How to Apply False Lashes (Video)

How to apply false lashes with AnnaRoseOne of the most common questions I get from ladies is about false eyelashes. Falsies can be super easy to apply with a little bit of practice. 

Our go-to false lashes and glueHere are a couple of tips:
-Measure your eye and cut the strip down if it’s too long for your eye (usually just a few centimeters on each strip will do the trick!).
-Remember to stabilize your elbow to keep your hand from shaking.
-Look down but don’t close your eyes when applying.
-Let the glue get a little tacky before setting the lashes on the lash line.
-Apply one coat of mascara before the lashes and one coat after to marry them together. 
Good luck! xo. AnnaRose
Credits // Author: AnnaRose Kern. Photos and Video: Sarah Rhodes. Music: Jeremy Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions
  • She is so sweet – and totally comfortable in front of the camera! More videos with AnnaRose, please!!

  • I use 3D Fiber mascara….the look of falsies without the hassle!

  • I only ever wore fake lashes for my dance competitions and I have to admit I was pretty bad at it (putting on the lashes that is). This tutorial makes me want to give it another shot, maybe for outings or something. Thanks!

  • Good video, but i am scared of pulling out my real lashes while removing them…


  • I have a question,… What eyeliner and mascara is anna using?…thanks

  • Do they come off easily? I had a terrible time with lash glue once – pulled out some lashes and seriously irritated my eyes!

  • This was super helpful! I always just assume that I’ll never get them on right. I’ll have to give it a try now ;).


  • I tried them only once and I had a hard time not rubbing them off because it felt so strange but I admired the effect every time I passed by a mirror…. So worth it. Also I guess you meant to say cut off a few millimeters, no?

  • I love fake lashes but for some reason I’m too afraid to use them….don’t you rip off your own lashes when removing them!

    Love from Germany + Confused Cats Against Feminism (trust me- it’s awesome):

    XO Bambi

  • I would love a demo on how to remove them too. Great stuff guys! 🙂

  • Yayyy, i need this!
    Question: how do you recommend we care for them? washing, keeping, etc…

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