Gold Stamped Ring Dish

Bronze ring dishEver since I made these stamped cheese labels, I’ve been wanting to experiment more with stamped clay. It’s such an easy way to create a really nice gift that looks handmade, but also feels polished and chic. Today I’m here to share my newest project, a (faux) gold ring dish. 

I tried to talk myself out of using bronze or gold paint because Mandi had already made this awesome hand dish, but alas, I’m a sucker for metallics and could not be swayed.

I’ll tell you how to modify it into any color at the bottom of the post though. I was tempted by all the pastels like mint, soft peach, and blush pink. Those colors would look gorgeous with this technique. 

Supplies neededSupplies needed:
-Polyclay in any color (Use black under metallic to give it an aged look if you want to wipe the edges– or use any other color. The selection these days is seriously impressive.)
-paint brush
liquid leaf paint (in bronze or gold)
-ovenproof bowl for the baking part

Step 1 + 2Oven-hardening clay isn’t super soft. It’s actually sorta tough to get started sometimes. What I did to speed up the flattening process was break the clay up into little bits. Then I rolled it with a rolling pin using all my body weight (and huge muscles, of course). 

Step 2 + 3Next, use scissors to cut an imperfect circle. Mine was about 3″ across. Use letter stamps to stamp a word or initials into the center of your dish. I used larger stamps, so I stuck with our initials because it’s short and sweet! If you used smaller stamps, you could fit several words instead. 

Step 4 + 5Next, take your stamped circle and mold it into a small bowl to give it shape. This is how I gave my dish a perfectly round shape. Just press the center of the dish lightly and you’ll feel the subtle bowl shape begin to form. 

Make sure your bowl is oven safe (most are, but just be sure!), so you can leave it in there to give it shape as it bakes. 

Step 6Follow the baking instructions on your clay package. They differ slightly. When the dish is done baking, allow it to cool completely before you remove it from the bowl. After is has cooled completely, it should slide easily out of the bowl. Nice job… we’re almost done! 

Step 7Last step- Paint your dish. I used two coats of liquid leaf on all sides and the edges. 

If you want to make a colored dish instead, just choose colored clay and use glossy accents as your glaze after it’s done baking. No need to use any paint at all! 

Bronze ring dish I know you’ll have time to try this simple, pretty project. It’s sitting on my bedside table right now (I don’t like wearing all my rings when I sleep, too pokey). 

BronzeIf you have any requests for homemade-gift-type projects, let me know in the comments! I’m currently planning ideas for gift giving season and would love to hear your requests. xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with Stella and Merit from The Signature Collection

  • Love this! It would make the perfect DIY gift with the holiday season coming up !

    – CASA & Company

  • Hi Elsie!
    I’m sorry if this question sounds really stupid, but I’ve never made anything out of clay before and I just wanted to know if I can use a regular oven for this project or if I would need a specific “clay oven”.

    Thank you so much! This DIY looks really really lovely and would make such a great christmas gift!

  • Oh! Oh! Oh! So cute!!! I will definitely do this for my engagement ring and often used earrings. I am always scared of losing them, because I just put them on my night table when we go to bed. This is a great idea! I love your blog! Maybe you can make a DIY for some husband/boyfriend gift ideas.

  • I love this project! The bake-able clay is a revelation. I have so many great ideas for projects now!
    Thanks ABM!

  • This is awesome. When I first saw the blog post, i thought that this is not my kind of thing, but it really is. I love you final product. It’s so cool and stylish.

  • making this gold stamped ring dish in a few minutes.. very excited to see the result! thanks for the idea 🙂

    xoxo Noesjn

  • Love this!! Any way you guys could make a bigger one or some sort of tray? I’m looking for something to store my daughter’s hair accessories. Maybe instead of initials I could use an animal stamp? Need help here!
    Any ideas for baby/children’s room decor? I see those unframed canvas prints with animals, or sayings on them everywhere (Target, Kohl’s,Everywhere)and I think “I bet I could do that if I were slightly crafty or artistic or had serious help-like you guys.” Lots of “borrowed” ideas that from stores that I know you guys could make (and make better and at a fraction of the cost.)

  • Is there a food-safe paint or finish that could turn this into a tea bag/spoon rest? Thanks!

  • I love stamping in clay, too! I made these dragonfly earrings earlier this summer that could make great gifts. There are so many options when it comes to stamping!

  • Such a lovely idea! I’ve been on the lookout for a little ring bowl.

  • YES! love this! looks easy and elegant. Would love to see more ideas for Christmas gifts!

  • So cute! I love that you’re blogging more again over here (I know things were super busy for you before)!


