How to Choose The Perfect False Lashes

“How do you know which lashes to buy, and when and where can you wear lashes?” These are questions I get a lot as a frequent false lash wearer! If there’s one thing I’ve realized since I started wearing them regularly and talking about them is that false lashes can be a little daunting if you’re just getting into wearing them. I’m going to break down how I style my lashes (hint: it’s easy) and which pairs I love for what occasions. Something to keep in mind, though—you can wear lashes anytime and anywhere you want. These are just loose suggestions!

My favorite lash brand as of late is Battington Beauty. The things I LOVE about their lashes are that they are comfortable, easy to apply, super high quality (you can get up to 25 uses out of each pair so you’re not going through a lot of lashes), and they do not test any of their products on animals. These eyelashes are meant to fill a more humane void in the lash industry where mink lashes are having a big moment. From left to right in the above photo (so you can compare them to the photos below and know what they look like in the box) the styles are Harlow, Monroe, Kennedy, and Demi 3D with invisible band.

Running Errands — Demi 3D Lash

First up is the demi-lash, and I really encourage anyone who has never worn lashes to try these first! “Demi” means that they are meant to start a little down your lash line instead of having to line it up perfectly with your inner lashes. Technically, you could cut down a pair of lashes, but these are feathered perfectly for this specific kind of application to be seamless. The other great thing about these lashes is that the band is clear instead of black, so you can wear them without any other eye makeup. I have no other eye makeup on in this photo other than the demi lashes. I love wearing these with just a T-shirt/something super casual since they’re so easy to use.

Brunch Date — Kennedy Lash

Another excellent choice for beginners, the Kennedy lash gives you some drama, but not “too much.” If you’re worried about how you’ll feel wearing a lot of lash, this is the perfect pair for you. I am OVERJOYED to announce that these lashes will make an appearance in the Beauty Box in May! I love how thin the bands are on these lashes. They are so easy to apply and are very comfortable to wear, which I definitely can’t say about most lashes I’ve worn. I always forget these are on my face! These medium length/volume lashes are great for a casual but cute look.

Special Occasion — Monroe

I absolutely LOVE these lashes, and they are pretty voluptuous and long. If you’re going to a special event and wearing something you love, I always think it’s fun to glam it up a little bit, and these would be perfect for the occasion. These are 3D lashes, which means they’re meant to mimic the natural growth of your eyelashes and really blend perfectly. I had someone ask me the other day what lashes are good for semi-hooded eyelids, which I have. I’ve never run into issues when it comes to wearing any type of lash (no matter how big they are) as long as they’re really close to my lash line.

Date Night — Harlow 

These Harlow lashes are high drama and a statement with length and volume. I absolutely adore them and think they’re perfect for a night out! Another thing I love about this brand is that they have the best glue! Clean glue is really hard to find and I really like theirs a lot—you don’t need very much at all for your lashes to stay put. Wearing these with a fun printed dress is my favorite!

I hope this post has been helpful to anyone out there that just doesn’t even know where to start with lashes. I also want to stress that these are just suggestions on how to style your lashes. There are no rules when it comes to makeup! I’d wear the biggest lashes in this post on just a normal day out, because I just love big lashes. The heart wants what the heart wants. 😉

xo, Keely

Credits // Author: Keely Rust / Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • I love false lashes! If only I could learn how to apply them flawlessly lol. Thanks for sharing, hope you are having a great day.


  • This post was so helpful! I have never seen a blog post about how to STYLE lashes before. P.S. I love that these have a clear band. Great post!

  • I just bought the Harlow! I’m so excited! I’ve been using fake lashes for awhile now and love them so much! Thanks for the recommendation.

    • That’s amazing! I know you’ll love them — they’re so beautiful and comfortable!

  • I have a few pairs from this brand in my beauty drawer. I am so bad at putting lashes on that I have not tried them yet. Maybe I will try next time I sit down to do my makeup.

  • These lashes are gorgeous on you! I’m on the hunt for false lashes that are brown or light brown? I’m a redhead with the palest skin and I’m not into black mascara but would love to wear lashes. Any tips?

    • Hi there! I just did a quick Amazon search and Ardell has a lot of good options! You may find them at your local Sally or other beauty supply store.

  • Could you make a guide for how to put on falsies and how to make them last longer? Every time I wear one, they end up falling out after one day. And I don’t know if I can reuse them or if that means I didn’t take good care of them, etc. I just have so many questions honestly and don’t know how to make them last!

    • Hi Rene! Here is my tutorial on our @ouifresh IGTV

      False lashes are really only meant to last through the day — they’re not great to sleep in and should be taken off before you sleep. Gently peel the glue off and put them back in their box, and they’ll be good to go for next time! Most lashes you can get at least 3-5 uses out of.

  • This is great! Also, is that background you used wallpaper? If so, could you share the source? I just love it!

    • Aw thanks! I handpainted this wall, so it’s a time consuming but very cost effective alternative to wallpaper. 🙂

  • These all look so beautiful on you, Keely! Thanks for the helpful guide 🙂

  • Can not wait to try these in May! Would you consider doing a tutorial for those of us who have not worn these before?

    • Hi April!

      You’re going to love these lashes, they’re amazing! We have a tutorial on our @ouifresh IGTV that walks you through a *VERY* step by step lash application. It’s probably way too long, but I tried to be as helpful as possible, haha!

  • I’ve never worn false lashes, but these really look great!

    Also, love the Saturday post!

  • Ahh, this brings me back to my high school days when falsies were all the rage! These days I prefer to just settle for my natural lashes, haha. 🙂

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