Home Tour: My Closet

Elsie larson closet 1Hello there. Welcome to my favorite room in the house… my closet! My sweet husband helped me turn one of our spare bedrooms into a giant closet this past summer. It's been the best treat ever! In this tour, I'll share all the details of my closet plus some fun storage solutions. 

Elsie larson closet 2One of my goals, when designing my closet, was to store everything as visually as possible. I love being able to see all my clothing and accessories at a glance! It saves me so much time when styling outfits and pulling items for photo shoots. 

Elsie larson closet 3Elsie larson closet 4I use this wall to hang favorite dresses and upcoming outfits. This dress is my favorite piece that I designed for Red Velvet this past year. I wore it at my rehearsal dinner and I love having it hanging in my space. 

Elsie larson closet 5One of my favorite collections is vintage luggage, especially the floral kind! I stack it under my coat and dress racks. I love seeing vintage pieces stacked and organized. 

Elsie larson closet 6Elsie larson closet 7I found this pretty vintage swim cap on our honeymoon in Austin. I love it so much and I just found a second one. Photo shoot next summer? Yes, please. 

Elsie larson closet 8Elsie larson closet 9I have a small wall of art in my closet, it's mostly vintage pieces and some pretty Ashley G. prints (I'd rather be thrifting is my favorite!). I also have my "Mrs" banner from Nice on Etsy. It was hanging on my seat at our wedding

Elsie larson closet 10I wanted a fun way to display jewelry, but I didn't want to build something complicated. I opted for simple wooden push pin and paint swatches for a sunny necklace display on one wall. It's temporary so it will be easy to switch up when the mood strikes. 

Elsie larson closet 11Elsie larson closet 12I think that shoes are so beautiful. They're one of my favorite clothing pieces to collect. Instead of hiding them away in my closet, I like to display them all over the room!

Elsie larson closet 13Elsie larson closet 14My favorite wall in my closet is this little shoe display. My dad helped me hang them and they make me happy every single day! I love decorating with wearable things. Thanks so much for taking a peek at my closet! Cleaning it (and trying on clothes for hours and hours) is one of my favorite weekend and late night hobbies. I'm pretty in love with this little space. xo. elsie

Notes: Photos by Janae Hardy, Racks/Bed, Bath & Beyond, Curtain/Vintage, Rug/Urban Outfitters, Closet Storage Boxes/DIY here, Lawn Chair/Vintage, floors are painted white, all clothes that haven't been featured in an outfit post will probably be worn soon. XO

  • Yes, I also use an extra bedroom in our house as a closet too. ISN’T IT FUN?! My closet is also my favorite room in the house needless to say. I’m also into vintage clothes. I thought about collecting vintage/retro luggage and have a few pieces too. I stopped myself from getting too many though since my closet is packed and I have ALOT of things as it is that makes up my wardrobe. Nevertheless GREAT wardrobe and closet. Where did you find the double stacked chrome rack?

  • Wow love this it looks absolutely stunning. So creative and bold. Beautiful ???? Need to sort mine out now…..

  • My wife and I have a fairly large walk in clesot. I installed several additional wire shelves and some robe hooks to maximize it’s size. Clothing I can wear a 2nd time is hung on hangars on robe hooks. Sweaters, sweats, pajamas and fold-able items are stacked on the shelves. Shirts and blouses are separated but hung on a lower rod than dresses and pants. I use jean hangers for Levis and shoe rack for shoes, his & hers. We never hang worn clothing beside freshly laundered and dry cleaning bags are hung on the wall.

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  • Okay well a description of my clesot is as goes.One side is his and one side is hers . Her side starts on the left, all the clothing items are organized first by fancy, then semi-fancy, then casual and by color darkest to lightest. Everything on the left side is long, starting with long dresses, short dresses, skirts, pants, and tops. All organized according to the above. His Is still organized by the over rules..(fancy, semi-fancy, casual and darkest to lightest)On his left side starts with tops, then pants, then into his work pants, then work tops, then work coveralls.Shoes have a rack under each of our sections and the are organized the same way only the fancy ones are put into a large container that we slide under our bed.Now all this will change because we will be expanding our clesot soon but thats how it is now.Hope this helped!