  • I ADORE this for the Christmas season! And for my own rings. I’ve recently had to retire them for awhile because of pregnant pudge fingers;)

  • This is so gorgeous! I have gold paint so I’m already in a mood to paint everything gold 😉

  • Hi Rachel,
    I used liquid leaf, so it didn’t stay sticky. I actually think regular gold leaf is REALLY hard to work with, so maybe try the liquid one next time?
    Your project sounds really cute.
    xx- Elsie

  • That is absolutely divine. I REALLY want one now!

  • Elsie! So glad you are back and writing more posts. I really missed your voice on here. I love all the other contributors as well, but you have such a distinct style that I truly love. Glad to have you back around!

  • Looks great! Where are those stamps from? I have tiny ones but have been searching for larger ones. Thanks!

  • Love this DIY… the stamp make all the difference here.. will def try this one for my side table.. 🙂


  • Elsie, I’m so glad to see more of you on the blog again. You’ve been missed!
    DIY gifts are just the best, to make for others or to receive:) if you could come up with a cute mug coaster diy, that would be very appreciated!

  • I actually made something SUPER similar earlier this year, though I used white clay and didn’t paint the entire thing in gold leaf…just the outer rim/bottom. However, the gold leaf paint remained super tacky and so it wasn’t really usable. Did you have this problem?

  • This is gorgeous! I’ve got a similar DIY coming up on my blog but with copper paint.


  • Ooh this is gorgeous! You can never have too many little gold jewelry dishes.

    I have been day dreaming about diy christmas gifts all month and have this idea to make candles in vintage tea cups. Any tips or ideas for something like that?

  • hi elsie. i love this! i recently bought a little “constellation ring dish” from a craft sale in my hometown. it has my constellation dotted in gold on it. it is going to look so cute next to this craft!

    i love to wear hats in the fall (like this one and would love to see you guys embelish one! xo

  • I wouldn’t have thought to use black clay. That’s such a good idea & I love the rustic feel it creates under the gold. Simple yet priceless DIY. :] // ☼ ☯

  • I’d like to see an easy DIY coffee mug holder. They take up too much space up in our cabinets.

  • Beautiful! Regular Martha Stewart metallic paint would be fine too right?


  • This would be such a good wedding present to someone! I love this idea! Would it work with gold leaf?
    The Accidental Mama

  • Congratulations Cordi!
    I think these dishes would be an awesome gift!

    Here are a few more suggestions-

    Good luck with your wedding planning!
    xx- Elsie

  • So pretty! I have been meaning to make a couple of ring dishes to place around the house. Eee!! to being newlyweds!! And right now, I’m obsessed with gilded anything, so the gold inspiration is just perfect!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Alex from

  • Love this! Such a sweet and simple idea! High fives for cute places to store your jewelry!

  • Monogrammed gold things always look so pretty! Liquid leaf is such an amazing product.


  • Oh, I love this! Definitely in my top five favorites of y’alls DIYs! <3 Thanks for sharing it!

  • so gorgeous and what a perfect idea for a christmas present!
    pinned for inspiration 🙂

  • Lovely Blog! Would you like to follow each other?
    Check out my blog and facebook page:

  • Perfect project and reason to purchase more rings! Thanks, Elsie 🙂

  • Hi India!
    Here’s our Beeswax candle DIY- and some pretty candle holders-
    xx- Elsie

  • all about the DIY Christmas gifts this year so anything would be great! I love this for earrings when I forget to take them out until I get into bed and am too lazy to get up. lol

  • Sorry to comment again, I just remembered I have a big roll of cork that I don’t know what to do with. Any projects (besides the obvious cork board) would be great!

  • I would love to see some suggestions for DIY bridesmaid gifts! I’m getting married next year and want to make my ‘maids something special.

  • That looks so very pretty! I love gold, and rings 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Love from Italy,


  • Thanks so much McKenzie! We’re definitely working on more gift ideas. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words.
    xx- Elsie

  • Thanks Eden! We’re working on more gift idea posts- coming soon!
    xx- Elsie

  • this is amazingly cute!! i’m totally making one for each of my friends. i can’t thank you enough for coming up with an easy/economic christmas present…they’re so hard to find. more of these easy, chic little diy gifts would be welcome in my book!

  • I’d love to see some home made candles, as I’m thinking about making some for Christmas presents 🙂 love this bowl it’s so cute!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  • So neat! I would love to see hand made kids things. My husband and I try to be as self sufficient as possible and I really want to make my son’s gifts this Christmas. He will be 10.5 months around Christmas. DIY gifts for your husband would be cool too for those of us with a small budget.

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