HFHS House: Bathroom & Laundry (Before + After)

Bathroom before and afterBathroom BathroomOur Habitat for Humanity project house had one full bathroom as well as a laundry room that needed some serious attention. You can see more of the before photos of these spaces here

Where do I even begin with the bathroom? It was seriously one of the saddest bathrooms I've ever seen. The floor was multiple pieces of damaged linoleum, and it had an oddly shaped mirror and cabinet that could barely fit anything inside, an unfinished shower/bathtub combination and a severely water-damaged window. Yikes!

So many things needed to be changed in this space before it could feel like a place you would actually get clean in. We replaced the damaged linoleum floors with black and white rectangle tiles in a herringbone pattern. We had to remove and repair the window area and walls surrounding, which we added white wall tile to. We replaced the bathtub and updated the shower. And we removed the old sink and broken mirror and replaced them with a more functional pair.

This room took a LOT of work considering its size, but we are so happy with the outcome! 

Laundry room before and afterLaundry room Laundry roomThe laundry room gave us quite a surprise with a rotten floor underneath the old carpet. We had to get that repaired for safety purposes before we could lay our marble-like tile (see how here) and repair and paint the walls. We also purchased an Energy Star rated washer and dryer for the house. One funny thing about this space is that due to the venting and outlets (this room is an add-on from the original house), the washer and dryer have to be positioned a little apart, separated by the door to the kitchen. But the room feels so fresh now and provides quite a bit of extra storage space for the future family—major plus! xo. Emma, Elsie, and the ABM team

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions. Bathroom: shower curtain/Target, Mirror/IKEA, Vanity + Light fixture/Lowe's. Laundry Room: curtains/ IKEA

  • Was looking for new bathroom ideas and found it very helpful here. Thanks a lot.

  • I adore the utility room – such clean lines! I’m curious about the cost of each transformation…!

  • The improvement is phenomenal! I love how bright the rooms now look 🙂

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  • Although the bathroom mirror is beautiful you have removed a significant amount of storage from the room. It would be more suitable for a HFH family to have a medicine cabinet installed and a vanity with both drawers and a cabinet. Beautiful room, but, not very functional on a daily basis!

  • You guys are so talented! I love what you did with the bathroom and laundry room!! I am making a mental note about looking into marble-like tile when we finally purchase a home:)

    XO – Sarah

  • i am obsessed with both spaces! <3 <3
    that subway tile and MIRROR in the bathroom <3 loveeee
    and the floor and hanging rack in the laundry room – even more love!

  • Absolutely swooning over those tiles and the shower curtain funnily enough!

  • Can I ask how much money it cost you to fix the bathroom (without the window work). I’m curious because it seems to be the same size as my own condo bathroom which needs to be completely renovated and the quotes I got from contractors were ridiculous. You guys have a tendency to fix rooms on completely affordable budgets and I was wondering if it was the same for this particular bathroom (which is gorgeous by the way). I’m looking to do a similar reno (changing all the tiles, bathtub, toilet, sink, mirror and lighting). I think I can safely say that my own bathroom is pretty sad looking too. For some weird reason, the previous owners felt it was ok to put white tiles in the shower and dark burned orange tiles(barf) on the floor……and use white grout for the floor and dark terra cotta grout for the shower (They were either insane or completely stupid!). Anyway, I’d love to know the cost of this reno if you don’t mind sharing. Thanks

  • That bathroom floor is so fabulous! Love it!!!
    ♥ Heather and Melissa

  • WOW, what a makeover! That looks amazing, you can never go wrong with black and white design!

    Betty | Inspiremeand

  • Both these rooms look amazing! I especially like the tiles you used for both of them. This post makes me look forward to some day renovating my own home with pretty new floors!

  • What a great trick – just switch on the light and everything looks brighter! I will definetely try this at home. Maybe it works for me, too.

  • I’m totally obsessed at what you did with the white and black tiles! Ahhh I’d love to do that for my bathroom too!


  • The renovated bathroom looks beautiful! I esoecially like the white wall tile, it looks so nice and fresh! It’s amazing how much time little spaces like this one can take to make them look presentable. But the final effect was worth all the efforts!


  • Hi,

    The floors look so beautiful in these images. You explain very well and thanks for sharing these images with us.


  • I love this! Particularly the bathroom tiles, such a creative way of using monochrome.

  • Everything is shaping so perfectly! You guys are doing a great work. I am so excited to see how whole house will look once completed.

  • That is one of the prettiest bathrooms I’ve ever seen! The floor tiles look lovely and it just looks generally nicer! I can’t wait to see the rest of the rooms. x

    Ella | http.www.inkdreaming.com

  • The bathroom and the laundry room are usually very standard and typical in my opinion but the tiles here really make the rooms standout. I love the black and white and of course the marble!


  • Wow, that black and white is so classy! and that herringbone tiles is where it’s at. Loving both rooms!

    -Mackenzie @ http://smithfamilyrenovations.com

  • I love these posts and it actually inspired me to start a kickstarter campaign to do the same thing in my home town. I haven’t gotten to the campaign yet cause it still frightens me a bit but I sure hope it could work out 🙂

  • FANTASTIC makeovers! It is so sweet of all of you!
    Michelle from simplysantabarbara.blogspot.com

  • This is such an amazing change, you guys are so good at this its crazy. Love these photos cant wait to see more.

  • I was wondering what you guys do to make your “after” pictures so bright and fresh looking compared to the “before.” It looks like the paint colors in the rooms are similar in the before and after, but the “before” shots always look so dingy and uninviting. Maybe a camera trick for a dramatic effect? Just curious!

  • The transformation of that bathroom is unbelievable. I know I said it before, but it is so cool of you to do this. Thanks for sharing your kindness with others.



  • Love the floor tiles in the bathroom, and the laundry is so simple and perfect. Love the cut little closet hanger.


  • Love the black and white tiles on the floor!!!

    Check out my articles from the latest visit in TOKYO, JAPAN!!! 🙂


  • These rooms look amazing, but as someone who has had windows in my past few bathrooms, I wish you could have kept that and put in glass block! Natural light makes such a difference when getting ready in the morning and just making the bathroom a more pleasant room in a house.

  • The floors in both of these rooms are amazing! Love it!

    – Kaitlyn | www.TheCrownFox.com

  • This makeover is BEAUTIFUL. You guys are so incredible. Love this!

  • Everything looks gorgeous. You guys did a great job. http://www.hannamarielei.com

  • I know it wasn’t practical, but I really love the shape of the old sink! Both rooms look amazing now, love the tiles

  • I commented on the last post with this info, but it was pretty far down in the comments. For anyone who’s looking for the coat rack, it’s from CB2: http://www.cb2.com/butler-stand/s689172


  • Adore how simple and chic this bathroom is!


  • I loved the Black-and-white bathroom! It’s amazing!!!


  • Oh I am totally obsessed with the floor of that bathroom! You did an amazing job!


  • I love the tile floor in the bathroom. Wish it was in mine.

  • Where is the clothes rack in the laundry room from? I love it!

  • Wow! These rooms look great! Makes me wanna get going on my laundry room! 🙂

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