French Pull-Through Braid

French pull through braid (click-through for tutorial) I have tried and failed at more crown braids and lace braids and fancy-pants braids than I care to admit or count. I’m still trying because eventually I might succeed, but some braids are seriously hard to learn, especially when you only have your own head to practice on! (I need to organize a braid party and practice some styles on friends one of these days.)

Thankfully when braids fail you, there are loads of faux braids that look just as good and are half the work. Today’s pull-through braid is one of those styles; all you need is a load of hair elastics and you’re set.

French pull through braid (click-through for tutorial)Step One: Start by making two ponytails on the back of your head, one underneath the other. Leave some hair at the bottom of your scalp loose.

Step Two: Take the top ponytail and divide it in half. Pull the bottom ponytail up through the two halves and pin it in place.

Step Three: Add some of your loose hair to the two halves of your top ponytail and tie it off in a new ponytail. 

Step Four: Now you take your new top ponytail, divide it in half, and pull the lower ponytail up through the two halves.

Step Five: Repeat step three by adding any remaining loose hair to the two halves and tie off. 

French pull through braid (click-through for tutorial) Step Six: Continue this process until you nearly reach the end of your hair. Tie it off when there is an inch or two remaining.

Step Seven: Mine is a bit messy, but this is okay because the last step is the one that makes it look so good! Pull on the outer edges of each little section, loosening them and giving it a fuller look. 

French pull through braid (click-through for tutorial) French pull through braid (click-through for tutorial) This style has been my favorite way to wear my hair this winter. It’s a cool style that looks a lot trickier than it is to achieve, but what I really love is how thick and full it makes your hair look. Like, Disney animation hair fullness! I didn’t even “pull” the hair to the full extent of the thickness you can get. Cheers, Rebecca.

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Credits//Author and Photography: Rebecca Stice. 

  • I loved it.
    Your hair color is gorgeous! You look just like Anna from Frozen 🙂

  • I just tried this style for work this morning! I was initially worried because my ponytails seemed thin in comparison, but I quickly realized that you really CAN make the braid a lot thicker. It was super quick and easy to do. I’ve already been stopped on the street twice this morning for compliments on my hair!

  • Ah, darn! Would have loved to try this before chopping off 18″. So inventive.

  • This braid is gorgeous! I’ve been loving all the pull through braids I’ve been seeing online!


  • I do this kind of braid a lot. It’s so fast and so beautiful. My hair isn’t quite as long as yours though!

    Julie |

  • Oh how classy is this! I absolutely have to try this when my hair gets longer again 😀

  • SO pretty! What a simple look. Love how full the braid looks!

  • This is such a beautiful hairdo, and again, you have amazing hair!

  • Your hair color is gorgeous! You look just like Anna from Frozen 🙂


  • Try using adore creative image hair dye. It’s super cheap and they have so many colors. This one looks like it could be orange glaze.

  • That color is bright and beautiful, perfect for tutorials, makes you want to grab some hair due and go nuts!

  • I wish my hair was still longer! This is beautiful! It looks especially pretty with red hair! =)

  • This is such a cute hairstyle. Don’t know if i could pull it off by myself though

  • absolutely love this hair style!! i hope it’ll work with my short-ish hair. can’t wait to try.

  • I loved it. It’s so classy.
    And doesn’t seem to be tricky. I’m always struggling with hairstyle because I have to much hair. But these seems to be easy-to-make.
    I’ll try tomorrow to come to work! 😉

    P.S. The color of your hair is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

  • It’s so simple and pretty! I love the hair colour too.

  • This is a really nice braid, love it !
    Could you tell what hair dye do u use to have such a great ginger color ? I’m trying to get the same for a while now !
    Thank u :))
    Lucile (from France)

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