Five-Minute Braided Bun

Five minute braided bun via A Beautiful MessHey, friends—it's Katie here to share a quick and easy bun with you today. I don't know how much time you typically have to get ready for the day, but sometimes I have time to really fix my hair before the day's obligations, and other days I just have to do the fastest possible thing and get myself out the door. Having a few quick and easy styles in the ol' hair bank can save you time for other important things… like stopping for donuts.

Step one- braid hairStep One: Go ahead and braid your hair. Nothing fancy here—just your average braid.

Step two- holding one of the three strands and push the other two up as far as you canStep Two: Once you've made it to the end of your hair, take one of your three strands in one hand. Push the braid up to the nape of your neck with your other hand.

Step 3- push hair to nape of neckStep four- roll the tail under and pin into placeStep Three: Once you get the braid up to the neck, begin pinning the braid. As you can see from the photo above, you will have a tail. Don't worry! We'll pin that, too!

Step four- keep pinning under all loose hair is hiddenStep fourStep Four: When your bun is feeling pretty secure, wrap the tail around the base of the bun and pin it in place. Once it feels secure, you're all done!

Five minute braided bunI love this style more than a typical braid wrapped into a bun, because it has a tighter look and feels more secure. Now, go enjoy some donuts! xo. Katie

Credits // Author: Katie Shelton. Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Sunday from the Folk Collection.

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