  • Hopping back from Lucy’s….OMG, you are so beautiful! I toaltly hate you but not your baby!6am and you look that marvelous?!…yeah I really do hate you.Thanks for hopping, returning the follow 🙂

  • Oh my goodness… I think this is the most amazing closet space I’ve ever seen. So sad that you are moving! Can I take your closet home when you leave? 🙂

  • Ya know, I recently took over our hallway cupboard and claimed it as my own little private oasis of a closet! I painted it a pretty vintage green and even though it is walk-in but kinda tiny, there is enough room for me to sit in there and hide from the kids!! I also have a light, pen & paper, a frankie mag & a chocolate stash!!! I love it!!x

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  • Great post I like it. I like your closet which are very lovely and beautiful and totally different collection from other common closet. Thanks for sharing your closet with us.

  • Your closet is like a dream! Thank you so much for those ideas. I might do those colored swatches for my jewelry. xoxo


  • Where did you get your gold geometric necklace? I’ve been looking for something similar.

  • My gosh!! I love your braveness in using colour and your closet certainly showcases that beautifully!

  • I just stumbled on your blog and would like to say thank you! Thank You for all the incredible ideas I have seen so far and Thank You for all the things I know I will learn from you in the future. I am so excited to make your blog a part of my life!!

  • What a beautiful closet. How I would love to have one that looked so good 😉

  • Beautiful closet! I like your all closet. It’s wonderful and looking good with different designs and patterns. Great job done by you.

  • This is amazing! I’m turning my spare bedroom into my closet right now, and this was so helpful. Love your blog, keep up the awesome work 🙂


  • Amazing closet!! This is exactly what i need, too bad I’d have to build an addition to get it :).

  • Beautiful closet! I’m totally buying one of those “I’d rather be thrifting” signs!

  • Oh I am so jealous. I have to flex some muscle trying to cram all my clothes into my closet! I really love your paint swatch jewelry display, what a neat idea.

  • What a gorgeous closet of loveliness…its made me want to do something so much more adventurous than what I’ve got at the moment!!

  • so colorful! i definetly approve of the blue door and the glitter shoes! i need glitter shoes in my life lol

  • I love, love, LOVE how you designed the room as your closet! And those glitter shoes? Gorgeous! Where on earth did you find them?

  • I wish I had a spare bedroom to turn into a closet. I have so many shoes and clothes that have been living in bags and boxes for months, because of lack of space. This is definitely amazing motivation.

  • Wow, the internet is such a small world.
    Just the other day I “favorited” (and to be honest, saved–so that maybe I could create a similarly awesome closet one day) a post on instagram of a closet I liked. It’s the second to the last photo in your post!

    So funny that I found your blog (through Fabulously Broke In The City) only a few days after favoriting your picture on a totally unrelated site.

    (PS: Love your blog!)

  • You have the best closet EVER. My closet could only dream of looking like this… Superb! Just superb!

  • wow!! we love your closet, so jealous of all of the many things you have and the space for them 🙂 lovely blog as well!

  • WOW! How amazing! Now I feel the need to go into my own closet, clear it all out, and start over 🙂


  • Oh. My. Goodness. I very much want! Your closet is beautiful Elsie, as is your blog. I really enjoy checking in most days for a bit of dreaming & inspiration.

  • This blog post made me smile! So awesome! What a great couple you guys are.


  • Elsie, I really have no clue if you ever read any of my comments, but I’m going to keep leaving them 😉
    I wanted to share with you that I bought some iron on applique’s at JoAnn’s today and I am going to use them on a vintage napkin to spell out I’D RATHER BE THRIFTING
    isn’t that a cute idea!?!!

    Oh my word, a spare room for a closet!? EVERY woman’s dream, maybe your hubby better talk to our hubby’s LOL

    Merry Christmas, and thanks for sharing!

  • This is the most amazing closet I have every seen! Thank you for sharing these pictures.

  • I was just thinking I needed a cute way to display necklaces. I am so going to steal yours. It’s so cute and simple.

    I just moved, and we spent a long time planning how to turn the spare bedroom into a closet space/sewing room/craft corner/library. I have clothing racks and display my shoes where they are visible too. I so agree that it’s a great idea to decorate with wearable things. it makes the space pretty and personal, and seeing all your clothing at once definitely makes choosing outfits easier.

    Thanks so much for sharing your amazing space!

  • This is awesome! I absolutely love all the color!


  • Your closet is so lovely, neat and organized. I especially love the wall of art!! This is just amazing!!

  • I’m BEYOND jealous of all the space! I love seeing people’s closets, such an insight into the person 🙂

  • Beautiful! says the girl who only owns 4 shoes! Love your style, work, and blog!

