Four Seasons Sparkling Punch

Four seasons punch Here in southern Missouri we love celebrating the four seasons. Sure, it can feel a little sad to know that summer is almost over. But this simply means that fall is about to begin! As much as I love tank tops and warm weather I am excited to bake with more apples, break out the scarves and order a pumpkin spice latte when the day comes. 🙂 We partnered with Coppola Wines to create a sparkling punch recipe that can be customized to fit any season you are currently celebrating.Four seasons punch   The idea is simple: Add fruits to this basic punch recipe that showcase the seasons. We used Sofia Blanc de Blancs in this punch because it includes flavors of apples, pears, citrus and honeysuckle. Apples and pears sound like autumn flavors, while citrus is all summer.Four seasons punch www.abeautifulmess.comFour Seasons Sparkling Punch, makes 8-10 servings (so throw a party!)

2 bottles Sofia Blanc de Blancs sparkling white wine
1/2 cup light simple syrup (recipe follows)
1 apple
1 pear
1 starfruit
1 orange
1 grapefruit
1 lime
edible flowers for garnish 

To make light simple syrup combine 1/2-cup water with 1/2-cup sugar. Stir together over medium heat until all the sugar as dissolved. Remove from heat and allow to cool before use.

Slice the citrus (orange, grapefruit and lime) in half. From one half extract the juice. Use the other half to slice into thin pieces. Slice the remaining fruit into thin pieces as well.Cocktails with sparkling wine www.abeautifulmess.comIn a punch bowl combine the simple syrup, citrus juices, fruit peices and wine. Give it all a good stir and garnish with edible flowers if you can find any. If not don't worry, this punch is pretty enough for a party without any additional garnish. Four seasons punch     Serve chilled and enjoy! xo. Emma

  • Looks so pretty too! I’m going to make this for the next bridal shower we have! It’s perfect…

  • So pretty! I love all of the fruit. Especially the star fruit. Growing up my mom always made a fruit salad for Christmas that had star fruit in it, so very sentimental. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Yum, that looks delicious!! I am a huge sucker for anything sangria or jungle juicy. xoxo

  • I just found a fabulous vintage punch bowl on sale, and now you’ve shared a stellar recipe. This looks amazing! I can’t wait to give it a try for a housewarming party. Thank you!

  • Monica, Edible flowers is something we’ve done a bit of research on and there is a LOT of conflicting information out there. For now, we stick with packs labeled “edible flowers” at the grocery store. 🙂

  • This punch is SO pretty, I love the touch of the edible flowers xx

  • It looks like a gorgeous summery sangria! Yum!

  • This looks so pretty and delicious! I love the flowers 🙂

  • i haven’t had starfruit in YEARS!

    APparently summer is returning next week- i’ll flag this recipe up fer sure!

  • I was admiring a punch bowl in a shop window the other day! Now I have an excuse to buy one 🙂

    I love the idea of a punch that can be adapted to all seasons. You could swap the wine for a rose, pop in strawberries and raspberries and have the perfect punch for a ladies night in…

  • I love the idea of celebrating the change of seasons. Might have to start doing this instead of repeating the dread of summer ending.

    Also – that punch is so cute!

  • This punch looks beautiful and delicious. Love the addition of flowers!

  • Looks beautiful, sounds delicious!


  • This is so beautiful!

    Just wanted to know, is there a good guide of what flowers are edible? Because I would definitely not have picked orchids.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Mm looks incredible, I love white wine punches 🙂
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • This looks so lovely and refreshing! I’ve never had starfruit before but I really want to try it now 🙂

  • Looks delicious!! Love the design of the label on the wine bottle too 🙂

    Alex from

  • That punch looks so pretty c: I definitely wanna make that for like my first house warming party in the future.

  • Looks awesome! I might have to make it for a housewarming party next weekend!
    Hilary x

  • This looks amazing! And you used starfruit! That’s one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing!


  • Such a great, easy idea! Love it, perfect for fall fruit season! Thank you! – Leith

  • Haha I love that you say “so throw a party!”

    This looks awesome and really refreshing!

  • Omg! This looks so good! Amazing!

    Lulu xx

  • Such a good idea to make this when entertaining 🙂

    Carina xx

  • Love this! Edible flowers? Yes please.
    That starfruit looks amazing! 🙂

  • You take such beautiful photos and are full of such inspiration. So days I just want to live in your blog world x

  • I am totally gonna make this with Welches since I am pregnant. A girl can dream 🙂

    xo, Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  • I started creating punch bowls at the parties I host and people love them! It is such a classic party addition and looks beautiful! I create one without alcohol and a bottle of alcohol next to it for anyone who wants to put a bit of it in their drink.

  • Don’t you just love living somewhere where the 4 seasons go strong? It’s like that here in New England as well, and i love it! And that drink is beautiful and looks delicious!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • So pretty! I love that the wine is a tribute to Sofia Coppola from her father. This makes me want to watch Marie Antoinette for the thousandth time. LOVE!

  • I love those serving glasses, they are so cool. And the punch looks amazing, I even love all the little flowers, it makes it look so much nicer.

  • Beautiful drink, love the flowers!
    Mafalda ❤

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