Happy Mother’s Day!

Elizabeth Chapman at workHappy Mother’s Day! Today we want to celebrate the amazing mothers in our lives. We often talk about how we wouldn’t be the women we are today if it were not for the love, support, and creative encouragement our mom gave us while we were growing up. Our mom, Elizabeth, has been showing us for years that a messy life is a beautiful life. Her warmth, adventurous spirit, and her art work constantly inspire us to try and live our lives to the fullest. We love you, Mom!

A Beautiful Mess grandmothersWe also have two amazing grandmothers who we look up to for their style, their devotion to family photo archiving (one of their gifts to us, as we know more about our parents because of them!), and their constant love and support toward their families. Our grandmothers are two ultra-classy ladies, and we hope we turn out half as good as they did. 🙂

Barbara and Trey GeorgePat + jeremyWe also have two fantastic and supportive mother-in-laws. Thank you, Pat and Barbara, for raising the men in our lives. We love you all SO very much!

Be sure to give the mothers in your life an extra hug, phone call, or bouquet of flowers today. xo. Emma + Elsie