HFHS House: Bathroom & Laundry (Before + After)

Bathroom before and afterBathroom BathroomOur Habitat for Humanity project house had one full bathroom as well as a laundry room that needed some serious attention. You can see more of the before photos of these spaces here

Where do I even begin with the bathroom? It was seriously one of the saddest bathrooms I've ever seen. The floor was multiple pieces of damaged linoleum, and it had an oddly shaped mirror and cabinet that could barely fit anything inside, an unfinished shower/bathtub combination and a severely water-damaged window. Yikes!

So many things needed to be changed in this space before it could feel like a place you would actually get clean in. We replaced the damaged linoleum floors with black and white rectangle tiles in a herringbone pattern. We had to remove and repair the window area and walls surrounding, which we added white wall tile to. We replaced the bathtub and updated the shower. And we removed the old sink and broken mirror and replaced them with a more functional pair.

This room took a LOT of work considering its size, but we are so happy with the outcome! 

Laundry room before and afterLaundry room Laundry roomThe laundry room gave us quite a surprise with a rotten floor underneath the old carpet. We had to get that repaired for safety purposes before we could lay our marble-like tile (see how here) and repair and paint the walls. We also purchased an Energy Star rated washer and dryer for the house. One funny thing about this space is that due to the venting and outlets (this room is an add-on from the original house), the washer and dryer have to be positioned a little apart, separated by the door to the kitchen. But the room feels so fresh now and provides quite a bit of extra storage space for the future family—major plus! xo. Emma, Elsie, and the ABM team

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions. Bathroom: shower curtain/Target, Mirror/IKEA, Vanity + Light fixture/Lowe's. Laundry Room: curtains/ IKEA

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