    Stopping by to award you a versatile blogger award!


  • I LOVE your closet room! I wish I had something like this! Every girls dream! I love all of the fun touches you’ve added to the space!

  • I hate how some people and children will go without a coat this winter, but you have 8,463 of them in your room/closet.

    You are inspiring in your creative endeavors, but hoarding clothes and shoes is kinda gross.

    Not hateful, just honest.

  • oh my gosh that closet is amazing! if only mine wasn’t the size of a hamster cage right now. lol. someday… I will have a closet like yours! how gorgeous.. Happy Holidays 🙂

  • Love it!
    specially the blue of the door, i am looking for this colour to paint the dinning room ; )

    Currada de post!
    Me quedo con Jimena ; )


  • Love the paint swatch/push pin necklace display! I want this much color in my wardrobe!
    – Amy O

  • I had a bit of a cry as I scrolled down… SO UNFAIR! Lucky girl!


  • Oh my goodness I’m so jealous. It looks so lovely and personalized. You have such a sweet hubby!

  • Being 13, this is like my dream. No joke, all I wanted for my holiday gift was to redo my closet. You inspire me so much!

  • I looove your closet, it’s so colorful and the clothes are beautiful and it’s so organized!! Love the paint swatch idea for the accessories. The swim cap is just darling!!

  • My first thought when I saw your closet: “I hate this girl”. But I don’t. I just LOVE your closet and want it to be MINE. It is GORGEOUS. You are LUCKY. Though, I don’t believe in lucky, so I’ll say blessed. Which makes me reconsidering hating you (even fictitiously) as I, too, am blessed. Only it’s with children…who have already spat up on me and peed on the floor in the last half hour alone. 😉 ps. please keep putting up pics of your home! It’s amazing. And a nice escape from spit up (for me, vicarious escape, that is).

  • oooooohhh, I love it !! All the colours, it looks so inviting. When myself and my husband moved into our new place last year, I turned the big spare room into a closest for both our things and my stuff has since taken over some of his side. I too need to have things where I can see them as I forgot half of the stuff I have but I’ve found that I’ve had to keep some things in dress bags as the amount of dust that collects on the clothes is crazy, and one word of advice too , to anyone who is thinking of hanging clothes directly in line with a window – make sure you always have a light curtain pulled over it to stop your clothes getting sun damaged !! good for whites, but not so good for jeans or coloured tops.
    Thanks so much for showing us your closest Elsie, I wanna come round and play dress up ! xx

  • I don’t know why I’m surprised how awesome your closet is, your outfits are always amazing. but good gracious thats a place that a girl can get lost in for hours at a time. maybe even days.

  • Wow this looks amazing! I would love to have a whole room for my closet. I love all the vintage touches and the art work.


    xo Emma

  • That’s so fantastic! I keep seeing bloggers posting about their closets. I need to update mine ASAP! 😛

  • I love that you used a big Pyrex bowl to store accessories! I have a few that are hard to stack in the pantry and have just been inspired to use them in my closet! Thanks!

  • I’ve seen smaller stores lol Seriously, I’m just so jealous right now, I dream to have a closet like yours one day.

  • Holy &*$#! That’s amazing!!!!!! Wow! Jealous and impressed!


  • Oh, to have this kind of room! *swoon* With an 84-year-old home that predates closets and a 2 year old occupying the spare bedroom: it’s only in my dreams! I have a 4×4 foot space, but I am constantly bagging things up to “redonate” to the thrift store and refreshing my wardrobe with new finds. Economical? No. But at least I am helping charity, right?

  • I have an orange bag that (I think) is just like the one with your luggage. I use it as a diaper bag, and I love it! I got it at Brimfield (the outdoor antiques market in MA). If you’ve never gone, you’d love it! It’s my favorite thing to go to every year.

  • A whole room for your closet? I’m so jealous! And those sparkly shoes, wherever did you get them?


  • Swoon! Hey what kind of clothes racks do you use? I know some of the cheaper ones havent been sturdy enough for me! lol

  • Wow! If only I could persuade my husband to let me change our spare room into a walk in closet! Lucky you, that space looks amazing and a vintage treasure trove 🙂

  • Wow, Elsie. This is one of the most beautiful closets I have ever seen! I wish I had the space in my house to turn a room into something as amazing as this 🙂

  • This is awesome. So colorful and I’m sure it inspires you every day.


