Gift Idea: DIY Drums

By now, most of us have a gift-game plan laid out for our friends and family. Some of us though, (ahem… me) might be a little behind schedule. Don’t panic! Here is a fun idea for the little ones on your list.

-tin cans
-decorative fabric
-leather laces
-wooden dowel and ball
-hot glue gun

Step One: Cut your fabric to fit around your tin can. Use Elmer’s Glue to glue it in place.

Step Two: Lay out your leather and trace around your can. Measure 1 inch around the traced circle and draw another circle.

Step Three: Use a pen to map out your holes. Use a Crop-a-dile to punch the holes out. If you don’t have a Crop-a-dile, you can use a large needle to make your holes.

Step Four: Run your leather lace through the holes. Cinch tight over the top of the can. Repeat the same steps for the bottom. Run another leather lace diagonally through the top and bottom laces (see picture below for reference).

Step Five: Insert your wooden dowel into the wooden ball. Glue cotton all over the ball to create your drum sticks. 

I customized my drums by painting designs onto the fabric with fabric paint. It’s a fun way to personalize this gift!

Happy gifting!  xo. Katie

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