Gold Painted Holiday Ornaments

Gold Painted Horse OrnamentThis year we’ve been making and collecting decor in a neutral and metallic color scheme. I’ve seen spray painted animals all over pinterest, so I decided to try them out as simple ornaments. We followed this tutorial via Curbly to add hooks with a drill and then finished them with simple gold spray paint. Ornaments Step 1Ornaments Step 2DIY Gold Horse OrnamentI love how they turned out and will definitely make more in the future! Gold Animal OrnamentHave you made any ornaments this year? xo. elsie

  • Just wanted to let you know that I think this is my favorite blog! I just featured two more of your posts! You can check them out here:

    Thanks for all of the great posts!! 🙂

  • These are so pretty! I love gold christmas ornaments!


  • Thank you Elsie for this post!
    I bought some silver and gold spray a few weeks ago and I`m still thinking for what I should use them.You gave me some great ideas!


  • I have made lots of Froebel stars. They can hang anywhere, in a tree as well as in the window. I think I´ll make some more, using thin felt. I wonder, if it works.

  • These are so great! I have a good friend who is a champion dressage rider and I think she’ll love these!

  • How did I not think of this?! It would have been prefect for my red & gold tree this year! 🙂

    Anestazia @ Eccentric Delirium

  • I have a tree in our backyard that drops huge acorns I put some wire on them and hung them there so natural looking and go with any thing

  • I’ve been looking forward to this ever since the sneak peek! I think this is the best way to recycle old toys!

  • Wow so cute! I love metallic neutrals for holiday decor too. We haven’t done much decorating, since we always go to our parent’s for christmas.

    Strive to Thrive,

  • These are amazing! I don’t have a tree this year but will definitely save this for later!
    Thank you!
    xo Hannah

  • I just love the idea of using the animals as ornaments, so cute! I used them to create little kid friendly metallic objects: .

  • i ve seen many DIYs similar to this on pinterest. greatttt idea

  • These are cute. I can’t stop making these, sending them out as gifts this year.

  • I like the idea– you don’t find them too heavy for your tree? (Just wondering. I have a tiny, fake tree this year… would probably have to test the weight before buying any little plastic animals to repurpose.) 🙂

  • I would’ve never thought of this! I love those animals even more now!

  • This is so serendipitous! I was selling jewelry at an independent market this weekend and bought a necklace from a girl who was spray painting dollar store figurines gold and stringing them onto necklaces. I am wearning one with a cat on it right meow!

  • I KNEW there was a reason why I’ve been collecting tiny plastic animals and figurines! Thanks for sharing; this is a beautiful idea!

  • They look so cute! i did something similar but with paper cranes a few years ago 🙂

  • What a great idea! I don’t have any kids so this would have never occurred to me. I have a dog though .. I suppose I could do this with a dog toy 😉


  • These look great! I love the horse. It reminds me of your hand printed dress which was gorgeous. I just made some yarn ornaments and I really liked how they turned out. I posted a tutorial as well.

  • This is such a perfect idea! I love the fact you could apply this to practically anything! Thanks for sharing!


  • I love this idea!! They look amazing!

    I made gold dipped feather ornaments this year!

  • I did the exact same thing, but not as fancy!



  • Love love LOVE these ornaments!!! I’m on a DIY holiday gift kick this year and I think I may just need to add these to the mix!!!

  • The ornaments look adorable. The gold ribbon is a nice touch. I’m actually working on a set of these right now that’s all dinosaurs in coral, mint green, and gold for a mini tree. However, I do want to point out that Curbly lifted this idea from the YoungHouseLove site. I appreciate that you’re giving credit to your inspiration, but I really feel that it should go to John and Sherry.

  • I did this with dinosaurs! I love love love them. I didn’t add hooks to mine, though. Instead, I just set them up on my mantle amidst some snowy vase filler, pine garland, faux pinecones, and twinkly lights. 🙂 They make me happy.
    Love your miscellaneous animal take on the project!

  • This is brilliant and the ornaments are “shatter proof” for the kiddos! What fun!

  • Great idea. Now I have to see if my mom saved those toys.

  • That looks so nice. I like that color which you did chose. HAve a nice day.

  • Love them

    I made some gold painted dino ornaments last week – tutorial on the blog ( I just screwed the hooks into the plastic, much easier !)


  • Very nice !
    Check out my new post :

  • So Cute!!! I haven’t made any so far this year as I am overseas and away from my crafting box!!!!
    But I have made many in my day haha!

  • So pretty! I love animals, don’t think the family would appreciate these though. Will have to wait until I move into my own place 🙂

  • A fun idea once you’ve got that spray can in hand where do you stop 🙂

  • I’m going gold with our decorations this year as well…everything I touch seems to either get painted gold, wrapped in gold or dipped in gold glitter! and then you go and show me this…I’m off to buy some animals!

  • Such a cool idea! My family’s Christmas ornaments are all animals, and this would be a cool way to bring that idea into my own Christmas tree someday.

  • These are adorable!! I haven’t made any ornaments yet this year, but I’ve made a few things for holiday home decor. Fuzzy Christmas trees with bells, a red sparkly deer silhouette wall art, and (my favorite) an antler wall plaque (which I shared here: )

  • Love these custom ornaments!! This just shows, it doesn’t take much to truly make holiday decorating your own.

  • I love these! I made toy animals into Christmas candle holders! (Here: I love how these little toys add so much fun character to a space!

  • Cute! I love the gold horse.

    I made all kinds of crochet ornaments this year! I also give a handmade ornament to my mom every year that I haven’t finished yet. Only two weeks left! 😉

  • Very cute. My 2 year old would love these! I’d love to see a pic of your whole tree. I bet its beautiful. :0)

  • I’ve been spraypainting everything gold this season, too! Ever since I bought some gold spray paint for my stepdaughter’s Halloween costume, nothing has been safe. My favorite was making gold Christmasy mantlepiece decorations out of our pumpkins.

  • This idea is so simple and yet, inspired! You ladies get me so excited to have my own home to decorate 🙂


  • yours are a little fancier than mine!! I did these animals too – and dinosaurs! All painted gold… but I glued my ribbon on top. LOVE them!!

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