  • Love it! and I, too, am JEALOUS!!!!

    One question – Don’t your shoes and jewelry get all dusty???

    My closet is bursting at the seams yet I continue to shop, shop, shop! and I also dearm about having the stuff back that I’ve given away at Goodwill or some other thrift store!….

    Oh, well, you can’t have EVERYTHING!![but we can sure try….]

    Love your space!!!

  • Wow! Jaw dropping amazing!! I could only dream of having 1/4th of the amount of dreamly cloths you do! 😀

  • What a giant and insane closet (in a good way)! Your future daughter(s) will be so lucky!

  • I looked at the first picture and assumed that was it…but, no! I kept reading and discovered that you have an entire ROOM for a closet! Every girls dream, and you’ve done it up spectacularly. 🙂

  • Holy MOLY! What a stunning closet! It’s beautiful! I’m so envious!

  • Elsie, this is a dream! It’s gorgeous. I just posted it to my pinterest account I love it so much!

  • I love your closet. Positively enviable! I adore your shoe collection and you have that beautiful, eclectic, quirky, and whimsical style that I admire. It reminds me alot of one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie. Your closet belongs in one of their catalogs!

  • omg – I absolutely LOVE your closet! It’s amazing and you have such cute and colorful stuff in there! Definately jealous! Love your blog!


  • hi! I loved your closet… really beautiful. ps: I am passionate by their shoes of glitter! so perfect

  • I’m so jealous of all of that amazing space you have! lol My friend just did the same thing (turned her spare bedroom into a closet). I love that idea!


  • it’s a grown up play room!!! so beautiful!!!

    kate 🙂


  • This is a great closet! I love the idea of hanging your favorite dress separate..So cute!

  • Your closet is so HUUUUUUUUUUUGE and beautiful and fashionable and colorful and… oh… Just… I WANT THE SAME ONE 😀 !


  • I’m drooling over here! I love how everything is so meticulously organized! The shoe shelves on the wall are great, and I think rolling racks are such a great idea if you have room for them. I’m hoping to update my workspace/studio over the next month or so!


  • OH!!
    PS. I too have a closet room! After sharing a very cramped, 7 foot space with my husband for 23 years, we converted the “baby” room into a beautiful space. It’s lilac with a two domed vintage bird cage and has a comphy chair with an old lace table cloth covering it. I keep some of my vintage cameras in there too. Oh yes, it also has clothes in it! 🙂 …Dark wood and lots of art books… It’s actually so cozy that I like to close the door and just feel the peace…
    Marianne 🙂

  • Aaak! Now I have closet envy. I may have to kick my husband out of his office so I can make my own 😉

  • LOOOOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing! I ESP love the teal door and all the gauzy, lacy dresses in the photo under the swim cap. Wow, that brought back memories! I had to wear a yellow, tight, smelly plastic one while learning to swim in the Santa Barbara public pool…Hope we get to see some of those beautiful dresses on you next summer. Keep up the artistic, innovative, retro, beautiful work that you are doing!
    Thank you!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE! What exact racks do you use? I have purchased a few from BBBY, but they didn’t hold a blessed thing. These ones you have look really nice and sturdy. Details please!

  • Such a lovely closet! I definitely can’t wait until I have the time, budget and space (sigh) to create my own little happy place. First step: buying some clothing racks!

    My Latest Loves… Holiday Edition

  • I love your closet! It’s so colorful and very organized! I love the fact that you can see everything!!! 🙂

  • WOW Amazing Blog!!! Please if u have time stop by our new blog! we have just started and we would love to have ur personal opinion!!
    Thank you!

  • Wish I had the space for all those clothes but with three girls they take up all the rooms!

  • I love love love your closet. So much color, so much joy! And the chevron dress is adorable!

  • omg, you have SO many clothes!! and so many shoes! how do you do to decide on something every morning? i personnally couldn’t! 😉 jeje I love your closet btw, it’s very well organised, and it also has a lot of light, really nice.

  • I love your closet, so much great ideas for organizing and at the same time display beautifully you great wardrobe collection.

    Too bad that i don´t have too much space on my place to do something similar.

