How I made my Instagram Wall

Instagram wall displayInstagram wall display 2After our living room tour many of you asked for tips on making your very own Instagram wall! This method is perfect for instagram (or any square) photos and polaroids. Mine is not permanent because we are planning to put our home on the market in the near future. The method I used is perfect for renters or anyone uncomfortable with making lots of holes in the wall. Another method would be to mount your photos onto a large board or frame that can move to your next space with you. Here's how I put my wall together, it was a one evening project…

Instagram wall 1First, use a piece of painters tape to mark a level base for your collage on your wall. You can measure from the floor on each side to make sure it's level. This is also a good way to visually test where you want your collage to begin before adhering any photos. 

Instagram wall 2I used painters tape as the adhesive to make hang all my photos. I used 4 pieces of rolled tape on each photo to adhere every corner to the wall It's more sturdy than scotch tape, but won't damage a painted wall. My display has been up for a few months now and a few photos have curled up, but none have fallen from the wall. I used pieces of tape to measure the space between each photo. The most important things to remember when making a grid collage is that the outer edges need to be very straight and the spacing on the inside should be consistent. Using the tape to space each photo made it super easy to be consistent!

I hope this has been helpful! Have fun hanging a special photo display in your space. xo. elsie  

Credits: Top two photos by Janae Hardy, I print my 4 inch photos using the PostalPix app. 

  • I love this wall of pics but how are the pics attached to the wall?

  • Where did you print your Instagram photos from? I really want to do this, but i want to make it cost efficient 🙂

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  • Definitely stealing this idea when my boyfriend and I move in together. Did you print out the instagram pics yourself or get them at cvs or something?

  • This is probably a silly question, but what size are the instagram photos and who did you use to print them?


  • hey elsie, where did you print all of your photos? i really want to do this but i don’t know where i can print off all of my instagram photos. please help! thanks so much x
    – lauren

  • I just got married and I have pretty much mimicked your entire apartment! But 1 question-How do you print out Instagram Photos? I don’t have a photo printer 🙁 Could you do it at Target?

  • How exactly did you get your pictures to be perfect squares? I can’t print most of my pictures because I put them on instagram and delete the originals. Which, I shouldn’t. Lol.

  • I love this blog! This is a great idea for wall decor, do you have any suggestions for the best place to have instagram photos printed?

  • Hi!
    I found this a long time ago, and made it for my dining room wall–my dining room just happens to be yellow too! I love it, I enjoy looking at all the pictures every day and I’ve gotten so many compliments from guests. I just got into blogging myself and remembered your project so I wanted to come back and say Thank you! for the inspiration!

  • Just browsed along – really love it! So many people doing such great creative art.

    Have a great day,
    Christian / wiseclown

  • Elsie j’adore ce que tu fais !! tes idées sont juste géniales et grâce à toi mon appart est unique !! You’re genius 🙂 xoxo

  • this is really so completely divine. can’t wait to try it out 🙂 thanks for the tip with the painter’s tape! i have been looking around for ideas on how to do this – i would have not even thought about using tape and just excitedly made a totally uneven conglomeration. i also adore that yellow paint!

  • I would love to do this……..I had this idea but was unsure on how to do it! What type of picture paper did you use?


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  • ooooo!! This is what I do but with regular printed photos =) but i dont have spaces between the pics (too many photos i want displayed! they go all the way along my hallway!)
    Iv just become a member of pinterest and your pin was the first one to catch my eye =) absolutely LOVE your blog =)

  • Hi Elsie, I was just wondering if you could share how you printed out your instagram pictures? I’m having trouble figuring out how to take the pictures off my iPod and transfer them. x

  • What kind of paper or mounting did you use to get these pictures to stick to the wall? Thanks.

  • Hi Elsie! 🙂
    This is gorgeous!
    What did you print the photos from? Your computer on photo paper? Its just they’re exactly the same size and I love how they’re square too! How did you make this possible?

    Love love love your blog!

  • How big is the pictures (size)? 🙂 Love ur blog! It’s so incredible inspiring!

    – hug from norway xx

  • oh I actually love all your post, they inspire me so much 😀 especially the braid styles, they are just incredible! You might not read this, but if you do, it would make my day! Oh, the yellow color is just the color I want to! You’re great (sorry for the bad english, I’m from tiny lill Belgium 🙂

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  • WOW!
    This looks fantastic Elsie. Im looking to do something similar but websites like PostalPix dont work with people from Australia. Is there a site you know of that I can use to print my instagram photos?
    Kate x

  • Incredible wall, such a great idea! One question – how do you print your Instagram photos? Thanks!

