Hanging Leather Strap Planter DIY

Hanging Leather Strap Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) One of my favorite ways to scatter plants throughout the house is to have various sizes and at varying heights—on the floor, on a plant stand, on mantels/shelves, and wall and hanging planters too! I love these gold hanging planters that I made out of bowls last year, but I wanted something a little smaller to hang next to a print in our living room. A leather strap planter seemed like just the thing to take my plant dreams to the sky. So I used some brass hardware and chains to give it a bit more of a glamorous look, and it turned out to be just what I needed!

Hanging Leather Strap Planter DIY (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
-leather or faux leather (I got mine from a local leather store, so see what’s in your area or look online.)
brass chicago screws
-planter (I used the smaller one from this planter set.)
rotary cutter, cutting mat, and metal ruler (you can also use fabric scissors)
crop-a-dile or leather hole punch (should be able to punch the size hole of your chicago screw)
brass chain or rope (check your local hardware store)
gold key rings (4 per plant)
cup hook to hang planter from (also use an anchor if hanging a large or heavy plant)

Hanging Leather Strap Planter DIY (click through for tutorial First you’ll want to measure your planter to see how long a strap needs to be to go down the side, under, and up the other side of your planter. Add 6″ to this length so you have enough room on each end to make the loops for hanging your planter. Use a rotary cutter, metal ruler, and cutting mat (or fabric scissors) to cut two 1″ sections of leather your needed length.

Hanging Leather Strap Planter DIY (click through for tutorial Fold down both ends of each strap 1 1/2″ and punch a hole 1/2″ from the end of your strap (the hole should go through both layers of leather). Use a chicago screw to attach your folded leather ends together.

Hanging Leather Strap Planter DIY (click through for tutorial Hanging Leather Strap Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Measure up from the bottom middle of your planter where you want the horizontal loop to sit on your planter. Punch a hole through the middle of each strap and layer the straps on top of each other and secure with a chicago screw so they make an “X” pattern. Use the measurement from the bottom middle of the planter to mark 4 holes the same distance from the middle of your “X” (so one on each strap). Punch the holes with your hole punch.

Hanging Leather Strap Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Measure loosely the circumference around your planter, add 1″ of length for a bit of overlap, and cut another 1″ strap this length. Overlap one end 1″ onto the other end and punch a hole through both layers. Measure and punch 3 more holes in this strap loop so you end up with 4 evenly spaced holes.

Hanging Leather Strap Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Use 4 chicago screws to attach your loop to the four holes you already punched in your “X” strap, and you’ll have a little bucket harness!

Hanging Leather Strap Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) You can also use rope to hang your planter with, but I used key rings and chain to hang the planter from the ceiling so they would compliment the gold of the screws in the leather.

Hanging Leather Strap Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) Hanging Leather Strap Planter DIY (click through for tutorial) I love using draping plants (like a banana plant succulent) for hanging planters, and this one looks so pretty with the pale pink leather and gold accents and is a great compliment to the DIY skinny plant stand under it! Variety is the spice of life, and I really do think it’s also the secret to having a balanced and varied plant collection as well. So if you’re ready to take your plants to the sky, then I hope this DIY is just what you need as well! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.

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  • Oh this is so cute! Now I have an excuse to fit more plants in my flat 🙂


  • This would be perfect for the succulent I featured in my newest blog!


  • me encanto esta idea sobretodo que yo tengo casa muy chica en la cual no puedo plantar por el espacio y esto me da ideas de tener plantitas colgante, necesito saber más , los felicito graciaaaaaaaaa.

  • Wow, this is gorgeous! I’ve tried my hand at a few macrame plant hangers but the look of them doesn’t really match my interior so I will definitely be trying this!

  • Well, unless you have a really thin ceiling on a 100 year old house you shouldn’t need a ceiling joint to hang one (i don’t do that). For a really light plant just using a large size cup hook should work (that’s what I usually use and not one has ever fallen) but you can also use a screw anchor into the ceiling and then the hook for more stability for a heavy plant. It does make a medium size hole in your ceiling so if you don’t want any ceiling holes I would do a small wall planter instead that would just need a picture nail for hanging like these:

    Laura 🙂

  • I do think rocks are the best way to go. I tend to water my plants small amounts at a time and if anything I underwater then rather than overwater. It’s always hard to find a balance but try buying different kinds and see which you are able to keep alive the best (I find cactus live best of my indoor plants and succulents live longest when outside during the summer)

    Laura 🙂

  • At ABM you hang plants so often and I need advice, do I always need to find a joist to secure the plant. I am so scared of making lots of large holescale in my ceiling ad coming home to fallen smashed plants x

  • What a beautiful idea, I love the leather you used!

  • What do you do for drainage? I’ve tried the rock route, but it seems to just collect and get soggy in the bottom of the planter. Would love to have some hanging plants in my apartment.

  • I love where you chose to place the planter- it’s next to so many other plants but it sort of stands out!

    Love the pink leather too!


  • This looks so pretty. Love your color choice for the leather http://www.likehanna.com

  • This is really cute, and I love that shade of pink that your leather is in!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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