Giant Snowflake Light-Up Marquee

Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial) Okay, okay, unless you’re the type of person who puts up her Christmas tree the day after Halloween (Elsie!!), you may feel it’s still a little early for Christmas decor. My husband Todd is a bit of a Grinch and puts up a big fuss if he hears or sees Christmas-related items before Thanksgiving.

But, I’m a planner by nature, so it’s hard for me not to think of projects I want to do months in advance. So, regardless of when you choose to break out all your holiday decor, if you decide to make this project, I think it will be one of your favorites.

Do you remember those “choose your own adventure” books where the story varies based on what choices you make? Well, this is kind of a choose your own adventure light-up sign. You can make a version of this sign out of foam core that will be faster and more inexpensive (but will probably only last you one year), or you can make a wood version that will take a little more time and money (but you can keep it for several holiday seasons to come).

I like the idea of being able to use my Christmas decor for more than one year (I will for sure be using this light-up sign from last year again!), so I chose to go the wood route.

To bring this sign to life, we’re teaming up with Martha Stewart Living and their holiday collection at The Home Depot. Also, be sure to check out Martha’s light-up sign in her how-to series.

Ready to brighten up your holiday decor?? 

Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial) General supplies:
Martha Stewart Living Battery-Operated LED lights
snowflake template
drill and drill bits (or paddle drill bits)
-duct tape

Additional supplies for wood version:
-wood board big enough for your desired sign size (thickness is up to you; mine is 1/2″ thick)

Additional supplies for foam core version:
-large foam core boards big enough for your desired sign size
-X-Acto knife, metal ruler, and cutting mat

Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial)Step One: TRACE. First you’ll want to trace your snowflake design onto your material. I would suggest taking your downloaded snowflake file to a place like Kinkos or Staples and have it printed on their blueprint printer as large as you want. I wanted a big statement, so I made mine 40″ wide.

It should only cost around $5-$8 and you can just cut it out, place it on your piece of wood or foam core, and trace around it to transfer your design. If you are a lucky duck and have access to a projector, you can also print your snowflake on a transparency to trace it with the projector instead.

I added the dots on the printout to mark where the lights should be based on where I ended up drilling mine, so make sure to mark those dots when you are tracing as well.

Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial)Step Two: CUT. Okay, here’s one part of the process where you can go either the less or more time-consuming route. If you want to use foam core for your marquee, you can just use an X-Acto knife and metal ruler to cut out your snowflake. For a thicker foam core sign, cut out more than one and glue them together.

If you choose to use wood for this project instead, you’ll need a jigsaw, but if you don’t already have one the good news is that they are under $50, easy to use, and you’ll have a whole new range of wood DIYs you can tackle from now on. Totally worth it. 

If you choose to use a jigsaw, clamp your wood (or have someone hold it) so that the portion of the wood you are cutting hangs over the side of a table or workbench that’s about waist high.

Keep the flat metal bottom of the jigsaw close against the top of the wood as you cut into the board, and use the metal guide on the front of the saw to follow your outline.

Don’t force the saw forward too fast or it won’t give you as clean of a cut, so just let the saw go at its own pace. Make all the cuts that you can get to from the outside of the snowflake, and I’ll show you how to do the cutouts near the inside.

Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial)
Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial)To make a cutout that you can’t get to as easily from the outside edge, you’ll need to make yourself an opening near the lines that you want to cut.

You can see in the photos above that I drilled holes a bit bigger than the width of my jigsaw blade near the lines that were hard to get to so that way I could start the saw from those holes and go in either direction I needed to from there. 

Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial) Once your snowflake is cut, you can take a piece of fine sandpaper and smooth any rough edges.

Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial) Step Three: DRILL. To make your light holes, use a drill bit or a paddle bit that makes a hole big enough to fit your lights through (my bit was 1/2″).

A regular drill bit will work just fine for either wood or foam core, but paddle bits tend to give the cleanest holes in wood if you have access to one. Just drill with the paddle bit until the tip just goes through the other side, and then flip the wood and finish drilling the hole from the back. 

Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial) Step Four: PAINT. You guys know how to do this step. Choose whatever color you like (spray painting is an option too) or add a glitter coat with Mod Podge so the lights have extra sparkle.

Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial) Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial) Step Five: ADD LIGHTS. I love these Martha Stewart LED lights because they run on battery packs and you don’t have to worry about cords hanging down or having to be near an outlet.

They are also great because the front bulb cover can be removed and you can just stick the bulb through from the back and reattach the cover from the front. And the larger bulb really just works for the look I’m going for here.

There’s not really a right or wrong place to start adding the lights in from the back, so just pick a spot and start adding! It’s also okay if you have to skip a bulb to make it to the next hole if the spacing is too far apart on some. I think light-up signs actually look better when they have a few lights behind the sign, as they give it an extra glow against the wall.

Use duct tape on the back of the sign to secure any loose lights or wires that might dangle in sight and to secure the battery packs.

Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial) Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial) Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial) Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial) Have to make this! Giant snowflake marquee (click through for tutorial) Marquee signs really are the best in my book and we’ve done quite a few of them now if you want to make another one! Can’t you image being cuddled up under this sign with a blanket and hot chocolate this winter? It looks so cute on the mantel with some gold figurines and Christmas decorations.

