Homemade Mini Corn Dogs

How to make corn dogsThis past weekend I was lucky enough to get to be at the Texas State Fair. I hadn’t been to a fair in years (maybe since high school, now that I’m really thinking about it). We rode rides, ate terrible-for-you-food, and my boyfriend won me a giant plush doll. Classic. It was awesome. Although I really wanted to eat a corn dog and couldn’t (because I’m a pescatarian or whatever). So I resolved to make my own (vegetarian-friendly) corn dogs this week at home. I’ve made them a few times before, so this time I tried a mini version.

Corn dog recipeMini Corn Dogs, makes around 2 dozen.


1 package of hot dogs (veggie or not)
1 cup flour
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 cup corn meal
1 egg
1 cup water
-oil for frying.

In a bowl, combine the flour, baking soda, salt, sugar, corn meal, egg and water. I like my batter quite thin. But if you prefer a thicker breading, use a little less water. Cut the corn dogs into three pieces per hot dog. Coat in batter and then fry in hot oil. I usually let my oil get around 280-300°F before I begin frying.

If you don’t want to use a candy thermometer, you can check if your oil is ready by either testing a bit of batter or dipping the handle of a wooden spoon in the oil. If the oil bubbles around the spoon quickly, it’s ready. Flip the corn dogs as they fry so they don’t burn on one side without cooking the other. Remove to a paper towel when done (2-3 minutes).

Homemade mini corn dogsWhen serving think beyond ketchup and mustard for dipping sauces. You could try BBQ sauce, maple syrup or honey mustard. Although my personal favorite is classic (bright yellow!) mustard. 🙂

Mini corn dogsThis really hit the spot for me, after not being able to enjoy a corn dog at the fair. I think these could be a really fun option for a kids birthday party or as an appetizer at a football watching party.

Football watching party. Can you tell I am really in the know? Sigh. xo. Emma

Side/Personal Note: I quit biting my nails this past year for about 10 solid months, and the last couple of months I have been back sliding (as you can see in this photo). Gotta get that back on my goal list for the rest of this month.

  • Yum, those look delicious! I’m a nail biter myself so when I saw the last photo I was actually happy to know I’m not the only one with this habit. I stopped for about a month or two & my nails have never looked long (feels weird). What helped me a lot was to paint my nails.. since they look pretty I didn’t want to touch them. Hope you reach your goal! `=]

  • Yum – these look so good! I haven’t had a corn dog in like FOREVER but these are really making me want one!


  • I go through the same thing with my nails….it is SO hard to quit! These corn dogs look amazing.

  • Cute! I might have to use this for my son’s birthday party! Oh he would love this!


  • Yummy! This looks delicious!



  • As a woman who adores corndogs forever and ever, this is amazing!!!

  • OH these look soooo good! I haven’t had corn dogs before. Will definitely have to try these, what a wonderful looking finger food option. And I would have mine with English mustard, yum yum.

  • These would be perfect for my upcoming Halloween party!


  • These look amazin’!
    shall certainty try this recipe! thanks!
    (i too dont like the batter too thick!)

  • As a vegan I don’t like when fellow non-meat eaters say they “can’t” eat a meat/dairy/whatever product. Technically you CAN eat it, you just choose not to.

    These look awesome, by the way. I love me some corndogs!

  • These looks so amazing! I’m a vegetarian, too, and I love how meaty meals can be turned around! Corn Dogs are not a thing here in Germany but I bet they taste great (without meat) 😉

  • Thanks for this post! I love mini veggie corn dogs but at the stores they’re kind of pricey and don’t come with that many. I will totally try these out!

    My blog: http://acolorfulcreation.blogspot.com/

  • This would be perfect finger food for a summer party!

    The only thing that’s ever been able to help me with nail bitting is getting my nails done, even if I just paint them myself with clear polish, for some reason it deters me. But then, I bite my lips, or pick at hang nails, or other unsightly nervous habits, so I don’t know what’s worse!

  • Excellent, gotta try this on some weekend and then for my son’s birthday 🙂
    Mine veggie of course ^^

  • so cute and delicious and now I don’t have to go to the fair either 🙂


  • Those look so good! I think I’m craving a corn dog already! Thanks for this recipe, I will have to try it!
    xo, Pam


  • Yummy!!! Making me sooo hungry! I’m horrible about biting my nails, too. It sucks!
    xo Heather

  • I LOVE this idea. I get corn dog cravings every time I pass a Hot Dog on A Stick in the mall food court and I never get them because (although not a pescatarian) I get grossed out on hot dogs in general. Definitely trying this!


  • yes! that’s my alma mater! hook ’em longhorns! bleed orange! and it’s good to hear you had a blast at the texas state fair. fried everything is the best. =)

  • Im a vegiterian and a nail biter!!!
    Im getting mine done in hopes that i may finally stop after doing it the past 15 years of my life..

    but any way now i really want corn dogs, I think i may try and make these soon!!!

  • Aww, I saw the title and was like “hmmm will this work with tofu dogs” and then I scrolled down and was like “Yes! You are the best!”

  • Your comment about your nails caught my eye. I totally have a nail biting problem too. I use to never get my nails done but recently i’ve started getting shellac nails. They last forever, aren’t too expensive ($20?) and your nails end up being stronger and healthier than before! This has totally helped me from biting my nails. Pinterest also has lots of tips for DIY shellac. It might be worth a shot, nail biting seems to be a difficult habit to break.

  • Ha .. Corn dogs were always my brother’s favourite fair food but I have actually never tried one (though I love veggie-hotdogs!). Might be time to try them as those look pretty good!

