Nova’s Star-Themed Birthday Party!

Hello friends! I’m here to share some images from Nova’s birthday party. We were celebrating her third birthday, but it was her first birthday as our daughter and I have to say I think I exhibited a lot of self control.

Just kidding. We went all in!

We had no idea how it would all shake out because at Christmas Nova had ZERO interest in gifts and did not seem aware at all that it was a special day. We tried to prepare that she may not understand the whole birthday concept this year, but somehow it all clicked for her. It might have been the daily gifts my mom packed to give her each morning (can’t blame a grandparent for wanting to spoil her!) or hearing the birthday song sung to her by all our friends and family. Whatever it was, it really stuck. She now asks to go to her birthday party every morning (haha!) and tried to open up all Jeremy’s Father’s Day gifts herself.

Anyway! I’ll give you what you came for. Here are the cute party photos …

We kept it pretty simple with food prep. Cakes from Whole Foods (no time to make cakes when you spend three days making cookies—haha), a cheese board (my one and only party “must”) and pizza from our favorite local spot hidden in the kitchen.

We took our time and had a pretty chill party full of adults chatting and children running around wild—as it should be.

Our beautiful birthday girl.

Augh, my heart! One of the happiest, sweetest, best moments of my life.

We love you so much, Nova!

After that, we moved on to the “pool party” entertainment (which entailed a blow-up pool from Amazon and a sprinkler). The kids loved it—it was so cute (and LOUD!).

Friends + family!

Here’s half my friends (assuming the other half were chasing their little kids—haha).

And the grand finale was giving Nova her first car! It was Jeremy’s parents idea and turned out to be something she is having so much fun with. She’s definitely still on her “learners permit” though. Haha.

Thanks for following along!! Our family truly appreciates your love and support! xx. Elsie

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Credits/Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Laura Gummerman and Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • All these details are so fun and beautiful! What a great day for Nova!


  • Puhhhlease tell me you are leaving the stars on the front door! And secondly – Nova’s little pigtails are everything that is good in this world!

  • My heart bursts every time I see your beautiful family and how loved Nova is :’)

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful family! I have enjoyed watching the adventures of Nova here and on Instagram. What a cute party idea as well!

  • Happy Birthday Sweet Baby! Wonderful star theme party! thanks for sharing images.

  • This makes my heart so so happy! It helps so much to pair things down to these moments, which is what life is really all about. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Happy Birthday to Nova! What an awesome party!! Love watching your family’s journey, thanks for sharing.

  • This is so adorable, I love the theme and those cute little cookies!

  • It looks like you all had magical, happy, chilled day. These photos are just beautiful- thanks so much for sharing them. They’ve done my heart good. What a stylish party Nova’s had- lucky girl! Now be honest Elsie- how many swan cookies did you accidentally behead before you iced the perfect batch?! 😉 (I would’ve ruined all of them.) Where did you get that adorable cookie cutter from? Happy belated birthday Nova- enjoy your car. (Watch out for your toes Mum and Dad!) xx

  • Love the party….you did amazing things to celebrate! May I ask where your friend’s pink dress came from? It looks so light and easy!

  • What a happy event!! Love all the yellow! ♥ Nova looks like she had a ball. 🙂

  • You are amazing! I love this party so much! It’s adorable!

  • Happy Birthday Nova! Such a cute party!

    Can I ask, where is your yellow jumpsuit from? Amazing!

  • Awwww!! I looovvveee it!! Nova stole my heart and you guys are giving that child the life she deserves! So thankful that you share your story with the world, it’s inspirational! Love the Larson’s !

  • The star dress turned out so cute!! Everything did, really. I hope Nova had the best birthday!

  • Hi there,

    So adorable, first of all! And so happy! You touched on something here that as a fellow parent I think I’d like to hear more stories/how-to’s about. Firstly, I LOVE the range of DIY’s you all have posted over your history – from Laura’s hardcore cool woodworking to those friggin’ pancake/breakfast sausage corn dogs I still dream about. What has always been my favorite is the party advice (I have made the apple cider punch from one of your friendsgivings for every party I’ve had since, no lie.) With this post, I really appreciated seeing your mix of handmade details with perfectly good “help from the store” (as Queen Rachael Ray puts it). For myself I know I want to put care and detail in to my kids’ parties but I also really need to cut corners (and money!) so posts about suggestions for the right mix of handmade & store-bought is something I would always love to see more of. Thanks for this & sharing your family with us! (And oh man do I love a sugar cookie. I end up only making them at christmas time when I get the bright idea on a thursday and by sunday I am weeping will icing the last of a billionth batch.)

  • Happy Birthday to Nova!! Those swan cookies and all the adorable cakes are so cute!! I love the little car idea!! I hope she continues to have a lot of fun with it!! =)

  • Nova is the cutest! I’d like that pineapple swimsuit and cool car in my size please 🙂

  • Love this post! I have been following your beautiful journey with Nova on Insta – love all the pics, such a beautiful party!


  • Happy birthday, God bless you, Nova. All your birthday party was perfect. Elsy, what can I say about you, you are the most beautiful human, and the most lovely mon for your little girl.

  • Omg… adorable. Love all the photos, especially with the three of you. And that car ~~ so so cute. Happy Birthday Sweet Nova! ☺️????

  • Happy birthday to little Nova! The setting is incredible and the theme suits Nova so well! I love it all, perfect in every way! ????????

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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