Hanging Vintage Brass Planters

Vintage Brass Planters www.abeautifulmess.comLast week I found three vintage brass planters at a flea market. I almost didn't bring them home, because I was having a hard time imaging them in our space. I had no idea where we would hang them. But it was one of those times where I figured, if I left them behind, I would probably regret it the next day, so I brought them home. 

We had a video shoot coming up, so we decided to hang them in the living room, opposite our hanging wicker chair. First, we added new wires to the planters, making them different heights. Then we added three plants to the planters, still in their original containers. Thanks for the time saving tip, Elise!Vintage Brass Planters www.abeautifulmess.com We chose three different plants that would spill over the planters. My dad told me these plants would grow really fast, and towards the light. So when one side starts looking much longer than the other, I will just give the planters a half turn. 🙂Vintage Brass Planters www.abeautifulmess.com  Our dad is awesome! He helped us hang these. Thanks, Dad!! 

Vintage Brass Planters www.abeautifulmess.com   Vintage Brass Planters www.abeautifulmess.com   Vintage Brass Planters www.abeautifulmess.com   Vintage Brass Planters www.abeautifulmess.com   Vintage Brass Planters www.abeautifulmess.com   Vintage Brass Planters www.abeautifulmess.com   I'm so happy with the final result. I was worried the brass would feel too fancy (we're not fancy!), but I think it adds just the right amount of "shiny" to our living area. Have you hung planters in your home? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks! xo. Elsie 

ps. An instagram follower pointed out that there are similar planters available at UO right now. Fun! 

  • Gorgeous!



  • Omg! Your app has finally arrived 🙂
    I can’t wait for it to come on android!! 😀 😀

  • These are gorgeous! They suit your room so well. I’m on the lookout for some cut indoor plants. What sort of plants are they?

  • I’m still trying to convince the boy that we should do something similar! Hopefully your pretty pictures will help!

  • I would love to plant some herbs in those planters so then I could have some fresh for cooking..

  • The planters look awesome, I’m kinda inspired to try something similar.

  • Love them, think they fit in perfectly with your aesthetic. Great job!

  • These planters look so cool. Funky, not fancy. 🙂

    xx Kaisa


  • The philodendron – the lowest hanging one – can be cut and rooted to start more plants. They are very hard to kill so are perfect for anyone with a black thumb. These hangers are gorgeous!

  • They look beautiful by the window with the sun reflecting on the brass!


  • Your home is such a gem. You are lucky to get to own a piece of history. You even have the original picture rail around the top of your rooms!

  • Beautiful planters! So cute, you can see you standing on the couch taking photos in the reflection! Hehe.

  • Very 70’s! To keep the plants from getting too lopsided, don’t wait until they grow towards the light, just turn them 1/2 turn every time you water. Keeps them more even. I’ve done this for years. (People with too much time on their hands will tell you to turn them every day. I’m not those people.)

  • These are incredible!
    They look fantastic. Buying these was the perfect risk to take! 🙂


  • Hey, maybe you can convince a manufacture/store to offer similar planters! It would be worth a try!

  • Nice idea and that looks so original. Have a nice weekend.


  • Great idea… it looks lovely !

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  • I didn’t hang planters, but I think it’s a brilliant idea. I have two small children (1 and 3), so plants are limited to the kitchen window sill, but Hangers are a great way to keep them out of their reach, I shall go and buy some next week.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • beautiful room, i love vintage stuffs

  • I think they look absolutely lovely! 🙂

  • ‘we’re not fancy!’ lol! Love how they turn out by the way! and considering my garden is not a beautiful, we don’t really think about plants all that much haha

  • Love the retro look. ( I think you mean imagining not imaging them in your space.)

  • I could not agree more. They look perfect. I adore brass. 🙂

  • These look great!

    xo Jennifer


  • Such a great find. I really, really hope to find some myself. I love them! They look gorgeous. Maybe I’ll settle for the Urban Outfitters version but.. I like the reflective shine on yours way better.

  • Thanks for sharing Elsie!
    And I was wondering…I know you design cloths from time to time, and was wondering of you could send me and email with a few basic tips. I often draw cloths, and would love any tips you could give me. I know you’re busy, but if you could find the time I would greatly appreciate it 🙂 Here’s my email:
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I love the idea and how you set it up but I do think they are a little too shiney for the place. Personally I’d add some dip-dye
    xo Carolin

  • That looks real great! It gives your living room just a bit more glam 🙂

  • These are pretty 🙂

    Lulu xx


  • These work beautifully in your space! They don’t overpower, but offer the perfect amount of richness! You have such amazing finds.

