Feather Crown DIY

Feather crownHow to make a feather crown This is an old Red Velvet product that has gone into retirement. We love the look of feathers and have used crowns like these in many photo shoots over the years. Since we no longer offer this item in our shop we thought it would be fun to show you how to create your own.Feather crown collage1. Supplies: Feather trim, floral ribbon trim, craft glue, felt, needle and thread, elastic. 2. Begin by cutting the floral trim the length one inch shorter than the length of your head. 2. Cut a piece of felt the same length as the floral trim. 3. Next, cut feather trim that's the same length as the felt and glue it down to the back of the trim. 4. Once it's dry, flip it over and glue the floral trim onto the front. 5. Once the floral trim is dry, stitch a small piece of elastic to the ends of the crown.Feather crown DIYHave fun making your own crafty accessories for your next photo shoot or a special event. 🙂

  • A wonderful idea for entertaining the kids while creating your own fabric design at the same time. This one is a definite keeper!

  • Such a cool hat! I love the way you come up with all of these whimsical ideas. This is great for autumn, but it would work great any time of year and in any climate.

  • Every time I visit your site I find some absolutely beautiful creations. Your ideas are phenomenal. Your work is stunning.

  • Haha, that’s adorable. It reminds me of that movie, “Where The Wild Things Are” 🙂

  • Now that I know how to make these I am dreaming of making a white one for a wedding shoot. Now if I can just get one of my husband’s photography clients to be my mannequin…

  • totally into making stuff for shoots. Its so much better than buying stuff. I love how the colours go with the background.

  • WOW! You are looking you are so gorgeous i have not seen anywhere like it.

  • I think I love her dress just as much! Where did she get it?

  • I love this but I can;t see how it’s practical for every day life. I would love to be brave enough to photograph myself in this though.



  • This is so fun and easy. I have a feeling that I will incorporate this with some sort of Halloween outfit.

  • I love it! Can’t wait to try making it.


  • I love this crown so much, think this shall be in my autumn wardrobe.


  • Look nice!

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  • What a cool idea but I seriously don’ t know when to wear it 😉


  • this looks so nice ! great DIY !!!

    XX Luba
    Well Living BLog

  • How fun! LOVE the feathers!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • oh MY GOD! that’s so cool and pretty.. nice post today.. 🙂


  • this is so pretty! I love your choice of feathers!

  • I’ve been so excited for this DIY since I saw the photo teaser. I have a bazillion red and yellow feathers, I think I’ll have to try a bright fiery crown!



  • That is SOOO adorable! I MUST try!
    You girls are soooo TALENTED!!!
    xo Sarah

  • I love feathers! This crown is so neat – how perfect for a photo booth!

    xo Kate

  • And I was wondering where the heck have I seen this crown before. On red Velvet of course! 😀
    I think that this piece of elastic hides it’s whole glory. A headband that doesn’t stretches, not even a little isn’t so easy to wear.


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