  • where and how did you print the pictures? is it another app? and how did they print them out square?

  • Just stumbled upon your blog thing and liked your idea of IG wall, the tape as tool is brilliant

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  • silly question…how did you print your pictures? They look great. I love the square shape on a bright wall.
    Love your work 🙂

  • Hi, I was just wondering where you go to get your instagram photos printed actually square instead of being stretched to 6×4.
    Thanks 🙂

  • Painters tape WILL take paint off a wall if you leave it for 2 weeks. I know this from experience. (I read the package AFTER the paint came off the wall when I finally removed the tape). If you know of a painters tape that won’t stick, please post the brand here? thanks!

  • Can I ask where you got your photos printed? I’m trying to find a quick and easy way to print instagram photos.

  • did you have your photos printed (like at walgreens) on photo paper or did you just print them at home on printer paper?

  • What did you print the photos on? Photo paper or just regular printer paper?

  • how did you print out your instagram photos into the square size? my husband and i are wanting to make this same sort of thing, but have never been able to figure out how to get them printed to their correct dimensions.

  • Ashley, they are from Postal Pix, which is an iPhone app. They are 4×4, I don’t think they print that size at places like CVS.

  • how did you develope the pix? do they come out good at places live cvs etc?

  • How did you go about printing your instagrams? I really want to do this for my apartment but am not sure how to go about printing them so that they are squares! Thanks 🙂

  • How big were the print outs? Did u just go to a pharmacy and printed them using a kiosk and plugging ur iphone to it? I really wanna do this’ thanks!

  • I tried something like this myself after seeing it, and I love it! thanks much for the inspiration.

  • Love the idea! Where did you print out the photos, is there a specific site online where you can do it. Thanks <3

  • How stinking fun! It’s amazing how handy painter’s tape is. I just made excellent use of mine for a chevron stripe art project that turned out wonderfully.

  • I’ve always loved the look of photo walls! I’m gonna start taking more instagram shots and make a photo wall!

  • Ok, are you using 120 film here or are you just cropping and having them printed that way? It looks photos from a toy film camera because of the vignetting and adorable imperfections. Love it. Just wondering.

  • This is really hlpful especially for students living in dorms too.thanks Elsie.x


    You get my creative heart beating – thank you again 🙂

  • Impeccable taste. I love how you interspersed the people shots with fingernail polish and bow ties etc… such a perfect mix of feminine and masculine. Sigh…

  • Did you print your photos on actual photo paper or just like card stock?? Thanks!! Love it! Making my own wall this week! : )

  • This is so great! For the ladies (and men) that don’t have an Iphone and so no instagram like myself I found this action-set so that you can make your own pictures look like ‘instragrams’ in Photoshop:

    It’s really great with borders and all.

    I am planning to decorate my kitchen with square photos! 🙂

  • Where do you get the Instagrams printed though? Like at any Walgreens, CVS, etc? I always wondered if the pics I take with my phone would print nicely.

  • I have actually just started using Instagram and am quite enamoured by it. This is such a good idea to bring all the shots out of their confinement.

  • Brilliant! Painters tape for spacing! I love your yellow wall- so sunny and cheerful and a great backdrop for all the memories.

  • I am curious -how did you go about printing the photos ? is it n photo paper ? regular printer paper ? what ?

  • I like more the space with the piano and the guitar, that the photos. Anyway, really lovely.

  • That’s the same way I hung up my Scrabble wall art in a grid. I used 2 inch painters tape and it worked super well. Here’s how I did it:

  • Nice one. Displaying photos is such a lovely way to decorate your house. I have lots of my photography up around the house but they are all framed. This is a great idea for a changeable display.

  • this looks so cool! i would love to have one as well!


  • I absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing! You are so creative, but I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times… -Jessica

  • This is SO awesome!! How in the world do you come up with this stuff! LOVE

  • This is great! Everything looks so level and aligned! I love that you took so many personal little pieces and turned them into one cohesive piece of art. Love it!


  • This is awesome! Our new place is going to need a little decor, we might try this! Thanks!


  • This is such a great idea! I don’t know about you but I’d be heartbroken to put that place on the market.

    Do you use photo printing paper for the photos or just normal white paper?