    Regards from Chile

  • Its just like there isnt coming an end to your closet! Great! 🙂

    x Sarah


  • Think I am going through a little closet envy! You have an amazing closet. Hope one day I can have a closet half that size with as much pretty dresses and shoes! Can’t wait to see the rest of your home tour. 🙂

  • WoW!! Your closet looks amazing, Elsie!! very colorful and organized. Kisses from Spain,


  • how lovely! i use hanging rails too but find my clothes get dusty for being out of a traditional wardrobe! do you ever use covers for the rails, or know of any pretty ones? thanks!

    Katie x

  • Your closet is one amazing space! I may put every single picture in my Inspiration folder! 🙂

  • Wow your closet is so organized!!! You’ve given me ideas on how to keep one of my new year’s resolutions of ensuring that all my clothes are visible to make it easier to mix and match.

  • It’s an amazing space! I would hang out in it all the time too if I were you. I love that black and white dress and those big wooden shoes are so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  • So beautiful… I think I want to come and live in your closet if that’s ok?!

  • Oh this is the most amazing thing I’ve seen all year.. so so envious of you right now! xx

  • wow very amazing thanks i haven’t seen this type of slippers.

  • Oh Elsie…I wish you knew how jealous I am. All my clothes (which are nowhere near as cheerful and sunny as all of yours) are stuffed into drawers…I don’t even have a wardrobe! I long for the day when I can have my own little walk-in (or just a regular) closet.You are my inspiration! x

  • this is a dream come true! I have my whole walk in closet planned out in my head already, can’t wait for the day I’ll finally have enough room for one! 🙂

  • (ok, Elsie on my previous comment “Keep enjoying it Elsie”,I used wrong punctuation mark!!!!!! There should have been an(!) and NOT a (?). So, “Keep enjoying it Elsie!!!! :-)”

  • Ok, words are poor… Great room and organisation… We don’t have closets where I come from, we have wardrobes. in my dreams though, I have a closet like that! 🙂 Keep enjoying it Elsie? (What about Jeremy’s closet?)

  • The best thing about your style is that there’s almost no black pieces. I have too many boring black in my closet just because it’s easy, but I want too replaces all of it by colour !!! Thanks for the inspiration !

  • Oh so pretty!! Thanks for sharing lovely lady! I check your blog daily and always leave feeling completely whimsical & inspired… And all the order really speaks to my OCD tendencies. LOVE IT!

  • wow! dream closet! thanks for sharing your beautiful closet, i hope to have a room like that one day, too. (:

  • I have a question – how do you keep the dust off everything?? I love having my things on display but owning a very fluffy kitty prevents that…

    Nonetheless I am re-fitting my walk in robe this January and I think I am going HAVE to have some shoe shelves somewhere too. Thanks for the inspiration Elsie 🙂

  • What a gorgeous, gorgeous closet! I’d love to be able to turn a room into a closet.

    Kelly @ 
    Elegantly Academic

  • Aww it looks like a shopping heaven in there! I wanna start decorating my spare room already, every time the junk just puts me off though.

  • Ooh great tour. I love American closets generally- we just don’t have room for large built in ones over here! If we did, my clothes collection would be even more out of control!

  • OMG i wish that was my closet ! its so organized but yet fun. LOVE it.


  • Beyond incredible! My little ordered rail of clothes pales in comparison. I’m just trying to work out how to butter up my other half so that when we get a second bedroom it can become my closet rather than his office……because surely clothes are more important than work?! :b

  • Hi Elsie,

    I have been a long time fan of your blog! I absolutely love your closet. it is magical!

    I remember in your wedding posts you mentioned that Camera Obscura Razzle Dazzle Rose is one of your favorite songs, and was used in the ceremony. I started a new business venture (I’m a violinist) and my trio just covered that song. I thought you might enjoy it!


    All the best,

  • I’ve gotta say, that first photo looks JUST like opening up the main page of your blog! Same colours, same feeling, same WOW-factor. What a wonderful world you create!

    – Kat


  • I’ve been dying to see your closet! I wouldn’t expect anything less from you! It’s amazing! So beautiful. I can’t pick a favorite spot. Maybe the amazing colored door, or your endless collection of clothes and shoes! 🙂 Oh, and your perfect rug and the curtain! Oooohhh, you’re driving me crazy! 🙂 LOL

  • Looks great I have dress and shoe envy now.

    Well done on your collection

    Nicolette xo

  • elsie! you have my dream closet! we have a spare room that i’m going to be turning into a closet space too… if i ever get to it. i’m the kind of person that has to see EVERYTHING all at one time too, so i plan on getting/making those clothing racks. you have such amazing pieces!

