How To Build A Dollhouse

How to build a dollhouse! (click through for DIY details)We love a good dollhouse in our family. When thrifting, if we come upon an old homemade dollhouse, I have a hard time not giving it home. I love all the little handmade appointments and love that has gone into building such a wonderful toy. My husband, Johnny, and I decided we’d like to give that same special gift to our little gal this year. It took quite a bit of planning (and maybe a little fumbling), but I’m so happy with the end result!

Simple Dollhouse StepsStep 1: Start with a 4’x4′ sheet of 1/2″ plywood. Measure to the center and cut in half. You should now have two pieces of wood that measure 2’x4′.

Step 2: Measure and cut one of the sheets down to 2’x2′. You now have the beginning of the back.

Step 3-4: To find the peak, measure to the center of one of your 2’x2′ pieces and mark. Set your square at the center point and mark your sheet at 40 degrees on both sides.

Step 5-6: Cut your peak and sand your edges.

Step 7: To build your box, take your other 2’x4′ sheet of plywood and cut into four 6″x24″ strips. Cut two of those pieces down to 6″x13 1/8″.

Step 8: Screw your box together, with the short pieces (sides) on the insides of the longer pieces (top & bottom).

Step 9: Measure up from the bottom of the box to 6 3/8″. Mark on front and back. This will be where your shelf will sit. Repeat on the other side.

Step 10-11: Cut an additional piece of wood to 6″x23″ and screw in where you just marked. You should now have your box with the shelf and your back piece both finished.

Step 12: For the roof, using your last 2’x4′ piece of wood, cut two 8″x24″ wide strips. Mark each piece at 19″ and tilt your saw at just under a 45 degree angle and cut to get the peaks to meet. Screw the peak pieces into the top of the back piece. Step 13: Paint or stain both pieces of the dollhouse. Once dry, screw the back piece to the box piece and decorate.

Adorable DIY dollhouseSweetest DIY Dollhouse (click through for full tutorial)Sweet little DIY dollhouse 800px dollhouse 12Adorable Dollhouse DIYSweet Dollhouse DIYTo make the dollhouse even sweeter, I added as many personal touches as possible. I marked off windows with washi tape, made some of the furniture from balsa wood and hot glue, and handpainted the wooden people. There are endless possibilities when decorating a dollhouse yourself, so use whatever fabric and supplies you have on hand to make it really special.

Although I was planning to give this as a Christmas gift, I was discovered by a certain two year old as I was photographing the end product. Poesy took it for a test run and I could tell by her gasps and giggles that we hit a home run. I hope it’s something she keeps for years to come. xo. Katie

Credits// Author and Photography: Katie Shelton

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