How to Fill In Your Eyebrows Like a Pro

How to fill in eyebrows like a proHow to fill in eyebrows like a pro Filling in your brows is, in my opinion, the most important step of your makeup routine. Your brows frame your face, and you'll be amazed at the difference such a simple step makes! There are lots of different products that you can use for this, but the basic technique will always be the same. If you're new to filling in your brows, I like a powder brow kit like this one from NYX.

Best products for filling in eyebrowsThe white circle is a brow wax that you apply first to help the powder adhere to your brows. Use an angle brush to prep your brows with this first.

Use wax to startTo find the perfect shape, you're going to look for three key points. You can find these easily using a brush or pencil.

How to find your eyebrow shapeHow to find your eyebrow shape How to find your eyebrow shape  First, hold the brush straight up from the outside edge of your nostril. This is the starting point of your brow. Then hold the brush at an angle from your nose to the outside of your iris (the colored part of your eye). This should be the highest point of your arch. Finally, hold the brush from your nose to the outside of your eye. This is the end point of your brow. 

How to fill in your eyebrowsWhen you're starting out, you can put 3 little dots in these places to help you shape your brows. Then use the colored powder to make light, hair-like strokes to connect them.

How to fill in your eyebrows  Once you have the shape, it's important to blend! Take a spoolie brush (mascara wand) and brush gently back and forth a few times before smoothing all the hairs in the same direction. This keeps the brows from looking too drawn on or dark.

How to fill in your eyebrows   How to fill in eyebrows like a pro  Always start light and add more as you go. Perfect brows takes a little bit of practice, but once you start filling them in, you'll wonder how you ever went without! xo. AnnaRose

Credits // Author: AnnaRose Kern. Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions. If you use AnnaRose's styling tips, feel free to tag her on Instagram or Twitter @theannarose.

  • I consulted with NYX and they replied to use the powder first and the wax later, after the brows are tinted and shaped.

  • I have very thin eyebrows and that is why I was looking for how to use eyebrow pencil. When I got this article I was so happy. You really have shown use how to fill eyebrows like a pro. Thank you..

  • Your eyebrows are looking amazing after filling. There are lots of different products that you can use for filling the eyebrows, but I really like the simple technique you shared here. This will be definitely helpful for the readers, Thanks for sharing it ????

  • Eyebrows shape your entire face. Their obligation goes route past keeping dust and sweat far from the eyes; they additionally have ended up being a critical component that gives our faces appearance.

  • Awesome tutorial! I’ve always failed at filling in my eyebrows…I don’t think I was blending enough so they always looked weird. I picked up a little brow kit like this today, though, so maybe this time I’ll finally find my brow game! Thank you ❤️?

  • Hi everyone! I have a problem that I think I’m not alone. One of my eyebrows is nearly perfect on it’s own, while the other one looks like it belongs to someone else. They are THAT different. Any suggestions? I don’t want to look like a clown but I’d like the to at least look like they belong to the same person. Thanks so much!

  • I just started doing this not too long ago, and I AM really wondering how I ever went without, haha.

  • I’ve never really known what to do with my eyebrows as far as makeup goes, so I’ve always just left them alone. This post is super helpful. I’m interested to see how different my face looks after paying a little more attention to my eyebrows.

  • Yep, I don’t go out if my brows aren’t filled in!
    Mine have weird gaps in them too..

  • This looks great! I NEVER do my brows. And I guess I’ll have to start now that I know how. Thank you!

  • I have very blonde eye brows every time I try and fill them in something just looks off. Kind of artificial looking. Any suggestions?

  • This is great. You look gorgeous Emma. I haven’t used any make-up for years because of fairly extreme skin sensitivity. I make most of my own lotions and creams etc. But my eyebrows (and eyelashes, unfortunately) have now turned white (I’m 63).

    How is best to shade them without using any permanent type of solution? My hair is still fairly dark brown — faded a bit, with a little silver in it, but not much real grey. I’d like my eyebrows to sort of go with my hair. At the momement the area above my eyes looks bald!

    Thanks guys.

  • I think this is a good start set of brushes. Some of the brushes needed a “trim” to make even but for the money…their good.

  • This is so helpful! Now I can actually attempt to fill my brows!
    Much Love, AnnCates xx



  • So beautiful people aren’t just born with those brows after all! Ha ha! Thanks for this! I bought the NYX set today. Unfortunately the brown that matches my color best is too red. I’ve had that same problem with any brow product I’ve ever used. My hair is light brown with natural golden toned highlights. Any suggestions for getting a better match? Thanks!

  • Great tips! I need to remember to make time to do my brows, it really does make a huge difference!

    XO Chloe – A Latte Lipstick

  • Whoa, that’s such a difference in that pic of you, Emma! Crap, I really need to practice this. I’ve never filled in my eyebrows! Thanks for the awesome tutorial.

  • Awesome! I lurv me some eyebrow definition. I’d have to vouch for Benefit’s eyebrow kit and highlighter because they definitely rock my socks!

    Thanks ladies!