  • They look really pretty, great idea.

    Carina xx

  • These are beautiful! The glow in that space, plus it’s always lovely to bring greenery inside!

  • Cute! I love that we can see you reflected in some of these pictures. 😉

  • Beautiful and so simple! What a beautiful way to enhance a corner of any room.

  • I love love love love love those planters and am so jealous of you for finding them. I shall now dedicate a good part of my days to try and find similar ones. They just look wonderful.

  • I love those planters, I’ve been trying to think of a way to liven up a corner of my room, this is a great idea!

  • They are so beautiful! Would love to own some similar ones!


  • So pretty! I really want to have lots more plants in our house, and this would be the perfect way to add them, especially since we have very little shelf space!

  • love these hanging vases!

  • Haha, I like the reflections of the couch-photographer… I stand on furniture all the time to take pics. 🙂

  • Still thinking about buying these kind of baskets myself too, so cool! xx


  • WOW great idea !!

    XX Luba
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  • These are beautiful! Not to mention the perfect solution to plant-eating cats… 🙂

  • those are so clever!
    love how it doesn’t take up any floor space because flower pots and stuff can really do that!

    – Janine

  • I really like these! It makes me want some hanging planters now.

  • I think they look amazing! I love brass textures in my home!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  • Oh these are beautiful! Every room needs just a little fancy! These are so so fun! Very unique.

    Juliette Laura

  • Those look great and really add the right amount of color and pop in that corner of the room! What did you use to secure the wire to the planters from the ceiling? I have something similar I want to hang from my ceiling, but have been too scared about the item falling down. We’re in an older home, too, so I think what you did would work for us as well. Thank you!

  • Those planters are soooo badass! I think they look great in your space, totally vintage and fun! I love that you hung them at different heights, too.

  • When i was in school we made a planter hanger with “macramé”, like crochet with gross cotton, that was the first time i hung a plant ; )

  • So jealous! I’ve been looking for some myself. They look great.

  • Like you, I was a bit unsure of these at first but I think they have a real retro/ 70s bond vibe which makes them fit into your home.Rx


  • They look lovely! Brass isn’t too far off from that gold you (and I) are so fond of. 🙂 Can I ask what type of plants you used! I need some hanging plants for my sun porch. I like the look of those.

  • SUPER cute idea!


  • Just lovely! You’re right, the perfect amount of shiny!

  • What a great way to fill up a bare corner! I love the reflective look of the brass.


  • I use a self-watering hanging planter, where you pour the water into a hole at the bottom. There’s no messy overflow of water to worry about, and your plants feed as they need! Here’s an example: http://www.gardeners.com/Self-Watering-Hanging-Baskets/34-368%20%20%20TC,default,pd.html?SC=XNET9221&utm_campaign=cse&utm_medium=googleshopping&utm_term=&mr:referralID=872c6c19-b98c-11e2-9389-001b2166c62d&kwid=productads-sku^34@ADL4368TC-adtype^PLA-device^c-adid^23773305998

  • I’m becoming obsessed with house plants. Instead of becoming a cat lady, I’m becoming a plant lady! Anyway, great idea!!

    Danielle 🙂

  • These planters are gorgeous! They definitely brighten that corner, and the gold doesn’t compete with the plants for attention. Perfect combo 🙂


  • Oh, they look wonderful!! I also love your little reflections in them too 😉


  • It is such a beautiful addition to your home! I think it adds just the right amount of shiny!

  • I love the design of the whole room!

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  • I absolutely love what adding a little bit of plant life does to a room. Looks awesome!

    Chase @ The Smell of Summer

  • Is your dad the neighbor from Home Improvement? 🙂 LOL
    Love the planters, they look amazing!!

  • Good decision to take them with you. 😉 Hanging planters add so much freshness to any space. And I mean, they are in brass. What does girl want more? 😉

  • Looks great! What kind of plants are these and are they fairly easy to take care of? I need to add more green to my house and am looking for plants that I won’t end up killing. Haha.

  • You perfectly described my favorite feeling – knowing you found something extremely special at the flea market, not having a single clue of what you’ll do with it, but knowing that it belongs in your home. The planters look amazing!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any tips for planters since my single plant met an untimely death. I need to try again. What are the varieties? Keep us posted on how well these do and how much maintenance so I can start over!

  • These look great in your space! They fit the sofa so well.

    xo Julia

  • Very cute! I love hanging plants, always makes me think of my mom. She had one over the kitchen sink in the house we grew up in! Great find 🙂

  • I love it!! They look awesome on that spot :3 thank god for dads

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