Frosting Mixology

Best frosting recipes!Frosting mixologyThe other night I was baking a cake for a dinner with my future in-laws and my parents. I had made a chocolate cake and was preparing a butter cream frosting. I love plain vanilla butter cream frosting, but for some reason I just felt like the cake needed something a little extra. I decided to add in a big scoop of cookie butter to the frosting. The results were fantastic! And it got me thinking how a little change like that can make a big difference in easy recipes. Here are three ideas for spicing up your frosting.Cookie butter frosting recipeCookie butter frostingCookie butter frosting! It's got the perfect amount of cinnamon. Simply add cookie butter to homemade butter cream frosting. If you don't have a favorite butter cream frosting recipe yet check out these ideasNutella frosting recipeNutella frostingNutella frosting! I doubt I'm the only one who regularly has Nutella on hand. 🙂 Add a scoop and you'll have a super unique chocolate frosting to spread on cakes or cupcakes.Peanut butter frostingPeanut butter frosting recipePeanut butter frosting. Just add peanut butter. Easy. Obvious. Duh. This goes well with chocolate cake or you could make peanut butter and jelly cupcakes. Yum!Easy frosting recipesDo you have any favorite frosting mix-ins you'd like to share? What about jams and jellies? Happy baking! xo. Emma

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