Halo Light Pendant DIY

Halo Light Pendant DIY www.abeautifulmess.comHi ABM readers! It’s Rubyellen from Cakies and I miss you guys. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to do something for this space. I love hanging light fixtures (they’re my favorite kind!), so I thought it would be fun to do a different take on a caged pendant light. I made 3 of them, but this would look just as great alone!

Halo Light Pendant DIY (supplies)Supplies: 18 gauge galvanized steel wire (I got a pack that had 110 ft, which was definitely more than enough!), Measuring tape/ruler, Wire cutter, Round nose pliers, White electrical cord swag kits (bought here), Spray paint (paint & primer combo works great!), Newspapers, Light bulbs.

Halo Light Pendant DIY (steps)1. Measure out and cut these various lengths of wire per light: 6 ½”, 18”, 21”, and 25”. If you’re making more than one light, make sure to group the same sizes together, so you won’t get things confused. Note: You may need to smooth out the wire as you unravel it to make sure it forms a circular shape.

2. Wrap the 6 ½” piece of wire around the top of the light kit and form a ring around it. You want it to fit somewhat snuggly, so wrap tight! Repeat if making more than one light halo.

3. With the round nose pliers, bend ¼” of each ends of the wire outward. Repeat with every halo piece. This makes the insert loop that the ring will go through. Be sure to NOT bend the ends of the ring that goes around the top of the light kit.

4. Lay out your newspapers and get ready to spray paint the wire. Group the wire pieces together: 6 ½”, 18”, 21”, and 25”. Each of these pieces will all be sprayed one color, so that the halo will all be one color. If you want to paint them different colors, keep the same sizes grouped together or get creative with it!

5. Paint your wire. Allow one side to dry before flipping over to spray the other side. Coat the wire about 2-3 times. Make sure to allow wire to completely dry.

6. If making more than one, make sure your halos are grouped correctly, with one size of each wire being in each group.

7. The best way to attach your halo wires onto the ring is to place the rings in order with the 25” first, and the 18” last. Hold the top insert loops on one side, so that they are lined up together (make sure the other side is in the same order). Proceed to slide one end of the ring through the 3 insert loops on one side, continue to slide the ring around and insert the other end of insert loops for opposite end of the halo.

8. Attach the ring onto the top of the light. Tighten ring if necessary.

Halo Light Pendant DIY There you go! Screw your bulb(s) in and hang up your light, or sets of lights! These could easily be made into a chandelier using something like this with multiple lights in one. Or you can go chic and paint your wires gold (or just buy copper wire and skip the painting step all together)! If you also want to focus on just one, but add a really big halo, I would just add more wires, but gradually go larger in size with each one. That would definitely have a more dramatic effect.

Halo Light Pendant DIY This project is a simple way to dress up a light. I love hanging lights in our home! We only have two table lamps in our home and all the rest of the light fixtures are hanging ones (see some of mine herehere, and here)! This colorful DIY lighting is in our learning room (we homeschool), so it’s a fun little addition to this special space. What kind of lighting person are you? Do you like table and floor lamps? Or would you rather opt for a hanging one?

If you make one, don’t forget to share it with us! – Rubyellen

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