How To Cold Brew Tea

How to cold brew tea I love to brew tea in the sun, but during winter months it's good to have options. Iced tea is one of my favorite treats. I discovered cold brewing and have been loving the results! Cold brewed iced tea can be infused with herbs and fruits like mint, raspberries or cucumber. You can also use it to make Arnold Palmers… so delicious! 

Just measure out 1 tablespoon loose leaf tea for every 24 ounces of water (more if you like your tea extra strong, or want to save time). Allow it to sit in your fridge, covered, for up to 10 hours. I like to do it while I'm sleeping, overnight. Remove the tea leaves from your pitcher and enjoy your brew. 

Note: Brewing time can differ depending on the type of tea you are using and your personal taste. After one test batch you will know what works for you. 

Edible Flower Ice CubesEdible Flower Ice Cubes I used edible flowers frozen in ice cubes to make this batch super pretty. Don't like flowers in your drink? Try cubes of frozen fruit juice instead. Enjoy! xo. Elsie

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