Handmade Bauble Necklace How-To

Bauble necklace DIYWe're loving bright pops of color this season! In this next D.I.Y. project you'll learn to make a trendy bauble necklace in any colors you choose! These necklaces are easy to wear with casual and dressy outfits. Enjoy… 

Wood bead necklace stepsSupplies Needed: Craft Paint (choose any colors you fancy! We went with mint, grey, pumpkin and neon pink), Gloss We used DecoArt Triple Thick Gloss Glaze as our top coat (this glaze is our secret weapon for giving these beads a polished look!), raw wood beads, leather cord or chain (long enough to slip over your head) and scissors. 1. Paint your beads with two coats of paint. Allow beads to dry between each coat. 2. After the paint has dried, Use the gloss to add an extra coat of shine to your beads. 3. String the beads. We had a difficult time threading the leather cord through the beads, so we added a little tape to the end of the cord to make it more sturdy for treading. Super simple, no? Best part is, you can make necklaces for you and your friends in an afternoon! 

Handmade Bauble NecklaceHandmade Bauble NecklaceChoose colors that compliment your personality and wardrobe! I think I need a yellow necklace too…. xo. elsie

  • Thanks for posting! I hosted a girls craft night last night and this was our project. Everyone loved it!

  • Love them! Gotta try this!


  • So cute and simple to make!
    Great DIY 🙂

    xo Sari

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  • Love this idea! I definitely need to make one of these! Thanks for the how-to!

  • Love this DIY– so cute! I need one. xx


  • These are beautiful.
    I made and posted something similar on my blog almost two months ago.
    I used modelling clay instead of wooden pearls.
    I love yours! 🙂

  • I wonder how much the natural beads will be to buy in the UK and if this is practical to make them as you can buy them quite cheap ready made but it is not match for your own colours and sizes! I think a blog post idea may have just arrived.



  • I absolutely adore these. Do you have any tips for how to paint the beads on all sides? Do you do one coat and then turn them for the other coat? Any tips for how to let them dry (and I guess same goes for putting on the gloss coat)?



  • Silly and obvious question perhaps, but how do you paint the beads and let them dry without the color smudging off/the paint sticking?

  • Gorgeous DIY, guys.
    And Emma, you make everything look so beautiful.
    Ronnie xo

  • Oh gosh, those look just like the necklaces I wore in high school {I graduated in ’87} only less manufactured, if you know what I mean– looks adorable!


  • ooo how i love it in the mint! pastels are perfect 🙂

  • beautiful diy project! love it and can’t wait to try it myself:)

  • I’m so excited to make this!!


  • Oh, these are beautiful!
    A few months ago I made something similar, but with modeling clay in colors…
    HERE: http://www.behindmydesk.com/tips-and-diy-projects/2012/diy-necklaces-and-decorative-twigs

  • great necklaces! I’ll make some, too I think 🙂
    I’ll get everything in a handicraft work shop 🙂
    so easy but nice!

  • It´s so pretty and a very good idea. I think I must go to the next DIY market tomorrow ^^

  • Super adorable, these necklaces go with any outfit – neutrals and colors alike. Such a fan!

  • This is so adorable! Definitely adding to my ever-growing DIY to-do list!
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  • Making your own accessories is like playing and having fun. We can personalized this depends on our personalities. All we need is tools and materials and a little knowledge.

  • I love Triple Thick! I have used it on fabric to make bracelets water resistant. I haven’t used it on wood or paint, though. Queue that to my DIY list!

  • Top post as usual! Cute necklaces. Would love to see the yellow one.

  • This would be a fun project to make with the kids.


  • There’s this store down the street from my office called “sassy bead co.” It’s a local business so they’re only in my city (Ottawa, Ontario). I have a feeling you’de love the place: http://www.thesassybeadco.com/

    I’d probably get beads there to make a necklace like that.

  • I really think this is a DIY project I am gonna need to try. And how fabulous would this be even for a little girls’ birthday party!! Thank you!


  • That is a cute project to make with the kids

  • These are gorgeous!! 🙂 And I *love* the leather string!

  • Lovely idea! I should do something like that.

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  • Those are cute – I could so make some of those!


  • I love how customizable this necklace could be! I would do some sort of sunny yellow colored one!


  • very cute! great idea!

    Lindsey Turner

  • Beautiful necklace kids!


  • oh, i love how customizable this is. i’m daydreaming about all of the possibilities — thanks for sharing! xo. http://blog.tarapolly.com

  • They’re so cute! I may need to do this 🙂


  • That is so cute! I love it. I definitely need to try this. 🙂

  • Elizabeth, the leather string is from Michael’s in the jewelry section. Pretty sure most craft or leather stores would carry this. 🙂

  • I really like the grey and blue one. They’re sort of like mod pearls.

  • Awesome! I was prepared to buy one of these (which I still might) but how fun to make my own and customize with my choice of colors…! Great tips, E+E! 🙂

  • Making these necklaces looks like it’s going to be addictive. I can’t wait to try it myself!

  • Fantastic,

    I haven’t made my own jewelry for some time.

    It might be about time to start up again.


  • Oh wow they all link to your amazon account like your last post. lol

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