    Maria xx

  • I love this idea, I am pretty new to Instagram so will firstly have to take lots of photos 🙂


  • The wall looks lovely! My old room was a similar colour and photographs look amazing against yellowy walls.
    Also I never thought of using tape to level and space photos out thanks 🙂

  • I would really like to try this, I’m moving out in a few months so this is perfect!

  • Nice! But this instagra madness is quite boring!

  • I use painters tape to hang just about everything that isn’t in a frame. It’s so sturdy and it saves your walls and it comes off the back of photo paper with ease.

  • This looks great! I really must find a way to display all of my travel photos and this is a great idea.

  • I was a framer for about three years, I can suggest a few items that would be very beneficial towards those who wish to make this instagram wall into framed wall art.

    1. I would suggest Foam Core Board (foam in the center of the board) or Mat Board (kinda like cardboard but not really). Both of these can come in a variety of colors and sizes, pick a size that is easy to frame (16x20in, 22x28in, 24x36in.) Those are some sizes that are offered in many shops.

    2. Take double sided tape and put into the corners, and measure out an even amount of space from the sides and in-between the images. I would first put down the images in the area and see how many you can fit, then start measuring and pasting, just make sure you are staying fairly even. A T-square or a Tape measure are best. (Elsie’s tape idea is great, but there’s not very many tape options out there that would not take off the pretty colors you have chosen for your background 🙁 )

    3. Just stick your image in the frame and hang on wall!!!

    Sorry Elsie, I couldn’t help myself, I see wall art, I think of the different ways I could frame it on my wall. Never tried instagrams before, but I may try it and frame them and send you pictures!!!

    <33 Melinda

  • Such a creative project. Love INstagram.

  • I love this idea, Elise! I recently started following your blog and love it! I was wondering what the dimensions of the pictures are. I just have digital, not polaroids… 🙁 but I love the style of them. Thanks!

  • Super cute idea!

    I may try veryy soon!


  • Hello Elsie!
    I havea very stupid question but how do you print off your instagram pictures?!!

  • You are so clever and creative! You never fail to amaze me.

  • I’m so glad you put the DIY up because I was totally eyeing that wall up when I was checking out your home tour. Such a fun idea, and being a renter, I totally appreciate the mobility.

    – Sarah

  • Lovely. It looks beautiful. I don’t really have a permanent home for the time being, since I am still in college, but I am sure going to make one of these collages once I do get one 🙂

  • Thanks so much!! I love this wall, and can’t wait to try something with my MANY Instagrams:)

    Stephanie May*

  • After seeing this post, I realized how cluttered the top of my piano was! I’m re-framing all our family photos and moving them to another place in the dining room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I did my instagram wall with tape as well!! Instagram walls are such a great way to display fun everyday memories!

  • Oohh what a great way to give a room a personal touch! This is really beautiful and special. 🙂

    I adore your blog Elsie, you and your team do a dantastic job!
    I would love it if you could check out my blog that I created! thank you so much for all of your inspiration!

    Much love, Vivi

  • So lovely, Elsie! I love coming to your blog everyday 🙂 you are so inspirational and have the best ideas! Plus, you are always upbeat ! I love someone who makes me feel better on a gloomy day. Thanks for being a great blogger in 2011! I can’t wait to see more from you in 2012!
    I’d love if you could check out my brand new blog! I just turned sixteen, and when I grow up I hope to be as successful as you! Merry January, Merry 2012…Merry EVERYTHING!
    Wear Abouts

  • What a cool idea…not sure if you have any ideas that are un-cool! Hope this new year brings so many new wonderful images to your life. I am blessed and inspired by your blog.

  • It looks nice 🙂

  • Nice job! I love yellow, just painted one of my bathrooms that color.

  • I have to admire you Elsie! All that decorating and the place will be on the market soon? Wow! The place does look super amazing.I guess you might need some extra space one day 😉

    Happy New Year Larson family!

  • Ohh I love this, I might have to try this in our new apartment.


  • using the tape to space out each picture – that makes it so much easier! thanks for the post, elsie!!

    xox Ash

  • Ohh, it truly looks wonderful Elsie! I might have to do something similar with my recent Holga prints – it is a new obsession!


  • OMG. This is adorable! I would love to do this idea- so simple but so personal.

    xo sammy

  • Hi Dana,
    I’m sorry I don’t. Jeremy picked it out. In real life it looks like a super bright mustard shade.

  • I’m actually more interested in the yellow paint. Do you remember what brand/shade that is?

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