  • So that’s pretty much my dream closet right there. So beautiful I could cry! Hehe. Well done Elsie, it’s stunning 🙂

  • This is a dream closet! I love your use of the lawn chair as a casual place to sit down and put on shoes!


  • Wow! So gorgeous! I wish I had that much space for all my beloved clothing!!


  • My husband-to-be has recently helped me turn one of our extra bedrooms into my own walk in closet, eek! i just have to start organising and decorating it further.. xx Fran

  • This is just too good to be true. The colors are just fantastic! Everything looks so beautifully organized. My main question is how do you have this much room? Your closet looks like the size of my one bedroom apartment, haha. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but it’s not exaggeration to say how much I adore your closet. Thanks for sharing all this inspiration.

  • I think I’ve just died and gone to heaven!! That is the prettiest closet I’ve ever seen. So many pretties! <3

  • so much personality in that spacious closet, a girly dream! the vintage suitcases made me giddy… 🙂

  • Gah! I have been waiting for this post for what seems like FOREVER!

    I love it – it turned out so cute, and your dress collection is kinda enviable:)

    Stephanie May*


  • Oh my goodness!!! I am speechless! (not ‘type-less’!) Your closet looks amazing! I wish I had that sort of space to play around with! Will have to make do with my two little wardrobes… That black and white striped dress is to die for!!

    x Aliya

  • I have been dreaming of this lately. My eldest is 17 and graduating in June, I am wondering just how long I have to keep his room as his room after moving out for college. My current closets are busting at the seams! I see visions of one giant dressing room in his. *sigh* Someday.

    Love yours!

    Rebecca Jean

  • When my husband and I moved to our apartment last year I didn’t even ask for the spare bedroom to turn into my closet, I just did it!! LOL But yours appears to be much bigger than mine. I’m so jelly! I also have my shoes displayed out and about the room so I can get a clear vision to how I wanna style my outfit. I have everything pretty neat, organized and pretty. I guess that’s why it’s also my favorite room in the house. 🙂
    Lovely closet!


  • Wow! You have so many dresses, coats, shoes etc etc. And the colours. It’s like a rainbow has exploded in your room. I LOVE IT!

  • Jealous! Maybe I’ll have a closet-room one day!

    –Jaclyn T
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  • That is very pretty! Thank you for sharing. I have done the similar thing but most of the time I feel so jumbled running back and forth from the bedroom to the dressing room. Do you have that problem?

  • Oh my gosh! That door! I want one of those in my house! I absolutely love the color. Great closet! I’m impressed with how clean you keep it.

  • Wow, that is an amazing closet so many beautiful pieces in there! And I thought I had a lot of clothes 🙂 Some day your children and grandchildren will have a field day with dress up in there!

  • I want a spare bedroom/closet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Extra exclamations necessary)

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • omg! that closet is heaven… if only i can turn one room in our house into a closet.. it’d be so cool.. unfortunately, all rooms are occupied.. 😀 so amazing!!

  • Grinning from ear to ear as I take in this gorgeous post. (Massive closet = Goal for my new apartment!) You’re so inspiring Elsie!

  • it looks amazing Els!! Big changes from when me and Vanessa slept in there 😉 congrats, you’re living every girls dream 🙂

  • Ah! what a dream to have an entire spare bedroom as a closet! It looks amazing!!!

  • So envious! And it looks so nicely organized. You’re a very lucky lady!

    Loulou Downtown

  • I’m pretty sure this is one of the prettiest handmade closets I’ve seen. Wonderfully inspiring!

    a cup of subtle tea

  • It’s a dream closet!!! You did an amazing thing decorating and organizing it!!! It is indeed a happy place! If I would have a closet like that, I would live there and never leave, and admire pretty things, and play dress-up every day 🙂
    Good luck!


  • LOVE love! So amazing. I am visual with my things too, if they are put away, I forget all about them. So having a wide open space to display your clothes so beautifully is a luxury! Thanks so much for sharing. I have loved seeing all of your spaces!

  • Your clothes and shoes are so darn cute! Love the lawn chair, too. And the swim cap. My closet is definitely much smaller than yours. You should see my collection of pots and pans, though. 🙂

  • Um…this is every girls dream! Love it 🙂 I especially like the simple way you displayed your jewelry and all the pretty colors!

  • Ah! What an enviable closet! I especially love the push pins and swatches fir jewelry. I may have to do that! Thank you for sharing!



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