Our Frozen Birthday

My daughter recently turned 4 years old and this year we let her choose a theme for her own party. She chose Frozen because Frozen (along with Frozen 2 and Frozen Ever After) is her obsession.

Since it’s my second time to pass though the Frozen phase, I am more aware how quickly these phases pass. I wanted to do something extra special this year and started putting together ideas for an elaborate Frozen-themed birthday party.

Starting with the base of snow (I left our snowflakes from Christmas up on our windows an extra month), snowmen and princesses, I knew it would be fun to build a themed party.

It’s a great bonus that many of these decorations can be reused in future Christmas decor.

paper snowflakes hanging above a candy tray

Frozen Birthday Decorations

I decided to keep our decor minimal and lightly themed. I stayed away from large character cutouts and branded items, and instead focused on the themes of snow, the colors blue, white, and purple and a general ice princess theme.

For decor, I used a set of these paper snowflakes hung on a chandelier.

To create a candy centerpiece, I ordered light blue M&Ms, sour gummy rings, sour candy strips and blue and white rock candy sticks to resemble ice.

You can easily create a fun display of treats using just white and light blue candy. Other ideas that you can add are marshmallows, white chocolate covered pretzels, and white powdered sugar donuts.

Girl in blue dress next to a snowman

Tips for picking Frozen birthday decorations

  • Focus on your child’s favorite character. Let them wear a costume if they want to. Our daughter wears an Elsa dress nearly daily already, so we surprised her with a new one on her birthday.
  • Color coordinate. Don’t worry about buying a bunch of branded items—just focus on the colors from the movie and you’ll create the same effect (or even prettier) with less branding.
slice of birthday cake and snowflake cupcakes

Frozen Desserts and Cookies

I found these edible snowflake decorations and they are perfect for adding to cupcakes, ice cream, or truffles.

Here are some great cookie cutters you can use to create Frozen cookies: snowflake, Elsa’s crown and Olaf.

paper snowflake

More Party Inspo

Frozen-themed birthday party costumes

If you are having a Frozen-themed birthday in your future, we wish you a magical party! Remember, some people are worth melting for. xx- Elsie

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  • What a “cool” party! Could you pls share the source for your daughter’s tiara? Don’t see it on Etsy. Thanks!

  • Your Olaf is making me giggle SO much in that last photo 😀

    Sadly the days of such parties are over for me now. But they are definitely the best – even more when diy’d + improv decor’d.


    + a big Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! xo

  • Thank you so much for content like this. I feel like so much of the blogging/influencing/social media world is a little judgey about kids and commercial characters. Do you know what I mean? The message seems to be that it’s not cute, or that we should let our kids have the Marvel bedspread because it’s not Pinterest-worthy. I’m two years deep in a Spiderman phase and I just want to tell you that I appreciate content that acknowledges that sometimes kids just love the mainstream stuff. I have no idea how long this phase will last, but I have a feeling that someday I’ll find Spiderman in an old junk drawer and feel warm, cozy nostalgia.

  • I love it all!💙💜❄️ Little kids’ birthday parties bring out so much creativity. So much fun to plan.

  • This is the sweetest idea – I love that you guys dressed up too! Good inspo for my neice’s birthday (though I don’t think we’re going to get the snow! 😆)

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