Entryway Key Throw Table

6U8A0547You guys requested it, so today Josh is here to share instructions for this beautiful DIY entryway table. We're loving it in the space. It's been fun to restyle it each week with fresh flowers and thrifted finds. If you make one, please send us photos. We love seeing how you guys change up and customize our projects!

Take it away, Josh! 

Key throw table diySupplies:
-seven 2x6s

-two 4x4s
-2.5" Kreg screws
-1x2s (or you can rip your own)
-220 grit sandpaper

-miter Saw

-table saw
-speed square
-tape measure
-sponge brush

This little hallway table is built like a tank, a very pretty tank! With the right paint color for your space, it will make a great utility and decorative piece that will last nearly forever. It's a breeze to build; if you have a couple hours and the right tools, you can have this built in an afternoon! 

HallwaytableStep One: Cut all the pieces that you need. 

  • Cut four 4x4s 31.5" long.
  • If you have a table saw, you can cut some 2x6s into 16.5" lengths, then rip them into 1.5" x 1.5" strips (2x6s are actually 1.5" x 5.5"). Or you can use the 1×2 stripping and cut six 16.5" pieces.
  • Cut nine 2x6s into 4' lengths.

Step Two: (Make two mini ladders). Refer to Figure B in the diagram for the layout. Best thing to do would be to screw in the top piece first, then measure down 9.5" and mark the lines (with speed square), and screw the next piece in.

Step Three: Cut corner notches in four 2x6s. You can use a piece you cut off to trace, or you can measure 3 3/8" boxes on the corners and cut those out.

6U8A4653Step Four: Assemble! The best route for this would be to flip everything upside down, and start from the bottom and work your way up. The table top is easy; just make sure the pieces are upside down, the three boards are lined up, and the ends are flush with one another. Start with one ladder; make sure it's all nice and square and looking good before screwing. I only put one screw in per side per board, and that was enough. I'm telling you, a baby elephant could perch on this thing without worry. 

6U8A4656After you have the top all screwed in, work your way up. I would make sure the pieces fit in the space before screwing. Even if you double measure and take your time, sometimes adjustments have to be made last-minute, and it's better to make them before everything is screwed in. After you have the two shelves assembled, flip the table over. You just made something; doesn't that feel great!? Sand everything nice and smooth, then stain or paint to your liking. 

6U8A05476U8A0557Happy building! -Josh

Credits // Author: Josh Rhodes and Elsie Larson. Photos: Sarah Rhodes and Josh Rhodes.  Photos edited with Clementine of the Folk Collection

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