Five-Minute Braided Bun

Five minute braided bun via A Beautiful MessHey, friends—it’s Katie here to share a quick and easy bun with you today. I don’t know how much time you typically have to get ready for the day, but sometimes I have time to really fix my hair before the day’s obligations, and other days I just have to do the fastest possible thing and get myself out the door.

Having a few quick and easy styles in the ol’ hair bank can save you time for other important things… like stopping for donuts.

Step one- braid hairStep One: Go ahead and braid your hair. Nothing fancy here—just your average braid.

Step two- holding one of the three strands and push the other two up as far as you canStep Two: Once you’ve made it to the end of your hair, take one of your three strands in one hand. Push the braid up to the nape of your neck with your other hand.

Step 3- push hair to nape of neckStep four- roll the tail under and pin into placeStep Three: Once you get the braid up to the neck, begin pinning the braid. As you can see from the photo above, you will have a tail. Don’t worry! We’ll pin that, too!

Step four- keep pinning under all loose hair is hiddenStep fourStep Four: When your bun is feeling pretty secure, wrap the tail around the base of the bun and pin it in place. Once it feels secure, you’re all done!

Five minute braided bunI love this style more than a typical braid wrapped into a bun, because it has a tighter look and feels more secure. Now, go enjoy some donuts! xo. Katie

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Credits // Author: Katie Shelton. Photography: Sarah Rhodes.

  • I never knew you did this by pushing the braid up the hair! That’s so clever! I will have to try this, although I have hair past my waist, so could be a little bit too long! It looks great on your hair though.

  • Wow, this braid is pretty awesome! I think we should add it to our collection of braids. We actually did a summer hair guide with many hairstyles, and this is definitely worthy of being on there! We are so giving this a try.

    If you are looking for more braids, you can check some out at in the hair guides section at the link below! My 2 cents!

  • Thanks so much for this hairstyle, y’all. I’ve done it for work a few times, and it’s such a good go-to in the morning!

  • This looks so cute! Seems quite easy to do. I will definitely try it soon, thank you!

  • This has made me kind of regret getting my hair cut! Fingers crossed it’ll have grown back to a decent length by next summer so I can give this a go

  • Love this – I’m the bun queen, I waer my hair in all different styles of buns. I call it my go to hairstyle, simple, elegeant and takes next to no time to do… Will be trying this over the weekend.

    Thanks Katie for this new style.

    Paula xo

  • Tried this today and received many compliments!! Thanks for the easy quick hair idea. Although I still need some help with the bobby pins and making it a bit more secure.

  • This is a great idea! Although I have really thick hair and sometimes pins can come loose. Goodie makes these amazing little screw- like pins that are incredibly secure. You can get them at any drug store. It would be a good alternative for those of us with tons of heavy hair. Thanks!

  • It looks easy peasy! I have short hair and I don’t think I could go with a braid, but I’ll try it anyway 🙂


  • This looks lovely, going to try it out for my holiday.

  • So lovely! I love to see quick hairstyles for long hair it takes me about 15 minutes to pin my hair up into place!

  • So simple, but so cute! I’ll definitely have to try it out when my hair grows out a bit(:

  • Beautiful!! I think my daughter could do this with her hair. I definitely cannot.. but can I still go have a doughnut? 😛

  • Yes!! I want to try it now! My hair might be too thick and too short, but I’ll give it a shot!

  • I’m not sure if my hair is long enough for this, but I’m gonna try! It’s simple but so pretty 🙂


  • I love these simple but different hair styles, such a good way to change it up sometimes!

  • has anyone got this to work? I tried it 3 times and it was not pretty….

  • Great idea, plaids always fall out in my hair, this might keep it in

  • Such a great idea – been looking for more easy work hairstyles!

  • Ooh I love this! So simple, yet elegant. Definitely remembering this one. Thanks for the tutorial!


  • So pretty. Formal but simple. Here’s another braided updo I love:


  • Im going to try this. I have sumer long hair and am always looking for new ways to get it off my neck in the summer heat!


  • Quick and easy. Her jet-black hair is gorgeous.

  • I love braids but I’m not too good at buns…this is the perfect idea! I’m going to try it as soon as possible 🙂

  • That is so pretty! My hair is about the same length now, so it would be a great thing for me to try!

  • I love the versatility of a braid, there is so much you can do with it. I had a hard time braiding my own hair but a few youtube tutorials later and I’m vastly improved. It’s very Lauren Conrad of me but one of my fave looks is still the side braid. So simple and chic!

  • This looks beautiful and easy
    Thanks 🙂
    X Willemijn Sofie
    Amsterdam So Fashion

  • OOoooh, that is gorgeous. I am going to have to try this when my hair finally grows out!

  • Although I might have just cut too much off for this, I love the twist on a braid bun! It really does seem more secure and interesting.

  • This is awesome! I always seem to be running out the door so I adore quick and easy styles.

  • Wow, it’s really pretty. It would be a cute first-day-of-school hairdo!
    XOXO Love, Izzy

  • Wow, this truly looks easy! I love doing braids and buns, but usually get a little intimidated when it looks like it’d be hard to do a hair style with just two hands. This I can definitely handle.


  • Love this easy to do style, looks really polished. Too bad i don’t have long hair right now…


  • This is just beautiful! So simple & elegant.

    Hope you have a beautiful day!


    the bbb blogger

  • I have such a hard time finding hairstyles for work and I love this one! So cute!


  • This is really cute and useful for my upcoming interview season- I reallyyyyy hope it’s as easy as it looks! Thank you for sharing.

  • Such a lovely simple look! Perfect for hot summer days when you just want your hair away from your face and neck!


  • Who is this lovely hair beauty..looks a lot like Elsie’s hair color. Wish I had such healthy hair!

  • This is so pretty! I love how quick and easy it is 🙂

  • My hair is wayyy too nappy for this style. Haha, but really cute! I’ll keep it mind for the next time I straighten it!

  • So lovely! Not sure my hair is long enough for this, but great idea! 🙂 x

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