Finger Knit a Fabric Statement Necklace

Make your own statement necklace with fabric yarn! Get the easy step-by-step over at www.aBeautifulMess.comFinger knitting your own chunky statement necklace is one of those instant gratification kind of projects. You can easily finish this in just over an hour and can customize it a handful of ways to fit your own unique aesthetic. My son actually taught me how to finger knit a few years ago after coming home from school one day with a 15′ garland of red yarn. The teacher had taught the kids to finger knit to give their fingers a motor skill workout and to help them stay focused while she read to them in the afternoons. He would come home every day with a new garland, so I finally had him show me how it was done. I must’ve missed that week in Girl Scouts because I had never learned this as a kid but knew it wouldn’t be the last time I had fun with it.

Refresh your spring wardrobe with a statement necklace made from fabric yarn that you can make yourself! Get the full tutorial at www.aBeautifulMess.comFinger knitting is addicting. Be warned! You’ll soon find yourself not being able to stop and four hours later you’ll have to dig your way out of your garland pile! For this project, you’ll only need a small fraction of a whole skein of fabric yarn, and you could easily cut strips of jersey cotton yourself if you can’t bear to wait for your online order to come in. I love the print on this black and white yarn and how consistent the yarn thickness is throughout the skein. I guarantee it’s not the last time I’ll be working with this stuff!

Finger knit necklace supplies
fabric yarn in an interesting print
fabric yarn in a contrasting solid

Step1-2Step One: Tuck your end between your ring and pinky fingers and wrap it around your pinky finger and under your ring finger. Then wrap it over your middle finger, under and around your pointer finger, under your middle finger, and over your ring finger. These are your first two weft rows. Just like weaving!

Step Two: Wrap around your pinky finger, under your ring finger, over your middle finger, under and around your pointer finger, back under your middle finger, and over your ring finger where you’ll let your yarn hang down. These are your third and fourth weft rows.

Steps 3-4Step Three: Put your thumb on top of your tail end to keep it from flying away. With your other hand, pull the bottom row on your pinky over the top of your finger. Your tail end will be part of that. Hold tight. Move to the ring finger and pull the bottom row up and over the top of your finger. Repeat with your middle finger.

Step Four: You may need to bend your fingers down a bit as you pull the rows over the top.

Steps5-6Step Five: Add another two weft rows by wrapping the long end of your yarn around your pinky, under your ring finger, over your middle finger, under and around your pointer finger, back under your middle finger, and over your ring finger. Repeat the process of pulling the new bottom row up and over the new top row. Pull the tail to the back of your hand and pull down snuggly so that it forms a bit of a tight spot. You’ll tie a knot here later.

Step Six: Keep this up for maybe thirty minutes while listening to a podcast or chatting with a friend. Pull at the tail every few rows to help your garland curl into a rope. For this necklace design, you’ll want about 33″ of garland (not counting the tail).

7-8Step Seven: When you’re ready to end your garland, cut a tail about 6″ long and weave it through each loop on each finger. Pull tightly.

Step Eight: Tie a single knot to secure each end of your garland.

9-10Step Nine: Tie three large but semi-loose knots in the center of your garland.

Step Ten: Tie a slightly tighter knot on each side of these three knots. You’ll want to make sure they’re all knotted in the same direction so you may have to work backwards on the left side knots.

11-12Step Eleven: Cut two lengths of solid colored fabric yarn measuring about 3′ each. Loop them through two loops under the knot at one end of your garland and make sure they’re centered.

Step Twelve: Wrap one of the strands of your solid yarn around the other three strands as well as the tail end of your printed yarn. Wrap tightly as you work and stop after you’ve wrapped about 4″ long.

Step13Step Thirteen: Tie all four strands into a knot and trim the two shorter ends. Gently pull your yarn over the cut ends to hide them. Repeat on the other side. Trim your loose ends so they’re even and tie them together in a loose knot. Fabric yarn is so forgiving when trying to untie, but you can also pull this gently over your head every time since it’s got some stretch to it.

Finger knit a beautiful statement necklace with fabric yarn. Get the easy step-by-step tutorial over at www.ABeautifulMess.comEnjoy your very own unique necklace that will upgrade any ensemble. These make great gifts for friends as well!

Finger Knit Necklace TutorialHave you ever tried finger knitting? It’s one of those therapeutic crafts that is great for winding down at the end of a long day or for taking with you on a road trip to help pass the time. I’d love to see your own versions of this necklace! –Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Love everything about this – especially that shirt. I’m dying to know if Rachel made this and if there’s a tutorial!

  • Great diy of necklace! Wonderful creativity of you. I’ll love to try this. Hope I can do it successfully. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  • I would love to have a little bit of your talent. I love such ideas. Good, very nice ! I would love to try it but I ll never be able to do such a thing all by myself.

  • I’m obsessed with that necklace! It is so cute!


  • Lovely!

  • I love making these!!! and they are an easy craft for kids to do with you! Great idea for a kid made mother’s day gift!!!

  • I definitely want to try this! I’ve never been able to master knitting or crochet, but this looks much simpler. Thanks for sharing!

  • Never thought of hand knitting before, what a very simple yet cool diy!


  • Hi I just found your blog via another site and what a GREAT stylish page you have here 🙂 I Will come back for sure and I wish you a lovely new 2016 dear.

    Check out my Swedish decor blog with lots of cute inspiration:)

    LOVE Maria

  • That necklace is so wonderful, and it seems incredibly easy! I like that you can customize it so easily!

  • Beautiful necklace!! Love your lips dear!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • Beautiful necklace dear!! Love your lips!! 🙂
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • I think I might take up finger-knitting to keep me occupied on the London tube…although I might get some funny looks! What a cool project 🙂

  • I just love everything about this!! The colors are so simple and gorgeous! =) Definitely pinning for the future!

  • What a cool diy! I’ve never tried finger knitting before. – Becky x

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  • It’s basically the coziest statement necklace I’ve ever seen 🙂 I love the colors you selected to – it very much matches ABM’s aesthetic!


  • Love it! Both of my younger sisters used to wrap our entire Christmas tree in a finger-knitted garland each year. I never learned at the time (too busy doing ~super cool~ big sister things, I suppose), but now I’m inspired to try it as an adult 🙂

  • This looks so easy to make and it looks so lovely! Definitely going to give this a go!

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