Home Tour: Elsie’s Dining Room

Mismatched chairs painted yellow for the dining room! Welcome to my home! (again) Today I’m excited to share a tour of our dining room.

Before I share all of the details, here’s a “before” peek. These photos are from our house listing and this is exactly what it looked like the first time we viewed (and fell in love with) our home.Dining room BEFOREI always knew the dining room would feel very different, very quickly. We fell in love with this room for the high ceilings, large open doorways, big windows and size. The border, green trim and overall darker color scheme were things we knew we wanted to update right away.

When we moved in we hired a painter to paint the entire downstairs. We chose a soft white color (Valspar’s Thistle Seed). When it came to furniture we knew we wanted the biggest table the room could fit. We created a DIY table that we’ve enjoyed more than words can say this past year. It was definitely one of my favorite DIY projects of all time, because I really don’t think we could have found a table we love more at any price!

The yellow chairs started out as a temporary solution. I had my eye on some pricey fiberglass chairs, but wasn’t ready to pull the plug. I purchased all of these chairs from thrift shops and flea markets one week and painted them all yellow to match. A year later, I still think the fiberglass chairs are pretty, but I’m strangely attached to these for now. I highly recommend this project if you like the mismatched look and are trying to find ways to cut expenses while settling into a new home. Moving is SO expensive. It’s nice to find ways to save hundreds (if not thousands) with little tricks like this.

On a side note, you can see in these photos how bare our dining room was. It was like that for the longest time, until we decided to add the hooks all the way around the room.Elsie LarsonOh Suki! 

Cute bar cart!Cute bar cart!Our cocktail cart was a great investment! It’s been awesome for parties and dinners and I enjoy keeping it stocked with fun ingredients throughout the year. When we have guests I love mixing them custom drinks from the flavors and spirits that they love most. I’m so glad we created a designated display area for my little cocktail hobby!Elsie Larson's Dining Room TourElsie Larson's Dining Room TourElsie Larson's Dining Room Tour The light fixture was the final project that really made this room feel complete (for now, at least)! I loved the chandelier, but this fixture fits our style much better. We have a dimmer switch for nighttime. It looks so cute turned down low for a cozy dinner.White piano with temporary stars for the holidays!White piano with temporary stars for the holidays!We recently added these gold and bronze stars (made from contact paper) to our white piano for the holidays. This design is 100% inspired by a cute star ceiling I love from Little Green Notebook. I plan to keep this design on until the new year.ElsieI usually post a source list at the end of my home tours, but I just realized that nearly everything in this room was homemade except for our rug (from Urban Outfitters). That’s pretty crazy, right?

I’m excited to see how this room evolves over the years. I’ve been thinking about sanding and refinishing the tabletop in a darker color after the business moves to the new studio. I would love to add more to this room over time, but a part of me really likes the simplicity too. It’s a great blank canvas for dinner parties! Speaking of, wish you could all come over for a party. Thanks for taking a look at our space! xo. Elsie

PS. If you’d like to see more rooms in our home you can see the living room here and the kitchen here.

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