Homemade Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Honey mustard dressing recipeHoney mustard vinaigretteI love honey mustard dressing. A slightly lighter version is to make honey mustard vinaigrette. It's super easy to make and you probably already have all the ingredients. Here's what you need:

1/4 cup oil (I usually use olive oil but other oils work great too)
1 tablespoon honey
1/2 tablespoon dijon mustard
a generous splash of white wine vinegar (other vinegars are great here too)
salt + pepper to tasteFried egg saladPlace ingredients in a small mason jar, seal with a lid and shake until well combined. Store any unused dressing in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Be sure to give it a shake again before using.

Lately I've been adding sauteed veggies (like mushrooms) and a fried egg to salads, just to warm things up a bit. Anyone else finding ways to liven up their salads with homemade dressings or warm elements? xo. Emma

  • I made this today and it’s delicious! Thank you, I will definitely be making this for the rest of my life.

  • Delightful & easy recipe, thanks for sharing! I made this tonight for my salad, and I didn’t have honey (figures!) but I used maple syrup to substitute and it still came out great! I will be making this more often!


  • This dressing was delicious. I even took some of what was left and had it on roasted brussel sprouts for lunch. Yum!

  • yummy yummy 🙂
    a nice addition to my new year health kick I think 😉

    Emily x – prettypleaseprettyplease.blogspot.com

  • Made this today and used it as a dressing on my salad as well as a sauce on my panini. I brushed it on the inside of the bread then layered old cheddar, sautéed spinach and apple slices. MMmmmmm.

  • Add a sprinkling of whatever herbs you have lying around into that jar and you won’t regret it 😉 I’m new to your blog (just discovered it 10 min. ago) and already I’m in love!

  • This is one of my favourite salad dressings. I actually do a variation of this – just replace the vinegar with lemon juice. its sooooo good! im loving winter salads with roast butternut squash and red pepper, some corn and walnuts on rocket. Its great way to stay healthy and be filled!

  • I love adding roasted butternut squash to my salads in the winter, makes them feel like comfort food!

  • I really like that recipe. Looks yummy. Have a nice day.


  • Emma, this is genius! I love honey mustard but have never thought to do it as a vinaigrette before – thank you! My favorite lunch right now is not exactly a warm salad, but your top photo made me think of it: Catherine Newman’s eggs with vinegar sauce (http://benandbirdy.blogspot.com/2012/05/fried-eggs-with-sizzling-vinegar.html) over a bed of easy braised kale (I saute it in olive oil til it wilts a little and turns glossy, just like 2 min, then add a couple splashes of chicken or veg stock, cover and turn the heat down a bit. I check on it occasionally until it’s more wilted down and tender, somewhere between 5-10 more min.) Something about a gorgeous fried egg, some greens, and that vinegar tang, right? Perfect in winter…

  • I make this without the oil, to be honest I never thought to add it! Next time I make it I’ll add it in there. Fried eggs in my salad definitely sounds like something I could get into.

  • Honey mustard vinegrette: yesterday, today and tomorrow!


  • Just whipped this up for tonight. Waiting on friends to arrive and then we’re digging in!

  • That sounds delicious! Honey mustard and vinaigrettes are my favorite! I also like adding mushrooms (uncooked) to my salads.

  • Dijon moustard plus honey.. it most be heavenly!I shall try, with no doubt!

    Thank you so much for the recipe!



  • Yumm! it looks delicious!



  • I have been combing my bookmarks for an easy bread recipe that I made last year. It had a bottle of beer in it… I just realized it was on Emma’s old blog 🙁

    Emma, can you repost it or send it to me?

  • my friend always laughs at me because i say i want something warm for lunch. I love salad, but sometimes it’s just entirely too cold. So i like putting warm meat Chicken, salmon. or mushrooms or anything on top of mine.

  • Oooh looks tasty, I might have to try it, though I’ve never had mustard before (I know, crazy, but everyone has always told me I wouldn’t like it for some reason, not sure why, maybe they are trying to keep me out of some secret mustard eating club!).

  • Honey mustard dressing is my jam. Can’t wait to give this recipe a try!


  • That salad looks really nice! I don’t usually add a dressing to mine- maybe just a drizzle of olive oil, but I might try soon as I would agree that they can really liven up a salad.
    Katie xx

  • I have never thought to add a fried egg to a salad!

    Here is a dressing recipe I have been using: after making poached pairs, I used some of the drippings and then add olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to taste. I think the sweetness of the poached pair drippings adds great balance to the olive oil & vinegar.


  • That looks so yummy! At a restaurant I had a BLT salad with a deep-fried poached egg in it. So good!


  • I make a similar dressing almost every time I have salad. Funny how once you realize how. unbelievably. good. homemade dressing is, you can’t help but have pity for the poor bottled stuff.
    If I can make one suggestion based on my own experience with my almost-the-exact-same dressing: Mash up one clove of garlic in the olive oil first. Promise, worth the elbow grease.

  • That is genius. I should have thought of that. I mix honey and mustard all the time to eat with our chicken… I just love it! But I never thought of simply adding oil for the salad. That’s perfect. I also never thought of a fried egg and warm veggies for salads. I have been postponing salads on my meal plan because I want something warm. That is a wonderful idea! Thank you!

  • I’ve been doing roasted brussel sprouts and Trader Joe’s pot stickers on a salad, with a garlic vinaigrette and a few splashes of soy sauce – really good.

  • I like to put slightly cooked green beans in mine! But mushrooms sound great. And that dressing looks good too.

  • Ohhhh I love this! Looks healthy and yummy.


  • I love honey mustard! I’ll definitely give this a try.
    Sometimes my mom makes a warm salad where she lightly sautés the vegetables or parboils them before tossing them with dressing.

  • Thanks–I will make this soon. I like roasted vegetables on salads, warm or cold. They add a cooked flavor that compliments the raw vegetables. Also, rice or noodles can be good in small amounts.

  • Oh, yum! I love homemade dressing, I’ll have to try this one soon.

    We do a lot of “meal salads”. Lately I’ve really been loving local heads of butter lettuce. We’ll do a bunch of greens, some pea pods, a pepper, lots of tomato, pepperoncinis for a little kick, and some bacon crumbles. I like to sautee mushrooms and shrimp to put on top, although sometimes I’ll do chicken instead. A little feta for me and cheddar for him and it’s a hearty but still pretty healthy meal salad! 🙂

  • I pretty much love anything with mustard, so I’ll have to give this a try. Looks delicious 🙂

  • Great idea. I’ve made honey mustard dressing with mayonnaise or yogurt, but I’ll have to try it out with oil and vinegar. Yum.

    We had salads one night for dinner this week, which were topped with warm quinoa and lentils.

  • I looove the idea of a honey mustard vinaigrette! I also have a deep love for honey mustard, but can’t stomach the calories on my salad. Since this is a much lighter option, I’ll be making this asap! Looks fantastic!

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