Gold Honey Bear Vase D.I.Y.

Gold Honey Bear Vase DIYEmma and I recently purchased a Gold Leaf Starter Kit and did a little experimenting! My first project was these gold honey bears! I thought they would make cute vases. Originally, I planned to spray paint them (either white or gold) but I thought I would give gold leafing a try. 

Golden Honey Bear Vase Steps1.Supplies Needed- Gold Leaf Starter Kit, 2 Honey bottles in small and large (I purchased mine locally at Honey Heaven, but you can find similar bottles at most grocery stores), foam brush and paint brush. 2. Coat your bottle with adhesive and allow it to dry. When dry it will be super sticky and ready for the gold. 3. Adhere sheets of gold leafing and use a foam brush to gently press each sheet into the shape of the bottle. Gold leafing is messy. Expect to repeat this step several times to achieve full coverage. 4. Use sealer as a top coat on your design. Allow sealer to dry completely before using. Enjoy! 

Gold Honey Bear Vase DIY from A Beautiful MessI'm so happy with my little project! The gold leaf was a little more time consuming than spray paint, but I love the textured finish! I am excited to display these little his + her vases in my new home. 

Check back later today for Emma's project using gold leaf! XO. elsie

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