, illness, and the amazing things our bodies can do. Some really touching stories, two episode I really recommend: How a Prenatal Test is Transforming Modern Medicine, and When Opera Meets Autism

    For Serial lovers:
    Someone Knows Something – Cold case of a missing 5-year old, the host goes back in search for answers.

    True Murder – True Crime writers interviewed about their novels, with all the details!!

    Embedded NPR – Takes a story from the news and goes deep.

  • I’ve been listening to Millennial by Megan Tan. She’s soooo insightful. And even if you don’t quite fit into the millennial generation, it’s still a great listen about purpose, passion, and figuring yourself out.

  • LOVE limetown and am dying for them to come up with another season!

  • I saw a bunch of ones I love already listed in the comments, but two I didn’t: The Fizzle Show for business and StoryWonk for entertainment! StoryWonk is actually a bunch of different podcasts made by the same couple and there are a ton of great ones to check out!

  • I’ve been listening to Anna Faris’s podcast “Unqualified.” It’s SO good! I’m totally addicted.

  • Thanks for the tips Emma! I was so hooked on Limetown, I hope they’re coming back soon with a second season. You can find my lists here: http://www.cottonandcoffee.com/culture-design-podcasts/ and http://www.cottonandcoffee.com/favorite-podcasts-moment/ and there’s more coming!

  • These sound great. So I have a question from a wanna-be-Podcast listener: Is there some sort of RSS type feed for Podcasts so you can have all of your favorites in one place and know when there are new episodes? Or is the standard to just remember to go to each site, see if they have updated and listen directly from there? Thanks for helping bring me to the 21st century!

  • Yes, Limetown is planning on doing a second season, they tweeted about it a few days ago, with a link to their blog, I assume – https://t.co/ZmIA6riuhU

    And, if you like Limetown, you may be interested in another podcast called Welcome to Night Vale. I actually found Limetown from WTNV. Their website is here – http://www.welcometonightvale.com/

  • Hey Emma,

    Great list! I am super podcast obsessed and like to listen to them in the car.
    My all time favourite podcast is Gastropod (https://gastropod.com/) where they talk about food related topics from a science or historical perspective. For a foodie like myself, I find it SO interesting.


  • Stuff you should know is my favorite pod cast. Josh and Chuck are from Georgia and they cover every topic imaginable. They go off on tangents and are SO funny. Definitely worth a listen!

  • What about startup? I highly recommend it. To anyone but especially to a business owner.

  • I second Lore! It’s like Criminal but about supernatural/folktale events.

  • Great recommendations, thanks you and wish you a great day. Like posts like this.

  • LOVE limetown and am dying for them to come up with another season!

  • Love these recommendations!

    I am OBSESSED with “The Popcast” hosted by Jamie Golden and Knox McCoy. They cover all things pop culture, but it’s also the stuff you REALLY want to talk about (but might be embarrassed to admit – like, why is Leonardo DiCaprio so good looking? Is he conventionally handsome? Why do we not trust Natalie Portman?, etc.). They’re from Alabama and Tennessee, so I love their accents, too.

  • So far there is only one season of Limetown, but the creators sent out an email and tweet recently saying that they do have plans to do a second season, but they have no release dates planned yet. But the exciting news is that in the meantime, they have signed a book deal for a Limetown prequel novel and are working on a screenplay for a TV pilot based on Limetown!

  • I love Lore! It’s very storylike, almost like an audiobook. Each episode focuses on a local myth or ghost story. Some are super creepy and definitely gave me goosebumps.

    Another plus, they’re short and well edited (~30 minutes), which I like because it takes me a week to get through all the super long podcasts out there these days. Who has time for a 2 hour podcast? Not me.

  • Thanks for the recommendations! I love listening to podcasts, too, but I’m like you. I can only listen to them when I’m not reading or writing anything. If you love Serial and Undisclosed, (me too!!!) you might also like Truth and Justice and Crime Writers On. Also, Seamwork, Invisibilia, Love and Radio, and of course This American Life, Fresh Air, and RadioLab are also great.

  • You have to listen to Reply All. I’ve listened to most of these above, and Reply All is definitely my favorite.

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