It’s the perfect dose of quirky fun to add to your holiday decor, and since the snowflake is also a general winter icon, you can totally leave it up until spring has sprung. Are you up for making a holiday marquee this year? Would you choose the wood or foam core version? xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman. Photos by: Laura Gummerman and Josh Rhodes.
SAFETY TIPS: We spoke with our local fire department to double check the safety of this type of project. It’s no less safe than a lit Christmas tree, as you’d probably guess. Just be sure to follow these guidelines (if you plan to recreate this project):

-Before purchasing your lights, check for a label of an independent testing laboratory (most commercially sold Christmas lights will have this). Some lights are specially made for indoor or outdoor use; be sure to use lights made for indoor use.

 -Replace any string of lights with worn or broken cords, or loose/broken lights.

 -Your finished project should not have any exposed bundles of cords or wires, only the final cord or extension cord so it can safely reach an outlet if you use lights that are plugged in.

 -Just as you would with your house decorations or your Christmas tree, always turn off lights before leaving your home or going to bed.

  • Hi Amy! It should take you to this PDF link:
    You can print it from there 🙂 -Jacki

  • Love Love Love your blog and this idea!

    I tried right clicking on the image of the snowflake and it isn’t an option to save the image or download it. am I doing something wrong?

  • Hi! Can you tell me what size drill bit you used? I can’t seem to find the right size to fit the Martha Stewart lights! Thanks!

  • I’ve just finished making this yesterday. My first DIY project and I loved it. I made mine a lot smaller though and added an extra hole at the top to put a ribbon through so it can hang on the wall. It looks amazing especially since the wall is brown, it makes the white and lights of the snowflake pop. So happy with it!!

  • I’m actually making this right now. Loved it so much that I had to try for myself. Making it a lot smaller though so I can easily fit it somewhere on the wall. Also this is my very first DIY project and my dad had to teach me to use a jigsaw and a drill, haha. But I love it!

  • This is amazing. My favorite thing about Christmas decor is things that light up! Must make.

    Question: what size drill bit did you use?

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  • Wow great job! It looks amazing – if only I were that talented 🙂

  • What a great idea. That is a fun way to add some festive wall decor for the holidays

  • I love this! I made the Merry & Bright Marquee last year using foam since I don’t have access to many tools. Luckily it’s still holding up really well and I’ve already brought it out for this holiday season too 🙂 Maybe I’ll have to make it a snowflake friend!


  • I love this so much! Just wish I knew how to use power tools…but great project. Can’t wait for more!

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    Thanks for more inspiration!


  • Since I saw this post yesterday I’ve been planning to make it happen! However – I can’t seem to find foam core in that large of a size! I know I can glue two pieces together (one on-top of the other) but I’m worried that gluing two pieces side-to-side (to make it wider) will result in some very flimsy workmanship.

    Any ideas where I can find foam core that is 40″ wide????

  • Thank you for suggesting a foam core version! Sometimes I just don’t have the skill, space, or supplies for the bigger wood projects. That being said… I have got to get my hands on some power tools. This looks amazing!

  • This looks amazing! It’s one of those things that every guest in your home will be amazed by. I can’t wait for more holiday DIYs! 🙂

  • Beautiful project! I still haven’t made your ‘Merry & Bright’ marquee from last year. Need to find the time……

  • This is so bad ass!! It looks so clean and fresh and not at all cheesy like most “in your face” xmas decorations.
    You should do more posts on how to decorate for xmas in a more modern, chic fashion 🙂

  • This is awesome! We´ve also tried some Illuminated lights on our blog:). thanks for the inspiration.

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    This DIY is amazing!
    You are inspiring!

    Marc Dan

  • very lovely and sooo christmasy 🙂
    i love it a very good idea for samsing simple but special

  • Lovin’ this idea of a giant DIY snowflake! Gotta admit that you’re one of the most creative bloggers I know. Keep up the good job, gorgeous.

  • You guys are killing me! My to do list is already too long!
    xoxo Laura

  • adorable! i’m going to have to make my fiancé make this for our future home!
    xoxo, kiely

  • I think decorating for Christmas November 1st is perfectly acceptable! Ha. This is such a cute and fun idea. I’d love to put this in my bedroom, and then leave it there year round.

  • We do have one here!

    Good luck!
    Laura 🙂

  • Good idea Jen! I keep pushing the jig saw because it’s actually really affordable and you can do so many more projects with it!

    Laura 🙂

  • This is amazing!! Would love to see what it looks like with the lights turned off at night 🙂

  • I’d actually like to try this with outdoor lights for an outdoor ornament – something different, and on dark siding it would look just as charming during the day.

  • This is completely lovely! I’d love to be snuggled under this 🙂

    Warm Regards,

  • Hello Laura and the ABM team! I love the snowflake and the blog in general (long time lurker, first time commenter here!). Echoing what Lindsey just said, I wonder if you could do a post sometime about putting together some basic tools for the sort of woodwork projects you feature here? I currently own a drill, and, er a screwdriver?! We’re buying our first house soon and I would love to ask for some tools for Christmas so I can try out some of your projects.

    Thanks! <3

  • I love the faux fireplace! Is there any chance you have a tutorial on building one of those? I was actually planning on tackling that very project this weekend to make my apartment a little more homey!

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  • I obvs need to learn how to use a drill to follow your blog!!! I guess I need to buy a drill first…lol. Great tutorial!

  • This is so pretty…! And we customize the design… love it!


  • This is so beautiful! I already have lots of Christmas decorations up…. since Canadian Thanksgiving is in early October, we don’t have a holiday in between Halloween and Christmas, and I feel the need to be festive when it starts to get cold!

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