  • Yum, these look delish – I’ve never seen corn dogs before – Have I led a really sheltered life, or is that coz I’m British!?!

  • I live in texas, and let me tell you, they probably looked at you all sorts of sideways asking for veggie meals :-D. No worries, I’m a Poultritarian…(someone who only eats chicken cause fish and beef are nassssty!). I still get out of sorts looks when I ask for veggie meals.


  • Just reading this post on my blog feed made me smile! I absolutely love mini corn dogs and these look delicious. I am feeling like I will need to make these in the near future!

  • Emma, thank you so much for sharing this recipe. As crazy as it sounds, I am allergic to pepper, as in black pepper and white pepper. That expands out to things like paprika which all of these are in hot dogs almost always. It has been a very long time since I have eaten one, which is probably a good thing, but very grateful to have the homemade treat every now and then. Thanks again, always look forward to new recipes on A Beautiful Mess.

  • “Peskatarian or whatever” ahhahaha. I love it! You girls never cease to make my day.

  • thanks for sharing!!

    i’m a pescatarian, too. have you tried morning star’s corn dogs? they’re pretty tasty! but now that you’ve shared this i’d love to make my own to avoid all the weird preservatives and what not.

  • Also about the nail biting thing it helps if you do your nails really pretty, and it makes you not want to bite your nails.

  • Hi Emma! That’s cool that your a pescatarian! I was too, now I’m a vegan! (I became a pescatarian in 3rd grade)

  • Oh my gosh. Emma. I pick at my nails and cuticles almost constantly, and people are always like “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FINGERS?!” A manicure lady even told me once, “oooh nail not good.” SO embarrassing. Now I don’t feel so alone!

  • I´ve been in USA twice and at the first time, I saw some tents of corn dog but didn´t eat.

    At the second time time I finally tasted it and felt in love. I’ll try my own mini corn dogs soon with this recipe.


    from a brazilian fan of A Beautiful Mess


  • I’ll have to try this, but with egg replacer instead of egg so they’re vegan!

  • mmmmmmmmmmm these look delicious! ive never actually had a corn dog,i think its time!!thank you for sharing 🙂

  • They look so yummy and cute! Can’t wait to try this recipe out some time.


  • Corn dogs, perfect treat for my boyfriend and his friend on a Sunday afternoon while watching football!

  • These are so cute! Love it! And it’s just in time for the Texas State Fair! 😉


  • My family would love me forever if I made these for them. They look yummy.

  • my friends and i made mini corn muffin hotdogs last fourth of july…. so delicious, and perfect snacks for late afternoon cocktails!


  • How yummy do these look! Corn dogs aren’t something we get here in England… They look so scrummy I might give it a go and feel part of the gang 😉

  • Thank you for this recipe! Now I won’t feel as left out during family cookouts. I can just make some mini corn dogs, veggie of course!


  • Sara- You can buy egg substitute at many grocery stores. Honestly though, I’d probably just add a little oil (a tablespoon or so) to the batter and maybe a little extra water. Good luck!

  • This is such a great idea! I am going to be posting from your site on our new social sharing website stuffdot.com

  • Those look so good.. so, so good.

    xo, Clare

  • these aren’t really a thing in the UK but they look like perfect junk food for a party, quite fancy one now really

  • I too am a pescatarian / vegan (or whatever!), but was wondering if you know of a good substitute for the egg part? I’d LOVE to be able to make these (sans egg!) THANK YOU!!

  • Hi Emma. Big Fan. In regards to biting your nails, my mom used to put smashed garlic in clear nail polish to stop my brothers & I from biting them. (We’re from Panama so there was no fancy polishes at the time to do the trick) Not only does it smell horrible, the taste is the worst. And I know I wouldn’t want you walking around smelling like garlic. But it was one of those tricks that made my nails really strong, it’s a bit more natural & made me completely stop biting them. I even made it for myself once I got older just in case I fell back into the habit, which hasn’t been the case. Thankfully. Good luck!!

  • They look delicious. We call them Dagwood Dogs here in Australia, a battered hotdog and I swear we don’t eat enough of them.

  • Look yummy and excited to try!
    I am a “currently non-practicing nail biter” but I do slip from time to time. I get lazy and don’t do my weekly manicure and then they start breaking/splitting and I am back to biting.
    The thing about it is, I know it will always be in me. I don’t know if I will ever not be a nail biter at heart. We’ve just got to keep bouncing back from it.

  • Yummy, lovely idea! Getting hungry here 😉


  • Emma, try Witchcraft brand “stop it!” anti-bite polish. It worked wonders for me, but of course you have be consistent with applying it.

  • I love this!
    As a vegetarian, I find that fairs and such are the absolute worst for food options. I have been hankering for a dirrrty chilli cheese dog for… going on 9 years!
    I’ve never had a corn dog, but this seems like a good excuse to buy some veggie dogs and make them! Followed promptly by that chili cheese dog.

    Life goals, everybody. Making my dreams come true.

  • Emma –

    a comment on the nail biting…I’ve been doing it my whole life and just can’t seem to stop! Like you I’ve stopped here and there. I had them so nice this summer when I was working at a camp (germs scared me!) but I’ve recently digressed too. I don’t really have a game plan on stopping because I just get frustrated. Anyway, just letting you know that I hear you and Good Luck!

  • Oh my gosh I love corndogs! It’s one childhood favorite that I never got enough of! Probably one of the only things I will ever say I should be keeping in my freezer! I always like to make food fresh though instead of heating up frozen food so these look absolutely wonderful!

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