  • I definitely feel like eyebrows can make a face – even really fabulously shaped eyebrows can make a girl look put together without makeup!

    Warm regards,

  • I love using the 3 point trick to fill in brows. It’s a great tip 🙂 thanks for sharing!
    xo from Miami- Jessy

  • I have wondered what color and shade of eye brow pencil or powder to use. I used to have very dark brown hair and now it is salt and pepper. My eyebrows are beginning to thin and some hairs are now gray. I haven’t been able to find advice to help.

  • I would have never thought about making up my eyebrow!
    But the result is so good… i will consider this!

  • My make-up never feels complete without filling in my brows. I usually use a pencil, but I think I’m definitely going to try out the powder!


  • I’m super blonde and have to fill in my brows too. it’s made such a huge difference since I started to do it! These are such good tips that I’m definitely going to start using! Xo, Sarah

  • This is great. My favorite product is the Billion Dollar Brows Universal brow pencil.

  • These are some really great tips and I completely agree. When I do not fill in my brows, I look like a completely different person and it just looks so unfinished. Granted I was unfortunately cursed with zero actual brow. Tempted to get the feathered makeup tattoo brows to be completely honest!

    rae of lovefromberlin

  • Hi there! Thanks for being a longtime reader! Here’s some posts that you might enjoy:

    🙂 -Jacki

  • In my blog I publishet a videoblog to prrfect brows! Here is it

  • i completely agree! i just started filling in my {already very dark} brows two years ago and honestly can’t believe i lived so long without it 🙂

  • I’ve recently been working on this, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the product I was using. I now have the NYX on my shopping list! Love these makeup posts!

  • I sometimes forget about my eyebrows but oh gosh – they make such a difference! I need a new powder so ima give your suggestion a go!
    Bec x

  • Seriously, I also think the eyebrows are THE most important thing. Even if I don’t have time to do any make-up at all I just grab my small brush and shade to give my eyebrows a shape. It’s a must.
    I must also say that your filled eyebrows look so natural, I love it!

  • They look amazing! I fill my eyebrows in every morning with my Urban Decay Naked palette and it works fine but it’s not the best. I’m going to have to get some of these products.

    erin //

  • I have thick brows, so never have to think about filling them… but these steps are really helpful..


  • gorgeous! love how they are just filled enough that they still look like hair. thanks for the tips! xx. gigi.

  • Great suggestions. I use two colors: one light for daytime and one for night time x

  • Guys, out of context, but I was looking for a link to a few of your posts you have written about your business and blogging and things like that, but sadly I couldn’t find it anywhere.
    On the bright side I ended up reading your ‘About Us’ page and enjoyed it so much. It’s a pretty huge team 🙂
    I am a reader for four years now and I remember the page used to be pretty small, it shows how much your business has evolved and grown.

  • I discovered the Maybelline Brow mascara recently which I find exceptionally easy to use to add discreet definition to my brows!

    very useful post, since groomed eyebrows make such a difference to our faces!

  • Well, this is one of the best beauty posts I’ve read in a while! Thanks, Emma! I think I should give powder a try, so far I’ve only used pencil and the effects can be a little too strong. This looks much better!

  • Awesome post! I used to use the NYX powders too

  • Eyebrows really can change your whole look!

  • Loved this post – eyebrows are definitely the most important part of my makeup routine. Emma looks great!


  • I started filling in my eyebrows a few years ago and it has made such a big difference! If I don’t have much time to put on makeup, I make mascara and filling in my eyebrows the priority!

  • I usually just use a basic brown loose eye shadow/liner and dry brush the color in….. I find I don’t need to brush the brow afterwards, but I do give a quick brush over to smooth and shape…I’ve done this for so long that I don’t always even load color onto the brush..there is usually enough for 3-5 days….think of it as stenciling…a tiny bit goes a long way…

  • great post! emma, love your hair in this one — tutorial for these simple waves, please!

  • This couldn’t come at a better time! I’ve only recently started filling in my eyebrows and think it helps make your eyes look more open and bright and your face more put-together. I’m still learning to get the hang of how to do it without making them look like caterpillars on this blonde, haha. Emma has some gorgeous eyebrows, too <3


  • I was just given a brow pencil and trying it for the first time, well, the results were rather…startling (ha!). This gives me hope that I can fill in my naturally too-thin brows the right way! Thank you for the lesson AnnaRose! <3


  • ohhh I looove this!! I know I need to color in my brows but I’m too scared as I don’t know how. Funny thing is just today I was chatting with a gal who has gorgeous brows and fills them in with powder, and then I see this!! yippee! I am so going to get me a little set and give it a whirl. Thanks for sharing!

  • Filling your eyebrows in makes such a huge difference, it’s crazy! Great post.


  • truth be told, i’ve never known how to approach my eye brows — this is so helpful!

  • nice eyebrows really frames the face in a nice way – i’m not really much into makeup but I always fill in my eyebrows and then I’m good to go!

  • this is perfect! emma is so beautiful.

    xo, rn

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