Gold DIY Cheese Labels

Gold Cheese Labels (the perfect D.I.Y. for a hostess gift or housewarming party!)Hey friends! Sometimes the simplest DIY projects are my favorites and this is the perfect example. This project doesn’t take much time, or money, and the result is something I’ll use over and over again for impromptu parties.

When we throw last minute parties we typically go for wine and cheese with one signature cocktail. In the past we’ve printed our own cheese labels, but I loved the idea of making a reusable set, with all our favorite cheeses! Gold Cheese Labels (the perfect D.I.Y. for a hostess gift or housewarming party!) Supplies needed: Scupley clay, Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding (in Gold), a rubber stamp set in a small font, a paint brush and an oven.

Step 1: Use a knife to cut your Sculpey into slices. Stamp each slice with a name of a cheese. Be sure to include all your favorites, which is completely unique to you. For example, we always buy honey goat cheese, so I went ahead and made a special label just for that (it’s stinky, but SO good!).Gold Cheese Labels (the perfect D.I.Y. for a hostess gift or housewarming party!) Step 2: Bake your Sculpey pieces in the oven at 275 degrees for 15 minutes.

Gold Cheese Labels (the perfect D.I.Y. for a hostess gift or housewarming party!) Step 3: Paint the pieces for Liquid Gilding. They will not be dishwasher safe, so always remember to hand wash them as needed. Gold Cheese Labels (the perfect D.I.Y. for a hostess gift or housewarming party!) Gold Cheese Labels (the perfect D.I.Y. for a hostess gift or housewarming party!) It’s crazy how easy it is to make these little guys! I’m thinking they would be a fun gift (along with some cheese and wine, of course!) for the next housewarming party we attend.

xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Sarah Rhodes

  • I made these the other day exactly as instructed and found that the liquid gilding is not drying….they have been under a fan for 24 hours and the paint is still completely tacky…did you have this same issue? Maybe it needs a reallllly long time to dry? thanks!

  • you’re right So many Paris, but in 1873 (thanks wikipedia) it was Port du Salut, like the name of abbey where the monks produced the cheese… Anyway, these cheese labels are very cute!

  • These look so so so good! I’d love to make them someday~! 😀

  • I love this project. I am going to do it this week. However, my thoughts are to make ones thats say vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, kosher. Those are just the needs of people I know. :o)

  • I so have to give this a try! My partner is a big cheese eater, and I’ve become pretty hooked myself. Something cute like this will be a fun addition for dinner parties! 🙂

  • I don’t eat cheese all that much, but I love the idea of the labels! They’re adorable!

  • Great gift idea for a house warming!

  • I really like this idea and I can think of a million uses for the Martha Stewart Liquid Gold.

  • What a great idea! I’ve not heard of most of the stuff you’ve used. I wonder if they can be bought in the UK and if they would be expensive 😀

  • The literal translation of “port du salut” would be “harbour of salvation” or something like that, so definitely a good cheese name 😉

  • love these! I’m working on ideas for a cheese themed birthday party this fall (I’m turning 25 and haven’t had a proper party in a LONG time), these would be PERFECT!

  • Lovely ladies– Martha Stewart not “Martha Steward” under needed supplies in your text. 🙂
    Super cute idea.

  • Oh, so cute and would be such a fun gift! I love this idea. Thanks for sharing!

  • nice idea, but usually I will not suggest to use the same oven you use for baking- because clay (for any use, even if it’s for children) produce toxic fumes when cooked and you can’t simply remove them by cleaning the oven. Be careful girls!

  • What a fun project! I’ve always loved stamping on clay like this for necklaces and such, so I can definitely see how wonderful and easy this is!

  • Curious if you also painted the back of them? Is the liquid gilding safe to touch food?

  • This looks so classy!

  • Off the scale of cuteness! I think you’re right, this would make a lovely gift. I’m sure I’ve got some old craft clay somewhere, I’ll have to dig it out!

    P x

  • Ah! I will definitly be using this idea for the dessert table at my wedding…couldn’t have seem this at a better time. Thank you!

  • These look nice but a little warning about how toxic this gilding is would be appreciated. There are some harsh chemicals in this paint!

  • Why are your idea’s so amazing and clever!! 😉

  • Love, love, LOVE the idea!

    Just as an FYI, the clay can release toxins and coat your oven so make sure to clean the oven after or use a seperate craft oven for baking them.

    So fun. I just love the blog!

  • All the details are very important!

  • Love this! They’re so sweet and such a perfect detail!

  • These are beautiful! I often indicate what kind of milk (cow, sheep, goat, a combo) is in the cheeses I serve. It’s nice for people who have sensitivities to cow’s milk or for folks who have certain preferences (like me — I love sheep cheese!) For a gift, that might be a good way to go, if you don’t know what cheeses folks typically serve. Cow, goat, cow&goat, sheep, etc.

  • Wauw ! That’s such a good idea! Your blog is very inspiring 🙂

    Emma Jo

  • oh gold and fancy schmancy, so much fun!!

  • Cuuuuuute! I’ve always wanted to have a cheese party (or at least a gathering where I serve up a bunch of cheese). It’s my “Food-I-Can’t-Live-Without!”

  • haha- I actually kinda knew that but I just put what the cheese label had on it. Shoulda googled! 😀
    Thanks! Elsie

  • This is so cute, and yet stylish! I love cheese, so I’m definitely pinning this 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  • These are so cute! If I made them for a gift, I’d probably end up keeping them!!! Thanks for the idea!

  • Such a cute idea. I absolutely love cheese and wine parties so will definitely need to make these! xx

  • WOW! Those are absolutely gorgeous! Time to go throw a wine and cheese party so I can make these 🙂

  • This is a wonderfully creative idea Elsie! And a very thoughtful gift too!

  • Such a fun idea! I don’t do many cheese plates but this is an idea that I could see myself using in multiple ways. I just reorganized my comic book collection and am already thinking it might be a great way to label the crates on their shelves 🙂

  • This is so cute! I love the idea of having reusable cheese labels!


  • This is such a great idea! You could even step it up a bit and buy metal/plastic skewers to attach to the back so they can be stuck into the cheese. I also see this being a cute / fun way to personalize cupcakes / name “cards” for place settings /etc. Thanks! 🙂

  • So cute! I used Martha’s liquid gild for the first time last weekend….obsessed. I went through the whole bottle in one day. :O

  • What?! My mind keeps getting blown by these projects! This is such a great idea and could be used for so much. Love it, ladies!

  • Wow ! I like that !
    And so cool for a wine and cheese party !
    It’s actually “port-salut”, but “port du salut” sounds cute 🙂

  • this is rad! thanks for sharing Elsie! I love these great ideas that are lovely and pretty easy!

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